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Map showing area covered.

North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
© Copyright Brian Pears 1994-2011

Sections 16b to 16c

CIVIL DEFENCE (formerly ARP) continued


Table 19
AFS Fire Stations.
HQ, Swinburne Street NZ255633
Abbots Road, Oakwellgate NZ255637
Old Police Station, Askew Road West NZ242623
"Bloomfield", Durham Road NZ257612
Sheriff Mount, Old Durham Road (Old Rectory) NZ263613
King Street, Lobley Hill Road (Fentiman's Garage) NZ243617
"Endsleigh", Saltwell Road NZ253607
South Dene Tower, Saltwell Park NZ253606
Sheriff Hill Hospital (Coach House) NZ267603

Table 20
National Fire Service.
Divisional Control Swinburne Street NZ255633
Secondary Divisional Control "Endsleigh", Saltwell Road NZ253607

Table 21
NFS Sub-Stations.
1 Abbots Road, Oakwellgate 71821 NZ255637
2 Old Police Station, Askew Road West 72400 NZ242623
3 Bloomfield, Durham Road 72146 NZ257612
4 ?  
5 Millway 71675 NZ263613
6 Trading Estate 75156 NZ241609
7 Endsleigh, Saltwell Road 76003/75244 NZ253607
8 Sheriff Hill Hospital 76062 NZ267603

Table 22
First Aid Posts
1 Greensfield House, Askew Road 71187 NZ252631
2 High Teams Hospital, Saltwell Road 72395 NZ247612
3 Children's Hospital, Dryden Road 72165 NZ259615
4 Wrekenton Miners' Institute 75158 NZ275590
5 Carr Hill School, Carr Hill Road 72337 NZ266615
Reserve Springfield Hotel   NZ258616

Table 23
Casualty Hospital.
High Teams Institution NZ246612

Table 24
Ambulance Service
Greenesfield House 71187/71188 NZ252631
Bensham Hospital 72395/72253 NZ247612
Carr Hill School 72337 NZ266615
Miners' Hall, Wrekenton 75158 NZ275590
Ambulance Reserve 71495  

Table 25
Private Ambulances
Moon Bros 11 Coatesworth Rd 71314
Gateshead Subscription Ambulance 76655
Gateshead Nursing Association 71102/71046

Table 26
Decontamination, Rescue and Repair Depots.
1 Albany Road Depot NZ263634
2 Tyne Road East, Redheugh Bridge NZ245628
3 Whinney House, Durham Road NZ256604
4 Old Police Station, Kells Lane North NZ263607

Table 27
Public Sirens.
Regal Cinema, High Street NZ256629
Classic Cinema, Kells Lane North NZ262607
Shipcote Cinema, Durham Road NZ258616
Coatsworth Cinema, Coatsworth Road NZ251622
Split Crow Road, Teviot Street NZ263620
Provincial Laundries, Engine Lane NZ258599
Dymo Works Ltd, Askew Road West NZ247627

Table 28
Military Contacts.
Fortress Cmnd Fenham Barracks, Newcastle 28402
HQ Newcastle Garrison 6 Windsor Crescent, Jesmond 23811
Northern Cmnd 3 Lambton Square, Jesmond Jesmond 2420
Military Liaison Officer Regional War Room 26302
Regional Transport Cmnd 41-45 Grey Street, Newcastle 20353
13th DLI Gateshead 71115
Bomb Disposal Drill Hall, Burt Terrace, Gateshead 72357
Home Guard HQ Gateshead 71966

Table 29
Disposal of Unexploded Bombs.
Sheddon's Hill, Springwell NZ282574
Quarry nr Simpson's Cottage, Wrekenton NZ277583

