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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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29th August 1940 to
7th/8th September 1940

Thursday, 29th August 1940  D362

'SS Astra II' (2,393t) an ex Argentine steamer, en route from the Tyne to Rimouski, Quebec, Canada, was sunk by U 100, W of Scotland.

'SS Empire Moose' (6,103t) steamer, from Hull to Port Sulphur was also sunk by U 100, W of Scotland.

Day 362. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.36, begins: 20.37

Thursday, 29th/Friday, 30th August 1940  N362

A total of approximately two hundred and fifty enemy aircraft, flying singly and in twos and threes were over the country throughout the night, though there were never more than one hundred over at any one time. Bombs fell at Stannington, New York, Elford, Cramlington, Tritlington, Epsley, Longhorsley, Shankhouse, South Wellfield, Murton, Monkseaton and Earsdon in Northumberland, Hedworth, Boldon Colliery, West Hartlepool, Whickham and Hart in Co Durham and Hull.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. Eight HEs were dropped in the New York and Murton Districts. One HE bomb fell opposite Forsyth Street, New York, within 20 yards of a public trench shelter, resulting in considerable damage to windows and properties in Forsyth Street and vicinity. One person was slightly injured.

At Hill Top, New York, One HE fell in a garden and damaged windows as well as slightly damaging adjacent houses. At Jackson's Farm, Murton, one HE fell in a corn field, making a small crater. At the Robin Hood public house, Murton, one HE dropped at the rear of these premises, damaging window panes and surrounding properties. North Farm, Murton, two HEs, one in a corn field and one in a clover field, the only damage being caused by craters. Two HEs were dropped, one in a meadow field and the other in a grass field at East Farm, Murton Village.

In the first six cases the craters caused by the bombs were approximately 12' in diameter and 5' in depth. The two craters in the fields at East Farm, Murton, were 35' in diameter and 15' in depth. In addition to the HEs, approximately 200 IBs were dropped in a line extending from High Flatworth Farm through Chirton Hall Estate, then on to Moor Park Hospital, across open country and on towards the village of Murton.

At High Flatworth Farm an IB fired a hayrick which was quickly extinguished by the AFS assisted by members of the Home Guard. At Jacksons Farm, Murton, an IB started a fire in a cow byre, a milking shed and a hay shed. The Fire Brigade and units of the AFS were quickly at the scene, but the aforesaid buildings, together with much dairy apparatus were destroyed, however the main building, adjacent cottages, hay and corn stacks were saved. Due to damage to water mains outside the Borough area there was an shortage of water for firefighting, the Fire Service relayed and pumped water from a reservoir over three quarters of a mile away.

When an IB penetrated the roof of the diphtheria ward at Moor Park Hospital and began burning on the wooden floor of the ward, Able Seaman W.2G. Furse, SSX 13784 of 'HMS Titania', although recovering from diphtheria himself and could have gone to a shelter, elected to remain by a fellow patient who was so ill that it was impossible to move him. When AB Furse saw the bomb he attempted to remove it by hand, the intense heat prevented this, so he collected bedclothes from his bed and smothering the bomb carried it to the door and threw it out, where it burnt itself out without causing harm.

The ward in question was wooden, if it had not been for the prompt action and initiative of AB Furse a serious fire may have resulted with probable fatalities. With regard to the commendable conduct of AB Furse, the Chief Constable wrote in his report, 'I have been in touch with his Commanding Officer and the Regional Commissioner giving particulars of the action and I have also written a letter to him on your behalf, conveying your thanks and appreciation for his prompt and courageous action'.

In addition to the IB which dropped in the ward, another twenty or so of these bombs fell in the grounds of the hospital but were quickly extinguished, without causing any damage, by members of the Home Guard, convalescing patients, nurses and staff of the hospital. The IB which fell in the open fields were quickly extinguished by members of the Home Guard, wardens and the general public.

First Aid repairs were carried out quickly, to all residential properties by the Rescue and Demolition Squads. The repairs of the damage caused in the Murton district were carried out by Whitley Bay Council.

