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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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16th August 1940 to
28th/29th August 1940

Friday, 16th August 1940  D349

A Heinkel He 111H from 3/KG126 was shot down over Immingham Docks by AA defences during a sortie to Hull, the crew, listed as killed or missing and the aircraft as a write-off.

Day 349. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.12, begins: 21.08

Friday, 16th/Saturday, 17th August 1940  N349

Night.. Minelaying off NE coast.

A Junkers Ju 88 from 224/NJG1, briefed to intrude over the Wash, strayed and was shot down into the sea off Spurn Head at 03.00 by a Blenheim night fighter, crewed by Pilot Officer Rhodes and Sergeant Gregory from No 29 Squadron. The Ju 88 was listed as lost together with its crew.

Night 349. All times BST. Blackout begins: 21.08, ends: 05.13

Saturday, 17th/Sunday, 18th August 1940  N350

22.45.. Newcastle.. A barrage balloon based at Atkinson Road broke away. Damage to Co-op Stores, on Adelaide Terrace - chimney stack through roof, also chimney stacks of 9 Cochrane Street, 6/8 and 12 Gill Street and 43 Beech Street.

Night 350. All times BST. Blackout begins: 21.06, ends: 05.15

Sunday, 18th August 1940  D351

'SS Ampleforth' (4,576t) steamer, Hull to Jacksonville was sunk by U 101 in the North-western Approaches. Nine of her crew were killed.

Day 351. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.15, begins: 21.03

Sunday, 18th/Monday, 19th August 1940  N351

In an attack on Bridlington at 01.00, the Post Office was wrecked and the Telephone Exchange, badly damaged. Bombs were also dropped on Hull.

Night 351. All times BST. Blackout begins: 21.03, ends: 05.17

Monday, 19th August 1940  D352

The whole of Britain was declared a defence area.

Day 352. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.17, begins: 21.01

Monday, 19th/Tuesday, 20th August 1940  N352

During the night there were many small raids over a wide area resulting in almost 75% of the country being under red or yellow warnings.

Reports of parachutists at Cresswell Farm.

Co Durham.. Cleadon.. A single HE fell in a field 200 yards S of Sardings Lake Farm, Cleadon. No injuries or damage to property reported.

A "Whistling Type" bomb fell on Cleadon golf course, (Durham County area). Slight damage from rock splinters to houses in Fellside and Cragside were reported. Three or four barrage balloons broke away during the raid, damaging roofs in the west end of the town. There were no casualties.

Night 352. All times BST. Blackout begins: 21.01, ends: 05.19
Public Alert: 21.45, All-Clear: 22.49

Tuesday, 20th August 1940  D353

Churchill delivered his 'So Few' speech.

Day 353. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.19, begins: 20.59

Tuesday, 20th/Wednesday, 21st August 1940  N353

19.15.. Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. A tracer bullet penetrated the upstairs window of 3 Berkley Road, Balkwell, North Shields.

A Junkers Ju 88 from 8/KG30, sortied to attack Thornaby aerodrome was shot down by a Hurricane of 302 Squadron. It crashed and burnt out at Patrington, near Hull at 19.10. One crewman was killed, one was injured but died of his wounds two days later and two were captured unhurt.

Night 353. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.59, ends: 05.21

Wednesday, 21st August 1940  D354

A Hurricane from No 302 Squadron based at Leconfield airfield near Beverley in Yorkshire, force landed near its base with engine trouble following combat with Ju 88s off Bridlington at 16.30. The pilot, Sergeant S.J. Chalupa was unhurt, the aircraft damaged but repairable.

A Heinkel He 111H from II/KG53 is believed shot down into the sea ten miles E of Flamborough Head at 16.25 by Pilot Officer E.A. Shipman of No 41 Squadron. The Heinkel and its crew listed as missing.

Day 354. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.21, begins: 20.56

Wednesday, 21st/Thursday, 22nd August 1940  N354

Enemy bombers off Humber Estuary and the Firth of Forth.

The engines on a Junkers Ju 88A from 9/KG30 overheated and caught fire, during a reconnaissance training flight to Edinburgh, it crashed into the sea in flames, 40 miles east of Berwick at 23.55. Two of the crew were killed and the other two were captured unhurt, after spending twelve hours in their rubber dinghy.