Table 30
Air Raid Shelters
1 Town Hall, West Street 100 NZ254633
2 Municipal Buildings, Swinburne Street 150 NZ255634
3 Car Park, Brunswick Terrace 216 NZ253633
4 Plough Yard, East Street 150 NZ256633
5 Boliver Place, East Street 216 NZ257632
6 21 High West Street 60 NZ255628
7 Black's Regal Theatre, Ann Street 108 NZ256629
8 PAC Offices, Prince Consort Road 50 NZ255620
9 Barn Close, Mulgrave Terrace 150 NZ252630
10 Peareth Street 216 NZ258629
11 Windmill Hills School 324 NZ252629
12 Windmill Hills, Park Terrace 486 NZ249627
13 Bank Street, Behind Ravensworth Cinema 216 NZ247627
14 Recreation Ground, Sunderland Road 486 NZ262625
15 Ritz Cinema, 1, Old Durham Road 210 NZ257628
16 The Crescent, Bellevue Terrace 324 NZ256602
17 Between Watson Street & Pine Street 400 NZ251613
18 Sunderland Road, Ford Street 216 NZ271623
19 495, Sunderland Road, Whitfield's Shop 86 NZ266623
20 Coatsworth Picture Hall, Coatsworth Road 94 NZ251622
21 1 & 2 Claremont Place 90 NZ251623
22 The Rectory, Bensham Road 178 NZ248622
23 Bensham Settlement, Sidney Grove 200 NZ246620
24 Tyne Vale Park, Bensham Crescent 324 NZ242621
25 Redheugh Park 486 NZ257620
26 Teams Social Club 200 NZ241621
27 Hendon Road & Split Crow Road 108 NZ268618
28 Split Crow Road, Newman Terrace 216 NZ261619
29 Bewick Road West, Rydal Street 216 NZ251622
30 St Alban's Playing Fields 648 NZ256620
31 Shipcote Library, Shipcote Lane 150 NZ256619
32 Junction of Rawling Road & Whitehall Road 216 NZ248618
33 Baden Powell Street, Old Durham Road 150 NZ262614
34 Shipley Art Gallery 200 NZ256617
35 100 Eastbourne Avenue, Westfield Road 150 NZ253618
36 Saltwell Park 648 NZ253614
37 Huxley Crescent, Saltwell Road 150 NZ249612
38 Telford Street, Saltwell Road 108 NZ248614
39 Cleasby Gardens, Denewell Avenue 324 NZ258604
40 Engine Lane, Kells Lane 216 NZ258600
41 Capital Cinema, Durham Road, Low Fell 94 NZ257599
42 Back Melbourne Street 100 NZ253631
43 Wrekenton High Street 200 NZ273590

Table 31
Food Centres.
Venerable Bede's Church Hall, Sunderland Road NZ261626
St Chad's Church, Westminster Street NZ249617

Table 32
British Restaurants.
Mayor's Redheugh Bridge Road NZ246628
Coatsworth Hawk's Assemblage, 137 Rawling Rd NZ248618
Central Levene's Premises, 341, High Street NZ257629
Southern Southern Memorial Hall, Low Fell NZ258600
? Crozier's Premises, Herbert Street NZ263625

Table 33
Emergency Rest Centres. (For people whose homes have been bombed).
1 South Street School 480 NZ259620
2 Sunderland Road School 900 NZ264624
3 Kelvin Grove School 680 NZ250615
4 Harlow Green School 200 NZ262586
5 Sheriff Hill (Church Road) 200 NZ265605
6 Prest Street 460 NZ244623
7 Wrekenton Methodist (Serves St Oswalds & Council School) 300 NZ273589
8 Kells Lane School 580 NZ259602
9 Shipcote School (Food Store at 309 Old Durham Road) 520 NZ260617
10 Whitehall Rd School (Food Store at 210 South Parade) 380 NZ254620
11 St Peters School (Feeding at Joicey Rd Methodist Church) 200 NZ260607
12 YWCA, 22, Berwick Road 100 NZ255624
  Alexandra Road School 500 NZ253624
  Lobley Hill Methodist Church 100 NZ235604
  Bewick Hall, High West Street 200 NZ256626
  High Street West School 200 NZ255628

