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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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25th August 1941 to
10th September 1941

Monday, 25th August 1941  D723

Five reconnaissance aircraft crossed the North-East Coast.

Northumberland.. Ashington.. Two unoccupied shelters in a pit-yard were demolished.

Northumberland.. Slight damage was done to roofs and windows of houses and shops at Whitley Bay.

Northumberland.. One UXB 100 yards from Wallsend boundary.

Day 723. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.28, begins: 20.47
Public Alert: 14.44, All-Clear: 15.12
Industrial Alarm: 14.55, Release: 15.06

Wednesday, 27th/Thursday, 28th August 1941  N725

Night 725. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.42, ends: 05.34
Public Alert: 23.05, All-Clear: 23.34
Public Alert: 01.24, All-Clear: 01.50

Friday, 29th/Saturday, 30th August 1941  N727

German documents examined after the war revealed that a Junkers Ju 88 of 1(F)/120 ditched in the North Sea after it hit a balloon cable over the Humber Estuary on this day. Three of the crew were rescued by a German vessel on September 4th.

Night 727. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.37, ends: 05.37
Public Alert: 21.05, All-Clear: 22.07

Saturday, 30th/Sunday, 31st August 1941  N728

Night 728. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.35, ends: 05.39
Public Alert: 22.25, All-Clear: 23.39
Industrial Alarm: 22.50, Release: 23.37

Sunday, 31st August/Monday, 1st September 1941  N729

Hull.. Tonight brought a concentrated attack on Hull, where a direct hit on a shelter caused many casualties; about two hundred homes were demolished or damaged, and thirty-eight people were killed.

Night 729. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.33, ends: 05.41

Monday, 1st/Tuesday, 2nd September 1941  N730

Newcastle was the enemy's target on the night of 1st/2nd September, when twenty-five long-range bombers operated, the attack was sharp, it only lasted an hour, but it resulted in considerable damage to property, over a hundred houses being demolished. HE was scattered from Northumberland Road in the west to the Wallsend boundary in the east and as far north as Jesmond Dene Road. Forty-nine people were killed and it is estimated that about 1,000 were made homeless.

There were several fires, including one at New Bridge Street Goods Station, 300 tons of food were destroyed and it took two days to put the fire out. The LNER Jesmond station was blocked by debris and, owing to damage at Manors railway station, the Edinburgh to Kings Cross traffic was diverted via Carlisle. HE on the Riverside branch also disrupted services . A UXB at the labour exchange delayed the organisation of repair work, but by Tuesday evening, first-aid repairs to public utilities were affected.

Eight people were killed at Blaydon, where there was widespread damage to houses, shops and an ironworks. Here the railway line was blocked and trains had to be diverted. At Gateshead, production is suspended for three days at British Ropes Ltd, where the coir store was demolished by HE. There were a few casualties and property was affected at Tynemouth, Dudley and Wallsend, the railway also being blocked at the latter town. At Willington Quay three died when an HE destroyed an Anderson shelter behind Bede Crescent; other HE caused damage in the Borough and the HE just over the Newcastle boundary damaged sixty houses. Eight HE on Dudley killed two people in Ethel Street.

One person died at Newton Bewley on the Billingham by-pass. HE fell near the river in Gateshead causing serious damage to a British Ropes factory. HE fell on RAF aerodromes at Ouston and Brunton, and missed attacks on RAF stations resulted in HE at North Hylton, Milfield, Ovington, Stamfordham and at the Nafferton Road Ends on the Newcastle to Hexham road. Other HE fell at Wolviston, Staindrop and Twizell Colliery, Grange Villa.

Newcastle and Blaydon raided. Jesmond and Shieldfield shared the brunt of the attack. New Bridge Street Goods Station of the LNER was destroyed by IBs and an oil bomb. It burned for forty-eight hours and smouldered for a long time afterwards. Between seventy and eighty wagons full of foodstuff were rescued at great peril by volunteer railway workers. Before all of the vehicles could be removed however, the front of the building collapsed making further work impossible, but this rescue enabled deliveries of fruit and vegetables to be made according to schedule.

Traffic was forced to make a detour in the city for two days after the raid because fire hydrants were still in use at the New Bridge Street fire. The trolley bus service had to be diverted, from the 1st to the 5th of September, fortunately Melbourne Street was wired in 1940 to provide an alternative link between the eastern and western sections in case the bridge was damaged or destroyed and this was one of the occasions when it was used. Another alternative route was used when a UXB prevented the use of the road at Skew Bridge, ¼ mile west of the Wallsend Boundary trolley bus terminus.

