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Map showing area covered.

North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
© Copyright Brian Pears 1994-2011


9th February 1941 to
5th March 1941

Sunday, 9th February 1941  D526

Churchill's address to President Roosevelt including the 'Give Us the Tools and We'll Finish the Job' speech.

Day 526. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.13, begins: 18.29

Sunday, 9th/Monday, 10th February 1941  N526

Humber AA defences War Diary records - 15-20 Aircraft. SLs illuminated eight aircraft some for two minutes. Two shot down, one by HAA and one by LAA, both illuminated throughout engagement.

Night 526. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.29, ends: 08.11

Monday, 10th/Tuesday, 11th February 1941  N527

05.55.. Co Durham.. Port Clarence.. Six houses in Newby Terrace and the Royal Hotel, Port Clarence had windows broken by blast. Thought to have been caused by magnetic mine exploding in the mouth of the River Tees.

Humber AA defences War Diary records - 30 Aircraft including HE 115 floatplanes. Several illuminated. SL 05G picked up target, passed it on to SL 05H who passed it in turn to SL 05J. "RR" LAA site engaged, firing five rounds 40 mm and 340 rounds .303. Plane shot down into the sea.

Night 527. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.31, ends: 08.09

Tuesday, 11th February 1941  D528

17.32.. Hull.. An AA shell fell in Jalland Street. No damage or casualties.

Day 528. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.09, begins: 18.33
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 17.28, All Clear: 17.50

Wednesday, 12th February 1941  D529

The German battlecruiser 'Admiral Hipper' encountered a Freetown to UK convoy of nineteen ships, she sank five of them, one of which was 'SS Derrynane' (4,684t) Laurenco Marques, Portuguese East-Africa, to the Humber with a cargo of iron ore.

Day 529. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.07, begins: 18.35

Thursday, 13th February 1941  D530

Day 530. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.04, begins: 18.37
Public Alert: 14.26, All-Clear: 14.56

Friday, 14th/Saturday, 15th February 1941  N531

Extensive enemy minelaying off the Humber. Airfields in Eastern Yorkshire came in for some attention during this period.

19.00.. Hull.. Seven small HEs dropped in Glasshouse Row and Central Street. Where there was damage to oil mills and warehouses. Three people were seriously injured.

Humber AA defences War Diary records - 20-30 Aircraft. Ten illuminations averaging 1½ minutes. "RR" LAA site got another, a Ju 88, with 12 rounds 40 mm.

Night 531. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.39, ends: 08.00
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.00, All Clear: 02.10

Saturday, 15th/Sunday, 16th February 1941  N532

German aircraft raided a Northumberland mining district which embraced Blyth, Tynemouth, Wallsend, Newsham, and the Bedlington area. Tynemouth suffered severely, and at the last named pit village, blocks of houses were demolished, but surprisingly there were no casualties. In Blyth shopping centre many shop windows were shattered and at Tynemouth hundreds of people had to evacuate their homes because of delayed action bombs. HEs and PMs caused damage at Sunderland, Hawthorn, Seaham, Chester le Street, Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington, Seaton Delaval, Newbiggin, Cresswell, Lynemouth, where a woman died, and South Shields, where two women and a man died. Elsewhere many IBs were dropped but, thanks to the volunteer firewatchers, the few fires that were started, were soon put out.

23.10-05.52.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Blyth and Newsham. Twelve slightly injured. Window panes damaged at Blyth Police Station. Newsham to Blyth mineral line severed at South View, Newsham. Bebside down line damaged north of Newsham railway Station [NZ3079]. Several dwelling houses severely damaged and large number slightly damaged.

23.08-05.45.. Northumberland.. Two HEs and seventy-three IBs at Bedlington Station and North Blyth. One HE in a field at Bedlington Colliery [NZ2882], the other at Target Rocks, North Blyth [NZ3182], property damaged at Link End and Seven Stars Inn. IBs damaged the Co-op Stores, 33 Ravensworth Terrace, 46 Queens Road and 102 North Road, Bedlington. Three explosive IBs buried in sand at Bedlington railway station [NZ2782]. Many windows damaged at Bedlington Station.