22.10-22.30.. Northumberland.. Elford.. Fifteen HEs, 200-300 IBs Elford. Westfield Farm [NU2031] , Southfield Farm [NU2030], Annstead Farm [NU2230], New Shoreston [NU1932] and Springhill Farm [NU2031]. (one suspected UXB Annstead Farm). Six sheep killed.

22.20.. Northumberland.. Fourteen HEs (three exploded, eleven UX) near Netherton Training School) one exploded N of Crow Hall Farm, Cramlington [NZ2578]. Two exploded in fields at Netherton Training School, Stannington [NZ2180].

22.30.. Northumberland.. Tritlington.. Four UXBs, 400-600 IBs. Fields south of Tritlington School [NZ2092]. Shield Green Farm [NZ1992], Priestbridge Fields, Morpeth. East Fenrother Fields, Priestbridge.

22.30.. Northumberland.. 200 IBs fields W of Lough House, (Epsley) [NZ1789], fire in wood dealt with by AFS.

22.45. Northumberland.. Three HEs fields NW of Earsdon Hill Farm, Longhorsley [NZ1995]. [Same incident as 23.30?].

22.45.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Boundary Bridge on the Shankhouse to Hartford road [NZ2778]. A water mains was damaged at Shankhouse.

23.00.. Northumberland.. Eight HEs South Wellfield. Two HEs and twenty IBs East Farm, Murton [NZ3270].

23.00-04.00.. Northumberland.. Eleven HEs and twenty IBs Monkseaton (one suspected UXB at 8 Lyndhurst Road) [NZ344719]. Five houses and four shops demolished. Bombs in centre of Monkseaton close to where bombs dropped previous night. House in Roseberry Terrace got a direct hit - two fatalities: a man asleep upstairs, and his brother in ground passage of kitchen. Other occupants in cupboard under stairs who suffered only shock but had to be extracted from the wreckage. Attacks on Monkseaton during both alerts.

23.30.. Northumberland.. Earsdon Moor.. One HE (one UX) In field near Earsdon Moor [NZ189933]. Three HEs (three UX) in fields at Earsdon Hill [NZ1995] and New Houses Farm, [NZ184937].

23.00.. Co Durham.. Hedworth.. Eight HEs were dropped in the Boldon Colliery district, one HE dropped in Hedworth Road - water main damaged, flooding road to depth of several feet. One fell on the east side of the road and one on the west - five fell in a field on west side of the road, three of which did not explode.

23.32.. Co Durham.. 100 IBs dropped on stone heap at Boldon Colliery.

23.55.. Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. IBs dropped in St Paul's Road, York Rd, Hutton Avenue, Burn Rd, Studley Rd and Stranton Green. One fell through a church roof damaging roof and pews. Several small fires started, the most serious being in York Road - fires quickly under control.

02.30/03.00.. Co Durham.. Whickham.. An AA shell exploded on a gun site in the being built at Fellside Road, Whickham, crater 6' by 3'. No damage.

03.46.. Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. One HE dropped in a field behind the Cameron hospital, making a huge crater - hospital windows broken - no casualties.

03.50.. Co Durham.. Hart Village.. A few HEs and between 200 and 300 IBs were dropped on a small holding and on farm buildings in Hart Village. Several small fires started amongst chicken houses and on a stack at the farm.

04.44.. Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. Nine dead and one injured. An HE dropped in Hilda Street, causing crater 40' wide and 22' deep. Several houses wrecked and a number of persons buried. An HE dropped in Pilgrim Street - number of houses wrecked - nine persons believed to be under debris. The bombs which dropped in Pilgrim and Hilda Streets were in close proximity to Steel Works, and were of heavy calibre. Gas mains and water mains damaged, also telephone wires. A number of people rendered homeless and are being tended at Feeding Centre. Morale of people still good. A woman has been released from debris at Pilgrim Street and removed to hospital suffering from arm and leg injuries. The fatal casualties all occurred in Mainsforth Terrace.