Also hit was a Doctors/Nurses home in the Sandyford Road - Jesmond Road area and some of the flats at the junction of City Road and Gibson Street. Residents in Eslington Court Hotel had a narrow escape when the hotel took the full blast of a bomb and the Salem Methodist Church in Shieldfield was badly damaged, the roof being partly blown away and the windows shattered. Over 1,000 people were made homeless, many houses were demolished and one hundred and forty-two seriously damaged. The death roll was considerable, many people were seriously injured and one hundred and twenty-two slightly injured.

Additional summary of Newcastle Police report..

22.15.. Newcastle.. HEs and possibly IBs caused a huge fire at New Bridge Street Goods Station. All available Fire Units, three Rescue Squads and five First Aid Parties were called.

22.15.. Newcastle.. HE at the centre of the crossing of Albion Row and St Michael's Road blocked the road, damaged four houses and affected gas, water and electricity mains, a First Aid Party attended. After the "all-clear" an explosion occurred in the nearby Steenberg's Yard on the Quayside causing damage to the Yard and to the wall opposite at No 19 Wharf. This explosion may have been caused by a drum of carbide bursting, rather than HE. A UXB was reported further along the Quayside at the CWS warehouse, but the report proved to be incorrect.

22.15.. Newcastle.. An HE in Blackwell Avenue injured nine people and affected buildings in Blackwell Avenue, Sunningdale Avenue and Ennerdale Road. Ten houses were demolished and seven seriously damaged. Gas, water and electricity mains were affected and two Fire Aid Parties and four Rescue Squads attended.

22.15.. Newcastle.. Six HE caused major damage in St Peters Village, especially in Athol Street, Fell Street and Glasshouse Street which was blocked by debris. Five people were killed and twenty injured. About forty houses were demolished and seventy seriously damaged. Robson's timber yard was damaged by fire. Four Fire Units, three First Aid Parties and two Rescue Squads attended. Gas mains were also damaged. Firemen stationed in the Corporation Yard, St Peters, reported seeing a mine or bomb falling in the river off Spillers on the south side, but this was not confirmed.

22.15.. Newcastle.. Four HEs near the junction of Union Road and Grace Street demolished six houses and seriously damaged about twenty. Union Road was blocked and trolley wires were brought down; traffic was stopped until 05.00. A garage was burnt out and a fractured gas main set on fire. Six people were killed and around twenty-five injured. Four First Aid Parties, three Fire Units and a Rescue Squad were called. A report of a UXB at Brough Park proved to be false.

22.15.. Newcastle.. An HE fell on the LNER Riverside railway line near Fisher Hill, 50 yards inside the City boundary; another fell a few yards outside the boundary. A large crater was formed and the railway was completely blocked. An hotel and about twenty houses and were damaged. A First Aid Party attended but there were no casualties.

22.30.. Newcastle.. HE and IB fell on Fern Avenue and Gowan Terrace causing fires and other damage. No 72 Fern Avenue was demolished and Nos 52 and 68 damaged. Fire Units and two First Aid Parties attended. An HE fell at the rear of 44 Osborne Road, between Osborne Road and Grosvenor Road, caused very little damage and no casualties. Houses were damaged when an HE fell at the junction of Lily Avenue and Norham Place. Two UXBs were reported in Osborne Avenue Cricket Ground and one at a butcher's shop at 92 Holly Avenue. The Cricket Ground reports were disproved but the UXB at Holly Avenue was made save by a Bomb Disposal Squad on September 2nd.

22.35.. Newcastle.. HE on Henry Street and Sarah Street damaged several houses and caused deaths and injuries. A First Aid Party and a Rescue Squad were called.

22.40.. Newcastle.. HE on Turner Street killed four people and injured seven. Many houses were demolished and surface Communal Shelters were destroyed. Dampney's Public Shelter was flooded but should be able to reopen - without drinking water - on September 2nd. Three First Aid Parties and three Rescue Squads were called. HE demolished 75 Clarence Street killing one person and injuring four. One First Aid Party attended. HE fell in Stoddart Street damaging several houses - one Rescue Squad called.