01.00-05.00.. Northumberland.. One HE on Hagg House Farm near Ellington [NZ268921].

Northumberland.. One HE Hemscott Hill Farm, Widdrington [NZ274949]. Two cattle killed and three injured.

01.15.. Northumberland.. Two HEs on the beach at Cresswell one at [NZ300931] and the other 500 yards to the south.

01.15.. Northumberland.. A land mine fell on Dalton Avenue, Lynemouth [NZ297911]. A woman was killed, forty-three seriously injured. The Post Office and seven houses were wrecked. Sixty houses made uninhabitable. 150 homeless being cared for in Welfare Hall.

01.20.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Woodhorn Grange, Ashington [NZ297894]. Farm windows blown out.

01.25.. Northumberland.. Seventy-three IBs at Bedlington and Bedlington Station [NZ275828].

01.44.. Northumberland.. Barden.. One HE Barden Fields [NZ265819].

01.44.. Northumberland.. One HE Choppington Lane Allotments, Bedlington [NZ257820].

01.44.. Northumberland.. One HE Duff Heap, Doctor Pit, Bedlington [NZ264820].

02.10.. Northumberland.. One HE east side of railway line near Newsham Railway Station [NZ297802].

02.10.. Northumberland.. Two PMs in a field between Gloucester Lodge Farm and Seaton Delaval Hall [NZ319772]. Windows at Gloucester Lodge Farm, Astley (Colliery), Links Road, Seaton Sluice .

02.35.. Northumberland.. One PM on Ballast Hill, Blyth [NZ315815].

02.45.. Northumberland.. One HE Target Rocks, North Blyth [NU317216].

04.03.. Northumberland.. A mine twenty yards into sea at Church Point, Newbiggin [NZ3288]. Ten shop windows and St Bartholemew's Church slightly damaged.

04.45.. Northumberland.. Two PMs rear of South View, Newsham [NZ305798].

04.53.. Northumberland.. A PM N of Pegswood [NZ320879]. Damage.

Northumberland.. Lynemouth.. A mine at Lyn Cottage [NZ302911]. Electric cable damaged. (Reported 11.05 on 19/2/41, dropped early hours of 16/2/41).

Northumberland.. Ashington.. Seven PMs in Ashington Section, as follows:

1) [NZ276949] - Two heifers killed, three destroyed. 2) [NZ307927]. 3) [NZ298918]. 4) [NZ301914]. 5) [NZ290894]. 6) [NZ285897]. 7) [NZ296911]. One block of fourteen houses completely demolished, fifty others severely damaged. Fifty-two injured. A forty-four year old woman of Dalton Avenue was dead when extracted (from the wreckage of her home?).

Northumberland.. Buildings damaged in the air raid on Ballast Hill and Newsham include premises in Ballast Hill, Belgrave Crescent, Bridge Street, Bridge Street, Carlton Street, Cowpen RC School, Crofton School (Caretaker's House), East Drive, Eighteenth Avenue, Eleventh Avenue, Fifteenth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Forster Street, Freehold Street, Hodgsons Road, Knight Memorial Hospital, Municipal Buildings, Newcastle Road, Percy Street, Public Library, South View, Tate Street.

The port wing of a Heinkel He 111P struck a balloon cable situated at the North Foreshore, South Shields, it dived steeply and crashed into Bent's Park, South Shields at 00.35. On impact, the wreckage caught fire, 25 minutes later a mine that the enemy aircraft had been carrying exploded, killing Auxiliary Firemen Purvis, Renwick and Wharton, and a policeman, PC Lamb. Four of the plane's crew were already dead, a fifth, believed to be the pilot bailed out but was electrocuted by falling onto live trolley bus wires. Windows were broken as far away as Tynemouth and North Shields. Other enemy aircraft appeared to use the burning wreckage as a target marker, so that within minutes further attacks took place, three people were killed in Brodrick Street and several injured nearby.

