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Map showing area covered.

North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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Sections 16a to 16b

CIVIL DEFENCE (formerly ARP) continued


Table 14
Emergency Rest and Feeding Centres in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Div.   Type Accom.  
A Convent de la Sagesse, Jesmond Dene Road A 200 NZ253671
A Sandyford Road School, Starbeck Ave, Sandyford A 700 NZ257653
A St Dominics RC School, New Bridge Street A 300 NZ259643
A West Jesmond School, Tankerville Tce, North Jesmond A 300 NZ251663
A Brunswick Methodist Hall, Brunswick Pl, Blackett St B 120 NZ24864
A Central Methodist Hall, Ridley Pl, Northumberland St B 110 NZ249647
A Easton Hall, Eskdale Terrace, Jesmond B 50 NZ251657
A Girl Guides HQ, 19, Saville Row, Northumberland Road B 50 NZ249646
A Jesmond Methodist Church Hall, Clayton Rd, Jesmond B 100 NZ252657
A Jesmond Parish Hall, Eskdale Terrace, Jesmond B 60 NZ252653
A St Andrew's C Of E School, Morden St, Percy Street B 180 NZ246647
A St Mary's RC Boys School, Bath Lane Terrace B 225 NZ243642
A St Mary's RC Girls School, Rutherford St, Bath Lane B 160 NZ242641
A St Barnabas' Church Hall, Goldspink Lane, Sandyford B 100 NZ260654
A St Jude's Hall, Dinsdale Pl, Sandyford B 160 NZ258650
A Sutherland Memorial Hall, Jesmond Road, Jesmond B 100 NZ256655
A Westgate Methodist Hall, Big Lamp, Westgate Hill B 120 NZ238641
A YWCA, Saville Place, Northumberland Street B 86 NZ250646
B Canning Street School, Canning Street, Benwell A 600 NZ220643
B Convent of the Sacred Heart, Fenham Hall Drive A 800 NZ220654
B Cowgate Council School, Cypress Ave, Cowgate A 1000 NZ217659
B Dame Allan's Schl, Fowberry Cres, Fenham Hall Drive A 600 NZ223653
B Delaval Road School, Delaval Road A 200 NZ209641
B Denton Road School, Denton Road A 700 NZ198642
B Elswick Road School, Elswick Road A 600 NZ227637
B Pendower Open Air School, West Road A 230 NZ214646
B Rutherford Girls Coll, Maple Tce, Westmorland Road A 500 NZ238636
B Todd's Nook Council School, Darnell St, Barrack Road A 400 NZ235648
B Westgate Hill School, Westgate Road A 700 NZ232644
B Westmorland Road School, Bell Terrace A 350 NZ233634
B Whickham View School, Whickham View, Fergusons Lane A 600 NZ201647
B Wingrove School, Hadrian Road A 500 NZ225649
B Cowgate Methodist Hall, Stamfordham Road, Cowgate B 50 NZ218661
B Coxlodge School, Jubilee Road, Gosforth B 200 NZ232685
B Murray House, West Street, Westgate Road B 65 NZ236642
B St Aloysius' RC School, West Road, Wingrove B 200 NZ225647
B St Bede's RC School, Howlett Hall Rd, Denton B 200 NZ200649
B St James' & St Basil's Ch Hall, Fenham Hall Drive B 100 NZ225655
B St Mark's Mission, Gloucester Terrace B 60 NZ234638
B St Michael's RC School, Clifton Road, Bentinck Road B 240 NZ227639
B St Paul's C of E School, Westmorland Road B 160 NZ234634
B St Phillip's Hall, Longley Street, Stanhope Street B 90 NZ235644
B United Hebrew Synagogue, Off Westgate Road B 60 NZ239641
B West End Congregational Church, Two Ball Lonnen B 140 NZ213653
C Cragside School, Cragside, High Heaton A 600 NZ264672
C North Heaton Council School, Tosson Terrace, Heaton A 900 NZ274660
C North View Council School, North View, Heaton A 600 NZ272652
C Victoria Jubilee School, Benson Road, Walker A 600 NZ275645
C Walker Roman Catholic School, Welbeck Road, Walker A 500 NZ288646
C Walkergate School, Sutton Street, Walker A 600 NZ283655
C Welbeck Road School, Welbeck Road, Walker A 400 NZ295648
C Wharrier Street Council School, Wharrier Street A 600 NZ286638
C Byker Church Hall, Headlam Street, Byker B 180 NZ272644
C Byker Church of England School, Headlam Street B 100 NZ273645
C Chillingham Road Council School, Chillingham Road B 500 NZ271656
C Heaton Assembly Rooms, Heaton Road, Heaton B 125 NZ269651
C Middle Street School, Middle Street, Walker B 530 NZ287647
C Park View House, Heaton Road, Heaton B 40 NZ268656
C St Gabriel's Church Hall, Chillingham Rd, Heaton B 148 NZ270660
C St Anthony's House, Dunstanburgh Road, Byker B 50 NZ276642
C St Lawrence Hall, Harbottle Street, Byker B 110 NZ274638
C St Martin's Mission, Roman Ave, Walker B 120 NZ282645