22.40.. Newcastle.. HE which fell on the railway embankment between Clayton Road and Jesmond Station blocked the line and damaged the station. Three First Aid Parties attended and an ambulance was called at 23.01. The foot of Osborne Road was blocked with debris and an electric cable was reported down in Jesmond Road opposite Minories Garage. An HE in Eskdale Terrace blocked the road and damaged a house. An HE in the centre of Eslington Terrace near to the church blocked the road and demolished Eslington Court and an adjoining house. A First Aid Party and a Rescue Squad attended. HE in the centre of the roadway of Archbold Terrace blocked the road and damaged a house. A UXB was reported in All Saint's Cemetery, Jesmond Road.

22.40.. Newcastle.. HE at the junction of Northumberland Road and Radnor Street damaged a block of property and fractured water mains. Two people were killed and two First Aid Parties were called. At 23.05 a fire was reported at Hoult's Garage on Northumberland Road. HE and IB on St Mary's Place damaged the premises of BI Cables Ltd. Four First Aid Parties, a Rescue Squad and Fire Units attended. The windows and shutters of the nearby ARP Depot on Lovaine Crescent were damaged by blast and the electricity cut off. Water mains in Ellison Place were damaged by another HE. Two UXBs were reported in builder's yards, one in Ferguson's Yard on Northumberland Road and one in Miller's Yard on North Street; both reports were disproved by Bomb Disposal personnel.

22.40.. Newcastle.. An HE fell on Sandyford Road damaging Deuchar's Brewery, and the area was machine-gunned. One person was killed and six injured, some by machine-gun bullets. Four First Aid Parties were called. Gas mains in Starbeck Avenue were damaged by an HE, and IB on the area caused a house fire in Goldspink Lane which necessitated the attendance of Fire Units.

22.40.. Newcastle.. Two persons were killed and ten injured in Camden Street by an HE which demolished some houses and damaged others. Two First Aid Parties and a Rescue Squad were called. An HE on Falconar Street seriously damaged No 58 and trapped three people - a Rescue Squad attended. Houses in Napier Street were damaged by an HE and one person injured; a First Aid Party gave assistance. A UXB was suspected in Yorkshire Street and nearby residents evacuated.

22.45.. Newcastle.. Gas mains were damaged by HE at two locations - Crawhall Terrace on City Road and Crawhall Road near St Ann's Street. An HE on Coronation Buildings - Council flats at the junction of Gibson Street and City Road - caused six deaths and three injuries. Eight First Aid Parties and a Rescue Squad attended.

22.55.. Newcastle.. Two HEs demolished Stote's Hall Cottage on Jesmond Dene Road, damaged a gas main and injured four people. A Rescue Squad and a First Aid Party attended. A UXB was suspected but no trace found. Firewatchers at Baxters, The Close, reported a UXB behind the Mansion Chambers, The Close, but a PC sent to investigate could find no trace. Another suspected UXB at 4 Stepney Lane was disproved by a Bomb Disposal Squad on September 4th. Rest Centres were opened at Jubilee Schools (Union Rd), St Dominics and Sandyford Rd Schools.

03.05.. Newcastle.. The body of an AFS man was discovered under debris and, after recovery by a Rescue Squad, he was sent to the RVI by ambulance. A Firewatcher, a Naval Rating and another AFS man were injured. Three hundred tons of foodstuffs were destroyed and the building was completely gutted; it burned for several days and was tackled by relays of firemen from all over Tyneside. Owing to the presence of hose on the streets, the following were closed to traffic:- Newbridge Street, Melbourne Street, City Road, Northumberland Road and Ellison Place. Two UXBs were discovered behind the Goods Yard. Two HEs fell on No 2 Platform at the nearby Manors railway station, one was unexploded. The explosion on the platform blocked the railway track. HEs also blocked the LNER Riverside Branch at Argyle Street, damaged houses in Argyle Terrace and caused extensive damage to NESCo's Pandon Stores. Four First Aid Parties attended the Argyle Terrace area. The UXB at Manors Station was not made safe until 10.00 on September 5th.

22.34.. Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. Two HEs fell, one near the junction of Silkey's Lane and Waterville Road about 60 yards N of the LNER track, and the other on the tennis court in Smith's Recreation Park. The second bomb fractured a 15" water main which was again in operation at 16.30 on the 3rd. An alternative supply was given to the west of the Town, including Smith's Dock. Thirty-three houses were seriously damaged, but are capable of repair, and 196 houses were slightly damaged. Fourteen families had to leave damaged houses, but as alternative accommodation had already been arranged, it was not necessary to open the Emergency Rest Centres.