02.20.. Hull.. Nine small and one large HE fell in the Bellamy Street, Williamson Street and Victoria Docks area, amongst them, the first HE to straddle the docks. There was slight damage also to domestic property and one person was seriously injured.

Night 362. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.37, ends: 05.38
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 21.28, All-Clear: 00.29
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 02.05, All-Clear: 03.52
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 01.50, All Clear: 03.01

Friday, 30th August 1940  D363

'SS Mill Hill' (4,318t) cargo ship, from Boston to the Tees with a cargo of iron and steel, was sunk by U 32, W of the Hebrides.

Day 363. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.38, begins: 20.34

Friday, 30th/Saturday, 31st August 1940  N363

23.50.. Co Durham.. IBs dropped at Tudhoe Colliery. One or more fell on the Co-operative Stores, which were completely gutted. No casualties or damage.

Night 363. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.34, ends: 05.39
Public Alert: 23.59, All-Clear: 00.14

Saturday, 31st August 1940  D364

'MV Marne' (175t) a Dutch vessel, carrying a cargo of ammunition and copper pipe, struck a mine off the Tyne and sank in 16 metres of water at 55°00'45.3"N - 01°23'24.8"W.

Day 364. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.39, begins: 20.32

Saturday, 31st August/Sunday, 1st September 1940  N364

Considerable aerial activity all over the region. Wallsend and Sunderland raided, little damage and few casualties. From 22.30 to 23.00 raids took place at Leeds and Bradford. Minelaying in the Tyne, Tees and Humber areas suspected.

Raids began coming in at 8.45 p.m. with single bombs and groups of up to three. Targets hit by error or intention included Durham and the York to Leeds arterial road.

Night 364. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.32, ends: 05.41
Public Alert: 22.57, All-Clear: 01.06

Sunday, 1st/Monday, 2nd September 1940  N365

Bombs fell at Tynemouth, Bedlington, Rothbury, Netherton, Bebside, Stannington, Dudley, Killingworth, Tritlington and Camperdown in Northumberland, Quebec, Beamish and West Hartlepool in Co Durham.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. One HE dropped on the Long Sands at Tynemouth leaving a crater 8' in diameter. No damage was done to property or casualties reported.

00.20.. Northumberland.. Over one hundred IBs Holling Hill [NZ0696], Blagdonburn [NZ0596] and The Crook [NZ0797], about 4 miles south of Rothbury.

00.20.. Northumberland.. White flares reported in the Ashington district and up the coast towards Amble.

00.20.. Northumberland.. UXB reported N of Hartford Wood. Also report of dud AA shell SW of Hartford Village [NZ2479]. Same incident.

00.35.. Northumberland.. Bedlington.. Four HEs in fields at Meadow Dale Farm, Bedlington [NZ2582]. One UXB in a field at Hirst Street Farm [NZ2682]. More UXB in same area. Three draught horses killed and two to be destroyed. Five milk cows dead. One HE in a field at High Ewart Hill Farm [NZ2580]. Windows at Ridge Terrace, Bedlington and Front Street, Netherton Colliery damaged also Deanery Street and Glebe Row. Also scullery window of Police Station and Meadow Dale Farm House windows broken.

00.50.. Northumberland.. Fire at Choppington or Netherton. Glow seen from Ashington.

00.58.. Northumberland.. Bombs and flares reported Netherton [NZ2382].

01.04.. Northumberland.. UXB between Hepscott Manor and High Pit, Netherton [NZ2282].

01.17.. Northumberland.. From K1 post - UXB between the Mortuary and South West Farm, Bebside [NZ2881]. Left hand side of road near to White and Finns Garage. - No trace of UXB found, it might have been a AA shell.

01.20.. Northumberland.. Number of IBs east of Stannington Station, near new PAC building [NZ2281].

01.40.. Northumberland.. Fire at Morpeth out.

01.40.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Stannington. Craters Lough House Farm [NZ2080](on grass verge of A1 road) and Catraw Farm [NZ2079].

01.50.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Killingworth, Weetslade and Burradon districts [NZ2772]. Also two UXB, one in a field at Hill Head Farm, Burradon [NZ2772] and one in a field opposite the Plough Hotel, Killingworth [NZ2871].