Night 354. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.56, ends: 05.23

Thursday, 22nd/Friday, 23rd August 1940  N355

Between 21.00 on the 22nd and 01.00 on the 23rd enemy aircraft were plotted at many places including Harrogate, York, Hull, Middlesbrough and Bradford.

Night 355. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.54, ends: 05.25

Friday, 23rd August 1940  D356

Reconnaissance flights over the East coast, a few raids inland.

Yorkshire.. Bridlington.. Three women were killed in an incident in Prince St.

'SS Severn Leigh' (5,242t) steamer, Hull to St John, New Brunwick, Canada was torpedoed by U 37, S of Iceland.

Day 356. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.25, begins: 20.51

Saturday, 24th August 1940  D357

'SS Blairmore' (4,141t) steamer, Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada to the Tyne with pit-props, was sunk by U 37 in the North Atlantic.

Day 357. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.26, begins: 20.49

Saturday, 24th/Sunday, 25th August 1940  N357

Bombs were dropped at Newcastle, Wallsend, Broomhill, Seaton Sluice, South Shields, Stockton, Billingham, Hebburn, West Hartlepool and Hull. Minelaying was reported off Flamborough Head.

Fatalities were reported at West Hartlepool where one person was killed, two at Hebburn, six at Hull and one at South Shields.

Newcastle.. Five bombs in City area at Walker, four of them in the river, three did not explode, one exploded near a jetty and damaged a pile. The fifth bomb fell in Oil Mill Road, it was thought to be unexploded and people evacuated to shelters and feeding stations. RE party found it to be exploded at 10.30 when people returned to homes.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. Two HEs were dropped, one falling into the sea off the Long Sands, the other fell on the North End Foreshore. Slight damage was caused, two houses having windows broken, whilst Galaland had a large number of windows broken, and a few window frames damaged. First Aid Repairs were done by the Rescue and Demolition Parties to the two houses, and the necessary materials were supplied to the tenants of Galaland who carried out the First Aid Repairs themselves. No casualties. (Galaland was a large entertainment complex opposite Tynemouth Park - the building still stands).

23.35.. Northumberland.. Drifting barrage balloon south of Beadnell Village seen heading out to sea.

02.30.. Northumberland.. UXB Neptune Road, Wallsend. Neptune Hotel, near to Wallsend boundary. Proved to be exploded.

03.00.. Northumberland.. Broomhill.. Six HEs (from one aircraft) Broomhill Colliery Farm, 200 yards from Acklington aerodrome barracks [NU2300]. Twenty-seven sheep killed.

04.30.. Northumberland.. Seaton Sluice.. Single bomb at Seaton Sluice.

South Shields.. About 15 HEs fell in the Borough (South Shields). Some fell near the Gas Works where a fire resulted, but that was soon put out. About 200 people were rendered homeless due to damaged dwelling houses in Derby Terrace, Percy St., Redhead St., Pontop St., and Claypath Lane. Damage was also done to stables in the area and some horses were killed. Telephone, gas, water& electric mains were involved. Ministry of Health feeding centres were used for the first time. one HE fell in Mowbray Road and others in the neighbourhood of St.Hilda's church and Coronation Street. Casualties. 1 Fatal. 19 injured.

00.33.. Co Durham.. HEs were dropped at Billingham causing fires at the CO2 Plant and Nitric Acid Plant, ICI works. IBs were dropped in playing field. Seven HE craters found about 100/200 yds N of the Tees Newport Bridge.

Co Durham.. Hebburn.. Two dead and six injured.. Five HEs dropped at Hebburn causing damage to houses and water mains. A number of unexploded bombs fell in Tennants Fields causing no damage. [The fatalities occurred in Ann Street.]

Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. One killed, two injured.. Three HEs fell in fields causing no damage. Thirteen further HEs fell in the south east of the Borough causing considerable damage to Steelworks, where a fifty-six year old man was killed, Sawmills, Brass Foundry, LNER permanent way and windows of residential property.

02.31.. Hull.. Eight HEs dropped in the Carlton, Eastbourne, Rustenburg and Morrill Street area causing damage to dwellings. An Anderson shelter was damaged in Rustenburg Street. Casualties were six killed and ten seriously injured.