Casualties were two fatal and eight injured, all the latter having been sent home after treatment. The bodies were received at the ARP Mortuary. Funeral arrangements in both cases were carried out by the Corporation and the burials took place on Friday the 5th. The Rescue, Repair, First Aid, Warden, Police, Fire Brigade, Water, and Mortuary Services were in operation. It was not found necessary to open the Information Centre, and eighty enquiries were dealt with at the Town Clerk's Office. One hundred and twenty Emergency Ration Cards were issued in respect of foodstuffs damaged. Thirty-eight persons received assistance from the Assistance Board.

22.01.. Northumberland.. Flares dropped N of Gosforth. Presumably refers to plane crash.

22.05.. Northumberland.. One HE (very large) on Riverside LNER [NZ297653], fifty yards inside Wallsend boundary. Railway blown up, tram standards damaged. Sixty houses damaged by blast. Slight injuries to five men and three women.

22.07.. Northumberland.. Four HEs at Bedlington Station [NZ281833]. Then plane, a Junkers 88, crashed at the brickworks, Bedlington Station [NZ274835], and burnt out, no trace of the crew. The plane came from the direction of Ashington. Remains of four bodies found 12.35 on 3/9/41. Bodies put in shed at brickworks - will be buried by men from RAF Acklington. Three oxygen cylinders, eighteen inches long and six inches diameter, clipped together, found in field fifty yards south of Moor House Farm, Ashington [NZ289814]. Two oxygen cylinders, one compass and a belt with five rounds of ammunition found at [NZ277839]. Tail and rudder found at [NZ276854]. Rubber dinghy and port tail fin found at [NZ286842]. Compass from dinghy found at [NZ296848].

22.22.. Northumberland.. Two HEs in grass fields at Mount Huly Farm, Ovington [NZ079651].

22.30.. Northumberland.. Willington Quay.. Four HEs near Holy Cross [NZ310671] - [NZ311673]. One on Archer Street, blocking the road, the other three on soft ground near end of back gardens in Bede Cres. A man and his wife were in an Anderson shelter on the very verge of a crater at rear of number 36 Bede Cres., their two sons were standing just outside the entrance when the bomb exploded. The man and his sons were killed, his wife was slightly injured. Another Anderson shelter only three yards from the one wrecked stood up to the blast, all occupants escaped with slight injuries. Three more women were slightly injured.

22.30.. Northumberland.. Three HEs Wallsend [NZ292665] - [NZ302670] in gardens between Station Road and West Street. No injuries.

22.30.. Northumberland.. One UXB fell in children's playing field on soft ground seventy yards W of West Street, Wallsend, [NZ292665].

22.30.. Northumberland.. Eight HEs Dudley [NZ261733]. Two on houses in Ethel Street, three are in the field on the east side of Weetslade Road, two are on the west side in Curtis Market Garden. Two people killed, three seriously injured and four slightly injured.

22.45.. Northumberland.. Three HEs and one UXB between Dinnington Village and Horton Grange [NZ202744]. All in open country.

22.50.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Nafferton Farm [NZ062654]. One in field at side of road 100 yards W of Nafferton Road Ends. Telephone wires on main road down. Hexham - Newcastle road partly blocked 100 yards W of Nafferton Road Ends. Other in field 200 yards S of above [NZ060655].

22.53.. Northumberland.. Possibly the same incident as that above.. Two HEs (given as "Two more HEs") in the near of Whittle Dene [NZ0667] - probably to W.

22.55.. Northumberland.. One HE Ouston Aerodrome [NZ0869], on a roadway in the the centre of the aerodrome. Crater 20' across and 6' deep. Water main fractured and some panes of glass in the parachute section were broken.

23.00.. Northumberland.. Six HEs North Birks Wood, Cheeseburn Grange, Stamfordham [NZ096699]. All bombs in wood within an area of 100 square yards.

23.00.. Northumberland.. Cannon shell and machine gun fire at north bound goods train on LNER line N and S of Belford Railway Station [NU121352] - [NU146323]. No damage or casualties.

23.00.. Northumberland.. One HE in a wood on Milfield - Kimmerston road 300 yards E of Redscar Bridge, [NT955342], some telephones out of order and road temporarily blocked by trees.

23.05.. Northumberland.. Eight HEs and small number IBs fell on Brunton Aerodrome, Chathill [NU215254] - [NU218251], in a line 228 yards long. One of HEs on side of runway causing little damage, other seven on open space on aerodrome - causing no damage or casualties.