Miss Flagg's is a more comprehensive report of the above raid on South Shields, but there are minor differences.

South Shields.. This night will be long remembered in South Shields. 130 enemy aircraft were engaged in an action on the coast from Hull to Berwick. Bombers& minelayers came over in waves and were met with intense AA fire. At 00.25.. a Heinkel 111, was hit by gunfire& collided with a Barrage Balloon cable on the North Foreshore. Part of one wing was broken off and fell on the shore. The plane lost height very quickly and crashed in Beach Rd., exactly on the crater made in 1940. One member of the crew bailed out but his parachute caught on the overhead wires and he hung downwards until rescued. He was badly injured and died shortly after admission to the Ingham Infirmary. The remainder of the crew perished with their plane on impact with the ground.

At 00.50.. a mine, which had not been released from the bomb rack of the plane, exploded with terrific force. Some idea of the explosion may be gathered from the facts that it was seen and heard from beyond Newcastle and many windows were broken as far away as Tynemouth, North Shields, Westoe and Laygate.

The Model Yacht House in the South Park and a small building were completely wrecked; and parts of the plane, maps, papers and clothing were subsequently collected from the South Park and dredged from the Lake.

Unhappily the explosion had tragic results; one officer of the Borough Police Force& one Auxiliary Fireman were killed; two other members of the AFS died in hospital. Seventeen more members of the Police Force, Fire Brigade and Auxiliary Fire Service were injured, some very gravely, and were admitted to the Ingham Infirmary.

Other enemy aircraft, apparently taking the flames as target, dropped bombs on Brodrick Street, where an elderly couple lost their lives and several houses were demolished; on the junction of Lawe Road and St Aidan's Road, damage was caused to a number of houses; "Sea Marge"& "Tyne View" being completely wrecked; and to St Aidan's church. During the same raid six Parachute mines descended on the South Sands near Trow Rocks, and on some fields near the New Marsden Inn, but caused no damage or casualties.

Bombs and Casualties: HE bombs fell as follows:- 00.36, 1 on Brodrick Street, 3 killed, 2 injured / 00.55, 1 on St Aidan's Road, 5 injured / 01.05, 1 near Redwell Lane, no casualties / 02.30, 1 on South Sands, no casualties / 03.13, 1 on South Sands, no casualties / plane explosion, 4 killed, 17 injured / TOTAL 5 bombs, 7 killed, 24 injured. Many houses severely damaged and widespread breakage of windows was suffered in many parts of the town. 85 people were rendered homeless, some of whom were taken to an Emergency Centre.

02.45/06.00.. Co Durham.. One IB dropped in North Street, Whitburn Colliery. No injury or damage.

Co Durham.. Two PMs dropped at Peak House Farm, Hawthorn, in fields about 250 yds from farmhouse, damaging farmhouse. Four persons suffered from shock.

Co Durham.. Two mines fell in New Seaham district in open ground causing damage to homes in vicinity. Two people were injured.

Co Durham.. Two mines dropped at Chester Dene close to LNER main line and the A1. Road and rail traffic suspended as result of suspected UX mine which proved to have exploded. Damage to shop windows in Chester le Street.

01.36.. Hull.. Four HEs dropped in the Hedon Road, Tower House area, however they fell in fields, causing neither damage or casualties.

6/KG4 Heinkel He 111P-4 (3085). Hit by AA fire, collided with a balloon cable and dived into the ground where it later exploded killing one policeman and three firemen. It crashed at Bents Park, South Shields, Co Durham at 00.35. Oberfw W. Beetz baled out but died after landing on trolleybus wires. Hptmn H. Styra, Uffz K-G. Brtzsam, Gefr F. Janeschitz and Uffz H. Jeckstadt all killed. Aircraft 5J+GP destroyed.