According to Luftwaffe records examined after the war, the following data on the days activities are given, bearing in mind that the mimeographed photo of the Luftwaffe Record Map didn't reach down to the Humber ...

No of aircraftPlace raidedTime attacked50kg Bombs500kg Bombs
5South Shields03.45593
1West Hartlepool (shipping)01.50-1
plus 1-250kg Oil Bomb, 1-250kg HE, and 4 other types.

There was one other raid on Stockton area later that morning.

There may be some minor mistakes in the details, which were taken from badly mimeographed Luftwaffe Record Maps.

A Hurricane from No 73 Squadron based at Church Fenton was shot down by British AA Defences, during a night patrol and crashed W of Beverley, Yorkshire at 01.30. The pilot, Sergeant M.E. Leng baled-out unhurt, but the aircraft was a write-off.

Night 357. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.49, ends: 05.28
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 01.42, All-Clear: 05.00
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 02.31, All Clear: 04.57

Sunday, 25th August 1940  D358

'SS Empire Merlin' (5,763t) steamer, Port Sulphur to Hull was sunk by U 48, W of Scotland.

'SS Harpalyce' (5,169t) steamer, Baltimore to Hull with a cargo of steel, was sunk by U 124, W of the Hebrides.

'SS Fircrest' (5,394t) steamer, from Wabana, Canada, to the Tees with a cargo of iron ore was also sunk by U 124, W of the Hebrides.

Day 358. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.28, begins: 20.46

Sunday, 25th/Monday, 26th August 1940  N358

Bombs fell at Shiremoor, Broomhill, Holy Island, Hepscott, New York and Netherton in Northumberland, South Shields, Sunderland, Shincliffe, Warden Law, West Hartlepool, Ryhope and Stockton in Co Durham and Hull in Yorkshire.

Two fatalities reported at Eston, one at Stockton, and one at West Hartlepool.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. During the night, considerable aerial activity was seen, machine-gun fire was heard and anti-aircraft guns were in action. HEs were dropped by the enemy planes in the vicinity of New York and the Allotments, the bombs falling in crop growing fields. No report of damage to property in the Borough has been received. No casualties. Ten HEs reported.

00.20.. Northumberland.. Shiremoor.. Aircraft pass north to south over Shiremoor. Seventeen HEs dropped, three in fields N of Shiremoor Modern School, two in gardens opposite 6 and 10 Whitley Row, one in garden opposite 4 James Avenue, ten in fields S of LNER and on the W side of Park Lane one of which demolished 2 and 4 Grange Avenue. Two persons slightly injured, a woman trapped but later rescued [NZ3171].

Northumberland.. Twenty-six HEs from two aircraft.. Chester House [NU2302], Coalhouses Farm [NU2301], Broomhill Colliery Farm [NU2401] and road to Acklington aerodrome [NU2301] - small crater in road. One bomb LNER railway embankment [presumably Amble Branch].

02.47.. Northumberland.. UXB dropped north of castle on Holy Island [NU1341].

02.50.. Northumberland.. Two HEs between Field House Farm, Hepscott and the Shields road [NZ2283].

02.55.. Northumberland.. Four HEs North Farm, Nedderton Howard Pit, Netherton Colliery - Engine House and Engine demolished, other severe damage. Fifteen feet of Netherton Colliery Railway line blown up [NZ2382].

South Shields.. 23 small bombs fell on fields near Marsden Bay (South Shields). No casualties. Minelaying suspected off the Tyne and Whitby.

Sunderland.. HE on Marina Avenue - Huntingdon Gardens. Casualties:- Seven slightly injured.

22.24-03.17.. Co Durham.. Shincliffe.. One HE at Shincliffe and a further twelve between Butcher Race and Tudhoe, three of which did not explode.

Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. A number of HEs fell in the SE end of the Borough close to the South Durham Steel Works, one bomb fell inside the Works causing damage to a water cooler and railway sidings. Considerable damage to residential property in Fauldner Road, Haswell Avenue, Windermere Road, Tomlinson Street and Gasebourne Road also damage to a sewer. Other bombs fell in a field south of Seaton Carew. One HE fell in Seaton Snooks zinc works, three in the river near Gray's shipyard, two on waste land, four in the Military area and beach huts and three near the golf course. Damage to water mains and military telephone lines. One person was killed.