'A' Category Emergency Rest Centres have full facilities for serving meals.

'B' Category Emergency Rest Centres provide only Breakfast and Tea. Hot mid-day meals will be served at the nearest 'A' Rest Centre. Homeless persons were, if possible, directed to the nearest 'A' Rest Centre. In the case of large scale air raids, the homeless would be referred to the nearest Rest Centre, irrespective of classification.


Table 15
Report and Control Centre.
South Dene Tower, Saltwell Park NZ253606

Table 16
Report Centre.
Swinburne Street NZ255633

Table 17
District Emergency Centres.
Old Police Station, Blyth Terrace NZ257627
Old Durham Road NZ267602
Shipley Art Gallery, Prince Consort Rd NZ256617
Saltwell Vale House, Durham Road NZ257601
Mosscroft, Elysium Lane NZ245619

Table 18
Warden Posts
Post Group   Telephone  
11 NESCo Power Station, South Shore Road 71320 NZ260639
21 Police Room, Albany Road   NZ263634
31 Saltmeadows Social Club, Saltmeadows Terrace   NZ264637
41 Mr W. Hindmarch, 25 Carville Street 72025 NZ268628
52 School House, Oakwellgate   NZ256635
62 River Tyne Police Station 71448 NZ252636
73 Police Station, Swinburne Street 72222 NZ255633
84 Knott's Ltd (Leather Merchants), 187 High Street 71921 NZ256632
95 W. Galloway & Co, (Nails), 17 Sunderland Road 71275 NZ258628
105 Church Army Hall, Christopher Street, Park Lane   NZ256632
115 St James' Mission Hall, Park Lane   NZ259631
126 Park House Hotel, 1 Park Lane 715604 NZ256630
136 PAC Office, Blyth Terrace (6 Old Durham Road) 71476 NZ257627
147 Tramway Depot, Shakespeare Street 72125 NZ257628
157 Morrison, Sculptor, 49 Cemetery Road 71723 NZ259624
167 Crosier's Cocoa Rooms, Herbert Street   NZ263625
178 Mission Hall, Duncan Street, Sunderland Road   NZ267622
188 Post No 18 to be worked from Post No 16    
198 UMF Church Hall, Moore Street   NZ265624
209 Mr H. Best, (Stationer) 254 Old Durham Road 71709 NZ259621
219 Shipcote School House, Inskip Terrace   NZ260617
229 Gardener's Arms Hotel, 175 Carr Hill Road   NZ265615
239 Mrs Douglas, 119 Split Crow Road   NZ262619
249 Methodist Church Hall, Fife Street   NZ262618
2510 Mr R. Hamilton, (Garage) "Ambleside", Causeway   NZ267608
2610 Travellers' Rest Hotel, Old Durham Road   NZ266605
2710 Old Police Station, Kells Lane/Hillside Place 76151 NZ264607
2810 Mr Pattison, 4 Rosslyn Avenue, Kells Lane 76024 NZ262605
2910 PAC Office, Old Durham Road/ Southend Road 76476 NZ267602
3011 Dr Wallace's Stable, Wrekenton Row, Long Bank   NZ273589
3112 Moon's Garage, 689 Durham Road 76047 NZ258597
3212 Mr H. Lofthouse, 50 Coleridge Avenue   NZ255599
3312 Marshall's Farm, Durham Road   NZ260590
3412 Mr Coulson, "Braemar", The Plantation 76605 NZ261600