Enemy minelaying off the North-East coast from Flamborough Head to St Abbs Head.

Night 532. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.42, ends: 07.58
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 23.08, All-Clear: 05.54
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 01.36, All Clear: 06.58

Sunday, 16th February 1941  D533

The paddle steamer 'Southsea' (825t) was on Admiralty service as a minesweeper when she hit a mine, killing seven of her crew. She was subsequently beached and abandoned between Herd Groyne and South Shields pier. Her remains now lie in 20ft of water, just off the beach at Herd Sands at 55°00'06"N - 01°25'00"W. The framework of her paddles can be seen at low water. She was built in 1930. See 17th November 1940.

Day 533. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.58, begins: 18.44

Sunday, 16th/Monday, 17th February 1941  N533

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. One HE in Northumberland Park and a second just west of Northumberland Terrace above Swaddles Hole.

18.45.. Co Durham.. Four people were killed and one injured when HEs were dropped at Seaham Harbour, demolishing four houses and damaging others. Slight outbreak of fire extinguished. Bridge across railway over Lord Street destroyed and the road blocked. Men, women and children were trapped in a subway which collapsed when a bomb fell on it. The fatalities occurred in Frederick Street.

Yorkshire.. Eston.. Thirteen people were killed in an incident centred around Bridgeford Terrace, Middlesbrough Road area.

Night 533. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.44, ends: 07.55
Public Alert: 18.34, All-Clear: 19.18

Monday, 17th February 1941  D534

'SS Empire Knoll' (2,824t) was wrecked off the Tyne's north pier, just by the foundations of the old pier, while she was waiting to load for maiden voyage. The crew of thirty-two got ashore safely. She became a total wreck and much of her remains on the sea-bed, on the seaward side of the north pier, to this day.

Day 534. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.55, begins: 18.46

Monday, 17th/Tuesday, 18th February 1941  N534

Approximately ninety enemy aircraft employed in minelaying activities off Flamborough Head and southwards.

Night 534. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.46, ends: 07.53

Thursday, 20th February 1941  D537

'HM Trawler Marjorie Hastie' struck a mine and was driven ashore in a force 7 NNE gale at Marsden. Her crew was rescued.

Day 537. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.49, begins: 18.52

Friday, 21st/Saturday, 22nd February 1941  N538

Bombs caused some damage at Sunderland, where an electricity sub station was hit, Hebburn, Durham and Morpeth. Tyne/Tees and Humber AA guns in action.

Night 538. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.54, ends: 07.44

Saturday, 22nd February 1941  D539

The German battlecruisers 'Gneisenau' and 'Scharnhorst' encountered some merchant ships, W of Newfoundland, shortly after they had dispersed from an outward bound convoy, and sank five of them including 'SS Harlesden' (5,483t) cargo ship, sailing from Hull to New York.

Day 539. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.44, begins: 18.56

Saturday, 22nd/Sunday, 23rd February 1941  N539

Hull.. Seventeen enemy aircraft bombed the docks and industrial installations at Hull. They dropped thirty-two tonnes of HE (thirty-three bombs and mines), - twelve people were reported killed. A German aircrew reported that in one explosion, a large fire followed the detonation of a 'B' type mine, and another crew reported seeing a large explosion and a subsequent fire. Thirty minutes after the attack, four people were killed and a large UXB, believed to be a 1,800 kg bomb caused road closure problems. Strangely, only five parachute mines were reported in the North-East Region, whereas German records indicate that seventeen were dropped altogether.

19.30.. One medium sized HE, one 1,800kg HE and two PMs fell in the Rowlston and Ellerby Groves and Hawthorn Avenue area. There was extensive damage in Rowlston Grove. A UXB near the railway crossing was not recovered. Four people were killed and four seriously injured.