02.50.. Co Durham.. Warden Law and Ryhope.. One HE at Warden Law and seven at Ryhope. No damage or injury.

Co Durham.. Stockton.. Three or four HEs at Stockton demolishing a wooden shed and damage to three locomotives at Tyne-Tees Wharf. Ministry of Food store damaged and a small munitions factory.

Co Durham.. West Boldon.. A Hampden bomber crashed at Down Hill Road, West Boldon and was badly damaged. Three of the crew of four were slightly injured. Four lambs in the field were killed.

Co Durham.. HEs and IBs around the Victoria Bridge between Stockton and Thornaby which killed a man who was on the bridge at the time. Shrapnel damage to the bridge can still be seen.

21.44.. Hull.. Three clusters of IBs were dropped on Alexandra and Victoria Docks. The fires were quickly put out, there was neither damage or casualties.

Night 358. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.46, ends: 05.30
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 01.50, All-Clear: 03.16
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 20.59, All Clear: 00.20

Monday, 26th August 1940  D359

'SS Cape York' (5,027t) cargo ship, Vancouver to Hull with grain and timber was attacked by German torpedo bombers off Rattray Head. She sank in tow on the 27th August.

Day 359. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.30, begins: 20.44

Monday, 26th/Tuesday, 27th August 1940  N359

Bombs fell at Newcastle, Longhirst, Linton, Ellington, Cambois, Middlemoor, Ashington, Seaton Delaval, Earsdon, Ferneybeds, Westerhope, and Dissington in Northumberland, West Hartlepool, Station Town, Ebchester, Sadberge, Marley Hill, New Seaham, Easington Lane and Port Clarence in Co Durham.

There were five fatal casualties at Eston and three at West Hartlepool.

Newcastle.. 02.30.. Four HEs (two UX) Denton Square in a field [NZ1965].

22.30.. Northumberland.. About 100 IBs Jordan's Farm, Old Moor, Longhirst.

22.37.. Northumberland.. Flares at Longhirst Station [NZ2389] and IBs south of South Linton [NZ2591] and between Ellington and Linton [NZ2791].

Northumberland.. Cambois, East Sleekburn.. Thirty IBs between Cambois and East Sleekburn [NZ2983].

Northumberland.. Morpeth.. UXB Rectory at Morpeth [NZ1986].

23.00.. Northumberland.. One HE between Longhirst Brocks and Middlemoor [NZ2389].

Northumberland.. Ashington.. Six HEs in a pasture field at Middle Stead Farm, Ashington [NZ2590].

23.55.. Northumberland.. Ashington.. One HE opposite Milburn Terrace, no damage or casualties.

23.57.. Northumberland.. Five Oil IB Bates Cottages, Seaton Delaval [NZ3369]. One HE in field at Bates Cottages, fire under control, no casualties [NZ3369].

23.57.. Northumberland.. One HE Grange Farm, Earsdon.

01.30.. Northumberland.. Three HEs (two UX) and Oil IB at Carmichael's Farm, North Linton Farm [NZ2592], water main cut. UXB between North Linton and Ferneybeds [NZ259928].

01.30.. Northumberland.. Ashington.. Two Oil IBs New Moor, Ashington [NZ2688].

22.15-03.15.. Northumberland.. Westerhope.. Three HEs (one UX) Westerhope. One 200 yards east of Hill Head Road in a field 200 yards north of Lemington crossroads [NZ1866].

02.35.. Northumberland.. Dissington.. Fifty IBs in fields near Lane House Farm, Dissington.

22.14-03.45.. Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. Three dead and six injured. A heavy HE fell in Church Street, at 00.53 demolishing two shops and damaging other premises, also trolley and telephone wires. An Incident Post was established. Later at 15.45 a land mine exploded at Seaton Snooks wounding six members of the Pioneer Corps, two seriously. [The fatal casualties occurred in Church Street].