02.09.. Northumberland.. Four heavy explosions just occurred south of Blyth.

02.20.. Northumberland.. Seventeen HEs in fields at Tritlington Broom Farm [NZ1992] and Tritlington Farm [NZ2092]. One calf killed, two calves and two cows destroyed. Two sheep killed twelve destroyed. Also three cattle at Tritlington Farm. Telephones out of order. A few windows broken at Tritlington School. Northumberland.. Dudley.. Crater found in a field at Green Crescent, Dudley [NZ2573] off Seaton Burn Lane.. No trace of a UXB.

Northumberland.. Camperdown.. Crater found in a field at West End, Camperdown [NZ2672]. UXB believed to be in a swamp. Flare parachute found near Longhorsley Church [NZ1494]. Forty-eight IBs and two UXIBs in fields at Burnt House Farm [NZ2383], North Farm, West Farm and Blue House Farm [NZ2482], Netherton. Crater 400 yards south-west of Town Farm, Stannington [NZ2179].

22.25-22.40.. Co Durham.. Quebec.. Three HEs fell in the vicinity of a seachlight battery at Wilk's Hill. Three windows were broken in a church and three in private houses. No casualties and no damage to crops.

Co Durham.. Beamish.. Seven HEs and an oil IB fell at Beamish. Stopping at Twizell Hall Farm they fell in a line SW to SE. Three dropped in a field, three in Beamish Woods and two at Heugh Tops. Distance from the first to last, which was the IB, is about ½ mile. Craters caused were about 8' wide and 4' deep. Except for a few houses and shop windows broken, there was no serious damage. The IB exploded and scattered debris in a radius of 12 yds, but did not ignite. Two black patches, about 18" in diameter were found.

00.20.. Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. A pedestrian in the street at West Hartlepool slightly injured in the face by shrapnel.

A Canadian Beaufighter pilot from No 406 Night Fighter Squadron, based at Acklington airfield, claimed the first victory of the squadron, during a raid on Northumberland. There is no evidence to support this claim, but it is known that enemy bombers were returning to their bases damaged in varying degrees, with casualties aboard, quite often at this time.

Night 365. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.30, ends: 05.43
Public Alert: 00.25, All-Clear: 03.08

Monday, 2nd September 1940  D366

It was announced that from today the butter ration will be cut from 6oz to 4oz. People who normally take margarine instead of the butter ration would be unaffected by the cut.

Day 366. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.43, begins: 20.27

Monday, 2nd/Tuesday, 3rd September 1940  N366

Bombs dropped on Shilbottle, Ancroft, Blyth, South Newsham and Broomhill in Northumberland, Bishopton and Elwick in Co. Durham and Hull in Yorkshire.

22.20.. Northumberland.. Approximately one hundred IBs Longdyke Farm, Shilbottle [NU2009]. Slight damage.

22.30.. Northumberland.. Parachute flares and numerous IBs on Allerdean Greens and Ancroft North Farm [NT9846], cornfield on fire.

23.52.. Northumberland.. One HE Sands, Blyth Beach. Three IBs Blyth - North Prop Yard, South Prop Yard, Import Dock [NZ3280]. Slight damage from IBs.

23.55.. Northumberland.. One oil IB field at North Farm, South Newsham [NZ3079].

01.00.. Northumberland.. Seventeen HEs Broomhill district. Sixteen in sea, one at Whitefield Farm, Red Row [NZ2598].

01.20.. Northumberland.. Two HEs fell in field at Whitton. There were no casualties.

01.20.. Co Durham.. A single HE fell on a garage at Bishopton Village, demolishing garage and car - no casualties. A few house windows broken.

Co. Durham.. A single HE fell in a field near Woodside, between Elwick and Wynyard (NZ4327), slight damage to two cottages.

01.19.. Hull.. An unknown number of HEs fell in the river, E of King George Dock (?). There was no damage but one person was seriously injured.