3513 Mr Bolam, (Tobacconist) 52 Beaconsfield Rd 761491 NZ259604
3613 Mr Taylor, (Builder) "Iffley", Studley Gdns 76236 NZ256601
3713 Mrs Stevens, 52 Belle Vue Bank/Alderley Road 76282 NZ254602
3813 Hawks & Co, (Confectioner) 407/9 Durham Road 76858 NZ257602
3914 Mr Gladman, 26 Valley Drive 76696 NZ259612
4014 Mr Cunningham, (Confectioner) 264 Durham Road 71976 NZ2576164
4114 Mr Ord, (Solicitor) "Aldersyde", 341 Durham Rd 76834 NZ257607
4215 Wishaw House Garage, Durham Road 72387 NZ257620
4316 Mr Young, (Butcher) 97 Eastbourne Avenue   NZ253618
4416 Foster's Fish Shop, 124, Westminster Street 71823 NZ250617
4516 Rev Swift, Vicarage, 17 Saltwell View 71350 NZ255615
4617 Gospel Mission Hall, Claremont North Avenue   NZ253624
4717 Mrs Smith, 97 Bewick Road/Coatsworth Road 72361 NZ251622
4817 Methodist Church Hall, Whitehall Road   NZ253620
4918 PAC Office, Prince Consort Road 71153 NZ255619
5018 Mr Balls, 36 Denmark Street, High West Street 71357 NZ255625
5118 Mr T. Simpson, 2 Catherine Terrace 72286 NZ256625
5218 Mr T. Watson, (Jeweller) 51 High West Street 71439 NZ255628
5319 Auto-Bodies Ltd, 67 West Street 71087 NZ254632
5419 Public Baths, Mulgrave Terrace 71011 NZ252630
5519 Masonic Hall, Jackson Street 721141 NZ255630
5620 Post No 56 worked from Post No 7    
5721 Ravensworth Picture Hall, Askew Road 72021 NZ247627
5821 St Cuthbert's Club, 84 Askew Road/Waugh St   NZ248628
5921 Water Works Pump House, Snowball Terrace 71934 NZ250630
6022 Corporation Yard, Tyne Road East 71012 NZ245628
6122 Vine Street Mission, Askew Road Wst 71693 NZ241625
6222 PAC Office, 281 Askew Road/Charlton Street 71477 NZ242623
6323 Victoria Road School House, Victoria Road   NZ240620
6423 Northern General Transport, Queen Street 84284 NZ242619
6523 Dixon-Corbitt's Time Office, Derwentwater Rd   NZ236618
6624 Mr Haxton, 18 Rothbury Gardens, Lobley Hill 84102 NZ233602
6724 Mr Bushell, (Fruit) "Rogarah", Lobley Hill Rd 64388 NZ237607
6824 Mr Rowland, "Ugiebrae", Oakfield Road 84310 NZ233606
6925 Bensham Garage, Bensham Road/ Saltwell Road 71291 NZ246618
7025 Mr Proctor, (Confectioner) 175 Saltwell Road 71550 NZ247616
7125 High Teams Institution Lodge, Armstrong St 72253 NZ244613
7225 Mr D. Hutchinson, (Post Office) Fieldhouse Rd 71393 NZ249613
7326 Mr Hindson, (Bldr) "Ashfield", 8 Elysium Lne 71942 NZ245620
7427 G.H. Raven Ltd, (Builder) 13 Poplar Crescent 71147 NZ251625
7527 Labour Exchange, Windmill Hills 71175 NZ250628
7628 Mrs Davison, 23 Bk Claremont Place 71504 NZ250622
7728 The Rectory, Bensham Road/Rectory Road 71613 NZ248622
7828 St Cuthbert's Vicarage, Epworth Terrace 71398 NZ249620

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