Co Durham.. Haswell, Station Town, Hutton Henry.. Three HEs in a cornfield at Haswell did not explode. A direct hit by HE severely damaged Station Town School and damaged an electric cable and house windows. An IB in grass stubble field at Hutton Henry.

Co Durham.. Ebchester.. Three HE in field at Broomhill Farm near Searchlight Battery which was machine gunned. No damage or injury.

Co Durham.. Haughton le Skerne and Sadberge.. Eight HEs fell in fields between the two locations. One was of the delayed action type and exploded at 06.35 causing death of four heifers and horses. Two HEs also fell on the south side of the Darlington-Stockton road at Great Burdon. Three IBs fell in a field of oats on the east side of the Sadberge - Fighting Cocks road. Little damage.

Co Durham.. About eighty IBs fell in the Marley Hill district without damage. A delayed action bomb which fell exploded at 04.20 damaged a water main and Colliery telephone wires. One HE exploded on Byremoor Road damaging water mains and houses. One HE fell near to Byermoor Farm damaging farm buildings.

Co Durham.. New Seaham.. Two HEs fell in fields at Cherry Knowle Farm causing slight damage to farm buildings and fences.

Co Durham.. Easington Lane.. Four oil IBs fell at Easington Lane, no damage.

Co Durham.. Port Clarence.. HE dropped in this area. A year later a girl drowned in one of the craters.

Yorkshire.. Grangetown.. Five people were killed in an incident centred around Stapylton Street, Eston. Three of the victims were from the same family.

Several reports of parachute troops descending in West Hartlepool and Stockton districts were received but no trace was found. Church bells were rung at Norton on the instruction of the Home Guard.

A Spitfire from No 72 Squadron based at Acklington airfield in Northumberland, was severely damaged in a landing accident, the pilot was unhurt but the aircraft was a write-off.

Night 359. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.44, ends: 05.32
Public Alert: 22.15, All-Clear: 03.36

Tuesday, 27th/Wednesday, 28th August 1940  N360

23.21-02.24.. Co Durham.. Port Clarence.. One HE fell about 03.34 at Port Clarence causing injuries to five persons, two seriously.

02.31.. Hull.. Three small HEs dropped, the Lodge and Maternity Home in Hedon Road were destroyed and Seward Street goods station damaged. No casualties.

A Blenheim from 219 Squadron based at Catterick, Yorkshire undershot the runway in a sudden rainstorm at 01.45. Sergeants H.F. Grubb and S. Austin both unhurt and the aircraft found to be repairable.

Night 360. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.42, ends: 05.34
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 20.46, All Clear: 03.29

Wednesday, 28th August 1940  D361

'SS Drie Bergen' (5231t) a Dutch steamer, was involved in a collision with 'SS Port Darwin', E of Seaton Point at 55°25'00"N - 01°22'00"W. The crew were rescued by the trawler 'Kopanes' off Boulmer. She lies in 35 metres of water.

'SS Kyno' (3,946t) cargo ship, New York to Hull sunk by U 28, NW of St Kilda.

'SS Dalblair' (4,608t) steamer, Tyne to Philadelphia was sunk by U 100, W of Scotland.

Day 361. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.34, begins: 20.39

Wednesday, 28th/Thursday, 29th August 1940  N361

Bombs fell at Whitley Bay in Northumberland, Warden Law, Herrington Burn and West Hartlepool in Co Durham.

Northumberland.. Whitley Bay raided, an enemy aircraft downed at Hartley.

22.08.. Co Durham.. Warden Law.. Four HEs fell south of Warden Law Farm. Damage to telephone wires and fencing and a horse died of shock.

Co Durham.. Three HEs fell near Herrington Burn causing damage to HT feeder cable and an old windmill. The windows of the house were damaged.

Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. Three HEs fell at Greenabella Farm, Graythorp in the vicinity of an AA Battery. No casualties or damage.

22.06.. Co Durham.. Horden.. Whilst an air raid warning was in progress a man dressed in black uniform was admitted to a house saying he had lost his way. He was in possession of a revolver. The occupant of the house became suspicious of his identity but on mentioning the police the man left the house. Search failed to reveal any trace.

Night 361. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.39, ends: 05.36
Public Alert: 22.06, All-Clear: 22.35

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