Table 34
Emergency Feeding Centres.(For those who have homes but no cooking facilities)
1 Ravenshill Social Club NZ256609
2 Low Fell Presbyterian Church Hall NZ259604
3 Zion Methodist Church Hall, Old Durham Road NZ265606
4 Wrekenton RC Church Hall NZ273592
5 Brighton Road Presbyterian Church Hall NZ249619
6 Park Terrace Church Hall NZ249627
7 Beech Street (St James Church Hall) NZ266623
8 Dummlers Snack Bar, 103,Sunderland Road NZ258628
9 Richmond Street (St Edmunds Church Hall) NZ258622
10 Victoria Road Methodist Church Hall NZ239620
11 Salvation Army Church Hall NZ241622
12 Bensham Road Wesleyan Church Hall NZ248624
13 Springfield Hotel NZ258616
14 Town Hall NZ254633
15 Central Wesleyan Church Hall NZ264608
16 Saltwell Methodist Church Hall NZ249615
17 Waggon Team Inn, Lobley Hill NZ238607
18 Thompson's Pork Butcher, Low Fell NZ257602
19 New Cannon Inn, Low Fell NZ257603
20 King George IV Hotel, Low Fell NZ258596
21 Low Fell Congregational Church Hall NZ259593
22 Low Fell Methodist Chapel NZ258597
23 High Fell Working Men's Club NZ233612
24 Fife Street Methodist Chapel NZ260621
25 Venerable Bedes Mission Hall NZ261626
26 Shipcote Methodist Church Hall NZ258619
27 Trading Estate A20 NZ241604
28 Trading Estate I20 NZ242606
29 Trading Estate Admin Centre Restaurant NZ244598
30 Thompsons Pork Butcher, Mirk Lane NZ254636
31 Pine Street Mission NZ242623

Table 35
Second Line Centres. (Rest Only).
Corpus Christi School, Faraday Grove 300 NZ249614
Brighton Road School 920 NZ249619
King Edward School 570 NZ266622
All Saints School, Peareth Street 560 NZ258629
Windmill Hill School 350 NZ252629
St Cuthberts School, Derwentwater Road 450 NZ247623


Table 36
Report Centre
Council Offices, Blaydon NZ186631

Table 37
District ARP Headquarters
Hallgarth Hall, Winlaton NZ175623

Table 38
Rescue & Demolition
R.C. Williamson Builders Yard, Rowlands Gill NZ167585

Table 39
Friars Garage, Ground Floor & Basement NZ183634

Table 40
Decontamination Service
Hallgarth Hall NZ175623

Table 41
First Aid Party Depots.
Clinic, Blaydon NZ195626
Welfare Hall, Rowlands Gill NZ159582
Chopwell East Council School NZ122582
Congregational Hall, Winlaton NZ176623

Table 42
First Aid Post
Miners' Welfare Hall, Blaydon NZ181630

Table 43
Ambulance Depots
Friar's Garage, Garden Terrace, Blaydon NZ183634
School Clinic, Blaydon NZ195626
East Council School Yard, Chopwell NZ122582
Welfare Hall, Rowlands Gill NZ159582
Back Street, Winlaton NZ175623
Winlaton Mill Garage NZ185609

Table 44
Auxiliary Fire Service
Fire Station Garage at Council Offices, Blaydon NZ186631
Fire Station Barn at Hallgarth Farm, Winlaton NZ175624
Fire Post Garage at Fannybush Road, Chopwell NZ116582
Fire Post R.C. Williamson Builders Yard,R.Gill NZ167585
Fire Post Stable behind Hookergate Co-op Store NZ141589
Fire Post Part of Winlaton Mill Garage NZ186609

Table 45
National Fire Service Control.
Larch Road, Blaydon NZ186631

Table 46
National Fire Service.
Council Offices, Blaydon NZ186631
Rear of Chopwell Hotel NZ118583

Table 47
Warden Posts
A1 Axwell Park NZ195625
(A2) The Spike, Blaydon Haughs NZ189636
(A3) Bleach Green NZ184624
(A4) Council Offices, Blaydon NZ187631
A5 Blaydon Bank Foot, next to Catholic School NZ184632
(A6) Summerhill NZ173634
A7 New Inn, Stella NZ173639
A8 Shibdon Dene, Blaydon NZ181629
(B1) Hallgarth, Winlaton NZ175623
B2 Rectory Lane, Winlaton NZ176620
(B3) Blaydon Burn NZ166622
B4 Barlow Village NZ155608
(B5) Winlaton Mill NZ184609
C1 Lockhaugh NZ173598
C2 Norman Road, Rowlands Gill NZ165584
C3 Ward Avenue, Highfield NZ152587
C4 Colliery Yard, Victoria Garesfield NZ146579
D1 Cardiff Square, High Spen NZ139597
E1 Rear of Chopwell Hotel, Derwent Street, Chopwell NZ118583
E2 Chopwell Mill Farm NZ117578
E3 Blackhall Mill NZ121568

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