23.05.. Northumberland.. Two HEs believed to have dropped to the E of North Charlton [NU1622].

23.15.. Northumberland.. Two HEs were dropped near Redscar Bridge on the Milfield - Kimmerston road leaving craters 45' diameter and 12' deep and 33' diameter and 15' deep. The road surface and telephone wires were damaged.

22.15.. Co Durham.. Two HEs fell at Blaydon. One demolished Donald Brown's Engineering Works on Tyne Street killing the fifty-nine year old night watchman and two men, aged seventeen and thirty-six, on a Venture bus at a bus stop on the other side of the road, another twenty-five of the bus passengers needed first aid treatment. The windows of Blaydon railway station were blown in.

The second bomb fell at Delacour Road demolishing numbers 8 and 10 and damaging numbers 10 and 12 in neighbouring Lynwood Avenue, so badly that they had to be pulled down. Three died at Delacour Road, a seventy-two year old man and his seventy-three year old wife from number 8 and a twenty year old girl from number 10, her seventeen year old sister and her fifty-six year old father died later in hospital. Seventy people needed treatment for minor injuries and a total of 300 houses and 60 shops were damaged. Gas mains and electric cables were damaged. Small fires were caused but were quickly extinguished.

Co Durham.. Four HEs dropped in open ground at North Hylton - no casualties but trees uprooted and damage caused to shops and houses.

22.35.. Co Durham.. Two HEs dropped 400 yards NW of Twizell Colliery - no casualties - slight damage to houses.

23.00.. Co Durham.. Four HEs dropped in open fields at High Grange, Wolviston, no damage and no casualties.

23.00-23.50.. Co Durham.. One person was killed and one injured when HEs were dropped at Billingham by-pass road, Newton Bewley and near Long Newton. A hut and gas trailer were destroyed at No 12 Balloon Site. A beast was injured.

23.30.. Co Durham.. Two HEs exploded in a field about ½ mile E of Staindrop near a Searchlight unit. No casualties and no damage.

00.26.. Co Durham.. Report that main LNER line is blocked at Cowan's Crossing, Blaydon [NZ180635]. All traffic is being diverted via Newburn and Wylam.

Night 730. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.30, ends: 05.43
Public Alert: 22.04, All-Clear: 23.45
Industrial Alarm: 22.02, Release: 23.20

Tuesday, 2nd/Wednesday, 3rd September 1941  N731

22.20.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Morwick Farm [NU239034], between Morwick and Acklington.

22.33.. Co Durham.. Four HEs were dropped on the ICI (F& S Products) Ltd., Billingham. One of these dropped on the Research Shop and others on open ground. There were no casualties. Damage was caused to the factory water mains and railway line and also to a packing shed. One UXB is reported on the Stockton - West Hartlepool railway line. All traffic stopped. There was no "Red" warning in operation at the time. The effect on production will be about half a day on the Nitro Chalk Fertilizer and Conc. Acid plants and about one day on a plant making small armaments.

Night 731. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.28, ends: 05.45

Wednesday, 3rd/Thursday, 4th September 1941  N732

Fifteen long-range bombers operated over the North-East, bombs being dropped at three places in Co Durham and the East Riding, causing slight damage to crops.

21.40.. Co Durham.. Five HEs (two UX) were dropped near to Wynyard Railway station, in open ground. No damage and no casualties.

22.30.. Hull.. The areas affected by this raid were south-west, central but mainly east Hull. The enemy dropped fifteen HEs which included two 1000kg. The damage was mainly domestic but there was some industrial property and sixteen shelters that also suffered. Casualties were forty-four killed and thirty-six seriously injured.

Night 732. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.25, ends: 05.47
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 22.07, All Clear: 02.32
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 21.17, All-Clear: 22.13

Thursday, 4th September 1941  D733

Day 733. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.47, begins: 20.22
Industrial Alarm: 12.20, Release: 12.34

Thursday, 4th/Friday, 5th September 1941  N733

Incidents reported from the eastern coastal districts of England and Scotland.

Yorkshire.. One person was injured at Redcar where there was superficial damage.