Night 539. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.56, ends: 07.42
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.30, All Clear: 22.38

Sunday, 23rd/Monday, 24th February 1941  N540

Bombing incidents at scattered points along the North-East coast. Damage was slight and casualties were few.

Northumberland.. Four HEs Davidson's Farm, Stanton, Longhorsley [NZ132901], near searchlight battery. Slight damage to farm house of Townhead Farm.

During a raid on Sunderland, a bomb fell on a row of terraced houses, claiming seven victims, and rendered motherless an eighteen month old baby who was found practically uninjured, ten hours afterwards in a bedroom from which most of the roof had been blown off, by a curious trick of fate, a six month old baby on the other side of the road was killed. A twelve year old boy lay trapped and injured beneath the debris for four hours before rescue.

20.50.. Sunderland.. One HE at Tunstall Vale, one at Ennerdale and a large number of IBs in an area bounded by Villette Road, Corporation Road, Spelter Works Road and Ryhope Road. An Incident Post was set up at 11 Brookside Terrace. Four First Aid Parties, four Rescue Parties and five AFS Pumps were involved. Forty-one fires were reported, twenty of which were dealt with by the AFS. Thirty people were rendered homeless. Seven people were killed, six of the dead were women, the seventh, a six month old child, all were killed in Tunstall Vale. Eleven were seriously injured and six slightly injured.

19.14.. Hull.. Six HEs and four PMs fell in the region of De la Pole Avenue, Hedon Road, Clough Road and Alexandra Dock. The terrace was damaged in De la Pole Avenue. Mines ( presumably in the dock ) were exploded by sweeping. A mine dropped in the Alexandra Dock exploded at 12.02 on 26/2/41 and sank the lighters 'Monarch' and 'Brakelu'. The casualties were thirteen killed and twenty-seven seriously injured.

This apparently enemy based report states that:- The docks at Hull were claimed to have been attacked by forty-nine bombers, who between 19.30 and 20.15 dropped sixty tonnes of HE (fifty-eight bombs) and 4,608 IBs, the concentration point was the Victoria and Albert Dock. The scene was supposed to have been illuminated by twenty parachute flares but they were made useless by the reflection from low cloud, so few crews bombed visually. Some crews reputedly used the presence of searchlights or barrage balloons as an indication that they were in the target area. According to the returning German aircrews, two fiercely burning fires were seen through the cloud with more fires following the explosion of one of the heavier bombs.

Night 540. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.58, ends: 07.40
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 20.48, All-Clear: 21.54
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.14, All Clear: 01.03

Monday, 24th February 1941  D541

'SS Linaria' (3,385t) cargo ship, Tyne to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada was sunk by the Italian submarine 'Bianchi', between the south coast of Iceland and the west coast of Ireland. [Other sources suggest that the submarine responsible was the U Boat U-96.]

Day 541. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.40, begins: 19.00

Tuesday, 25th/Wednesday, 26th February 1941  N542

Twenty-five enemy bombers attacked Hull from 19.55 to 23.20. They dropped twenty-five tonnes of HE (fifty-two bombs) and 3,888 IBs. Bombing was mainly visual and several small fires were reported in the docks area.

20.00.. Two HEs dropped in the Kirby Street area and four IB clusters fell in North Hull. The IBs were put out. One UXB was removed on 4/3/41. No damage was reported but five people were seriously injured.

Home Security Operations Bulletin No 34 states "..... There was damage to houses and casualties at Hull - although the Humber Estuary was visited on three nights, very little damage was done there. An engine was however derailed there and three railway lines, including the main line at Hull were temporarily blocked".

In its end of report conclusions it reads "The attention paid to Hull and the North East, though as yet the scale of attack has been light, is a significant development in an area which has been surprisingly unmolested hitherto." ( Could the author of this report have forgotten the high price that the RAF's No 13 Group, commanded by Air Vice-Marshal R.E. Saul, made the German Air Force pay for attacks on the North-East in August of last year ? )." It is too early to say what end these attacks may be meant to serve, but the importance of the area is strongly stressed in German broadcasts, which have heavily exaggerated the results of the raids".

Night 542. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.02, ends: 07.35
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.49, All Clear: 00.01

Thursday, 27th February 1941  D544

The auxiliary patrol vessel 'Remillo' was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

'SS Old Charlton' (1,562t) cargo ship, Hartlepool to London with a cargo of coal was sunk by German aircraft off Felixstowe.

Day 544. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.32, begins: 19.07

Friday, 28th February 1941  D545

'SS Holmelea' (4,223t) cargo ship, Rosario, Argentina to Hull with a cargo of grain was sunk by U 47 in the North-western Approaches. Twenty-seven of her crew were lost.

Day 545. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.30, begins: 19.09

Saturday, 1st March 1941  D546

The minesweeping trawler 'St Donats' sank after a collision off the Humber.

Day 546. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.27, begins: 19.11

Saturday, 1st/Sunday, 2nd March 1941  N546

20.27-21.35.. Hull.. Was attacked by twenty-four enemy bombers, the raiders dropped twenty-nine tonnes of HE (thirty-nine bombs - this figure includes some parachute mines), five people were killed.

20.50.. Two PMs dropped in James Reckitt Avenue, East Park. There was domestic damage in James Reckitt Avenue. The casualty list included five killed and five seriously injured. Fires broke out, one in a warehouse at North Bridge containing 20,000 wooden crates. It was difficult to get at and access was gained through a small window at the top by means of an extension ladder, as it was brought into use the building was dive-bombed. At another fire three oil tanks were damaged, the thick oil flowing over the street making it impossible for men to walk.

In Sculcoates a paint works was ablaze, a varnish tank having been ignited by IBs. This occurred at the height of the raid, and the tanks acted a beacon to the enemy planes, one of which dropped a land mine with some accuracy. There were 101 fires, 60 of them of major proportions.

Night 546. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.11, ends: 07.25
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.45, All Clear: 23.50

Monday, 3rd/Tuesday, 4th March 1941  N548

Twenty-two enemy bombers of Luftflotte 2 attacked armament and industrial plant, dockyards and dock installations at the mouth of the Tyne and at Newcastle, they dropped eighteen tonnes of HE (ninety-four bombs), 2,988 IBs and fifty-six Parachute Flares between 20.08 and 21.05. The Concentration Point was on the banks of the Tyne at Newcastle. Fires and damage were reported. Tyne AA guns in action. Minelaying carried out between Tyne and Tees.

HEs at Hebburn, caused widespread damage and killed a woman who had come from London to stay with relatives, a few days earlier. Also in Hebburn, a couple married only two days, returned from a dance to find their new home in ruins.

At 20.35 a plane circled Hexham, flew north, and dropped flares, six HEs and 1000 IBs fell near Barrasford. Other attacks with HEs and IBs at Chester le Street, Hawthorn, Marsden, Long Newton, Bradbury, Easington Colliery, Berwick, Stannington and around Morpeth, Ashington, Blyth and Bedlington.

19.45.. Northumberland.. Causey Park.. One HE in a field 400 yards north-east of Causey Park Farm [NZ182955].

2000-2400.. Northumberland.. East Sleekburn.. Five HEs and thirty IBs East Sleekburn. HEs at [NZ295829]. IBs at [NZ285830] and [NZ285828].

20.30.. Northumberland.. Three HEs in a field between West Duddo Farm and Gateshead Mental Hospital [NZ178806]. Fence and greenhouse glass damaged.

20.30.. Northumberland.. 200 IBs Hebron Village [NZ198898]. No fires.

20.30.. Northumberland.. 100 to 150 IBs Cowpen, in fields [NZ2981].

20.30.. Northumberland.. An HE in field E of Bog Farm, Shilvington [NZ159808].