Night 733. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.22, ends: 05.48
Public Alert: 21.47, All-Clear: 23.47
Industrial Alarm: 22.19, Release: 22.52
Industrial Alarm: 23.08, Release: 23.23

Saturday, 6th September 1941  D735

The minesweeping trawler 'Strathborne' was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

Day 735. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.50, begins: 20.17

Saturday, 6th/Sunday, 7th September 1941  N735

South Shields.. A sneak raider said to have followed our aircraft over the coast, dropped two HE bombs at 03.30. one in a back lane between Charlotte Street and Franklin Street, another on vacant land at the west end of Mount Terrace, both bombs failed to explode but damage was done to walls, water and gas mains etc. No casualties resulted but a large number of people had to be evacuated, pending the removal of the unexploded bombs.

Night 735. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.17, ends: 05.52

Sunday, 7th September 1941  D736

'SS Marcrest' (4,224t) cargo ship, London to Hartlepool, was sunk by German aircraft off Great Yarmouth.

'SS Empire Gunner' (4,492t) cargo ship, Pepel to Middlesbrough, was sunk by German aircraft near Milford Haven.

'SS Trsat' (1,369t) cargo ship, Reykjavik to Hull, was sunk by German aircraft off Kinnaird Head.

Day 736. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.52, begins: 20.15

Sunday, 7th/Monday, 8th September 1941  N736

22.55.. Northumberland.. Twenty to thirty APBs, dropped at or near Gallowgate Farm, Birchill House and council houses, Norham, [NT904473], near RAF Winfield Enemy plane passed over village and machine-gun bullets passed through roofs of council houses. Three council houses damaged by anti-personnel bombs, one on Birchill House caused damage to roof and windows. Craters twelve to fifteen inches in diameter and eight to ten inches deep. Red in operation in Berwick Warning District.

Northumberland.. Whilst approaching one of the small UXAPBs at Norham to render it harmless, a corporal in the Royal Engineers, and a member of No 1 Bomb Disposal Company, attached to Company HQ, Mayfield, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, was killed outright when it exploded. His body was sent home by train.

Northumberland.. UXAPB found 25/11/41 at Gallowgate House, Norham [NT904473]. Found by slaters repairing roof. Dealt with 30/11/41 by No 1 Bomb Disposal Company, Newcastle. Whilst the bomb was being dragged to a place where it could be exploded safely, it went off breaking two small windows.

Northumberland.. UXAPB dropped in this raid, found on 2/4/42 at Castle Bank Dene, Norham [NT916478]. It was found by children gathering firewood in a plantation.

23.00.. Northumberland.. Green flare dropped into the sea about 2-3 miles out, apparently between Cullercoats and Tynemouth.

South Shields.. 22.20, two HE bombs were dropped on Bents Park. Some damage was done to the Royal Observer Corps post, a large crater was formed and one man was slightly injured. One 250kg. bomb fell in a field near the old Marsden Inn (near South Shields) but did not explode.

Co Durham.. Blaydon.. The nose-cap of an AA shell damaged houses at Sycamore Road, Blaydon.

22.45.. Co Durham.. Springwell.. Seven HEs were dropped in fields at Springwell causing damage to an electric grid wire. Two horses were killed and two seriously injured, both of which have since been destroyed.

23.00.. Co Durham.. Kibblesworth.. Four HEs were dropped, causing craters but no other damage.

23.00.. Co Durham.. Four HEs fell on a disused railway property at Castletown (near RAF Usworth) causing damage to a fence but no casualties.

Yorkshire.. HEs near a Yorkshire ironworks caused some damage which will not, however delay production.

A Dornier 217 of 4/KG40 failed to return from a sortie to Newcastle.

Night 736. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.15, ends: 05.54
Public Alert: 22.00, All-Clear: 23.50
Industrial Alarm: 22.15, Release: 23.15

Monday, 8th September 1941  D737

The mine destructor vessel 'Corfield' was sunk by a mine, off the Humber.

Day 737. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.54, begins: 20.12

Monday, 8th/Tuesday, 9th September 1941  N737

03.05.. Co Durham.. One HE bomb was dropped near the pit head baths at Ryhope Colliery. Two men were killed and twenty-one injured. Overhead electric cables were damaged.

Night 737. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.12, ends: 05.56

Wednesday, 10th September 1941  D739

'SS Muneric' (5,229t) cargo ship, Rio de Janeiro to Middlesbrough with a cargo of iron ore, was sunk by U 432. Sixty-three of her crew were killed.

The ferry 'Murefte' (691t) on a delivery voyage from the Tyne to Istanbul, was sunk by the Italian submarine 'Topazio' near Port Said.

Day 739. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.58, begins: 20.07

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