20.35.. Northumberland.. Many IBs in fields Haughton Castle - Haughton Mains, north of Chollerford [NY918731], [NY923722]. Plane circled Hexham, then flew north and dropped flares and IBs.

20.40.. Northumberland.. 100 IBs Sparrow House Farm, Ashington [NZ243868], near aircraft beacon.

20.40.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Fairmoor, Morpeth [NZ182876].

20.45.. Northumberland.. 100 IBs Scremerston Town Farm, Berwick [NU0147]. No damage.

20.50.. Northumberland.. IBs in fields at Coneygarth Moor Farm, Ashington [NZ2487].

20.55.. Northumberland.. One HE Cowpen, in garden S of Blyth to Morpeth road [NZ2981]. Damage to dwellings occurred in Chase House, Ewart Terrace, Houat Terrace, RC Vicarage, Taylor Street, The Grove, Tweedy Street.

21.00.. Northumberland.. Six HEs in fields at Cheswick Buildings Farm, Berwick [NU0245]. UXBs at [NU031461].

Northumberland.. Six HEs in fields and woods between Coldwell and Strother [NY903734] and [NY901740].

Northumberland.. Chollerford.. An epaulet made of German Field Grey and bearing the number 140 found in a field near Haughton Castle where IBs fell. Field grey with light grey around edges. Number 140 in red stitching.

20.05.. Sunderland.. Woodbine Street - Laing's - Gill Road - Hendon area. Seven HEs and large number of IBs. The first bombs fell at 20.05. The IBs fell east of Hendon Road and south of Lawrence Street, and also in the Dock area. One HE fell on the east side of Hudson Dock almost demolishing a switch gear house. A small office and an engine house at J. Thompson& Co, Timber Merchants, were damaged as was the side of a timber structure. Windows of the Dockmaster's house were broken. The roof of the Air Compressor House of the North Eastern Marine Engineering Co was blown off and an electric crane belonging to the River Wear Commissioners was damaged. The steamship 'Empire Surf', 9,000 tons, belonging to the Ministry of Supply and lying alongside the Quay, suffered damage to fourteen plates and slight damage to a cabin. Fires at the timber yards of Messrs J. Thompson& Co and George Horsley Ltd were dealt with by the AFS and works' fire parties.

Six of the HEs were in a line, the first in Rectory Park School Infants Yard, three between Farringdon Row and Hopper Street, one at Ayre's Quay Road and one at the NE corner of the Gill Air Raid Shelter which was unoccupied. Little damage resulted from these six bombs. Two women received severe burns and were admitted to the Royal Infirmary.

20.10.. Co Durham.. Hawthorn.. Five HEs were dropped NW of the Rectory causing damage to Rectory.

Co Durham.. Two HEs fell in fields ½ a mile N of Chester le Street, causing no damage.

20.15.. Co Durham.. Marsden.. Between 150 and 200 IBs fell at Marsden, majority in fields. One house set on fire.

20.20.. Co Durham.. Hebburn.. One killed, two seriously Injured and forty-three slightly Injured as HEs fell in Hebburn causing damage to houses and gas main. 141 persons made homeless. [The fatality occurred in St Oswalds Road].

23.10.. Co Durham.. Long Newton.. Three HEs fell at West Moor Farm near a searchlight post, on flooded land. No damage.

Co Durham.. Bradbury.. Three HEs fell in fields killing one sheep.

Co Durham.. Easington Colliery.. Twenty IBs fell in open country.

Night 548. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.15, ends: 07.20
Public Alert: 20.01, All-Clear: 00.26

Tuesday, 4th March 1941  D549

'SS Anonity' (303t) cargo ship, Middlesbrough to Boston, Lincs, sunk by a mine near Skegness. Four of her crew were lost.

Day 549. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.20, begins: 19.17

Wednesday, 5th March 1941  D550

The Essential Work Order now controls employed worker's movements.

Day 550. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.18, begins: 19.19

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