Night 366. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.27, ends: 05.45
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 00.09, All Clear: 01.50
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 22.54, All-Clear: 00.15
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 00.35, All-Clear: 01.14

Tuesday, 3rd/Wednesday, 4th September 1940  N367

Scattered bombing raids countrywide, Tyne area included. Minelaying off the Tyne suspected. Bombs fell at Newcastle, Tynemouth, Widdrington and Cornhill in Northumberland, Carrsides Farm, Hulam and Haverton Hill in Co Durham.

23.45.. Newcastle.. High Heaton.. One HE on Jenifer Grove. First Aid units from Cloverdale Gardens Depot already there when the police arrived. One dead (a woman killed by a splinter) and two injured from 10 Jenifer Grove. Major damage in Cleveland Gardens. Totals. Five injured including one fatally. (A man was blown through a bedroom window to the bottom of his garden and seriously injured). Two houses demolished, approximately thirty seriously damaged. Slight damage to all houses within 200 yards. All injured were not in shelters.

00.53.. Northumberland.. Thirteen HEs in fields between Houndalee and Peigh Hill searchlight battery, Widdrington [NZ2594] and [NZ2094]. Earsdon West Farm [NZ1995] and West Stobswood Holding [NZ2195].

01.30.. Northumberland.. Eight HEs E and W, Learmouth, Cornhill.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. A number of bombs were dropped in the sea off the North Pier at Tynemouth without causing any damage.

22.30.. Co Durham.. Carrsides Farm.. Four oil IBs were dropped in fields at Carrsides Farm. There was no damage or fires.

23.20.. Co Durham.. Battersby Farm, Hulam, Castle Eden.. Three HEs dropped at Battersby Farm - all fell in fields causing slight damage to farm buildings. There were no casualties.

01.08.. Co Durham.. Haverton Hill.. Two HEs dropped in St Vincent's Street, Haverton Hill, where one man sustained slight injury. Damage was caused to two houses, a gas and a water main. Two HEs fell in Belasis Avenue, Haverton Hill, completely demolishing one house and damaging two others. Three persons sustained slight injury.

A Whitley bomber operating from Dishforth airfield in Yorkshire, overshot on take-off and ran over the A1 road before coming to rest between some trees in a field at 21.10. The aircraft was a write-off.

Night 367. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.24, ends: 05.47
Public Alert: 22.18, All-Clear: 00.00

Wednesday, 4th September 1940  D368

Off Cromer, E Boats attacked a south-bound convoy, sinking:- 'SS New Lambton' (2,709t) steamer, from Hartlepool. 'SS Joseph Swan' (1,571t) steamer, from Blyth. 'SS Fulham V' (1,562t) steamer, from South Shields. 'SS Corbrook' (1,792t) steamer, from Seaham. All were carrying coal to London.

Day 368. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.47, begins: 20.22

Wednesday, 4th/Thursday, 5th September 1940  N368

Bombs fell at Embleton, Stamfordham and Longhoughton in Northumberland, Burtree Gate, Darlington, Egglestone and Hamsterley in Co Durham and Hull.

2.00.. Northumberland.. Three UXB Embleton district. Two at High Newton Farm, one at Newton Link House Farm [NU2325].

23.15.. Northumberland.. Twelve HEs SW of West Beechfield and fields on Black Heddon Farm, Stamfordham [NZ0876]. All in two fields and all exploded.

23.30.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Howick Grange, Longhoughton [NU2416].

01.00.. Co Durham.. Darlington.. Small fires were caused in residential property and Industrial plant - quickly got under control - slight damage, and no loss of production. An employee of the Darlington Rolling Mills was injured by burns from an IB. IBs also fell on farm property on outskirts of Darlington, setting fire to haystack and wooden out- buildings, which were destroyed because of lack of water for the Fire Brigade. All farm stock was saved. Craters of four HEs found in Memory Lane - no casualties.

Co Durham.. Egglestone.. Heather set on fire and spread rapidly - no water available and it was necessary to ask the assistance of the military. 100 men of the 6th Driving Training Centre were dispatched to the scene of the fire with picks and shovels. The fire is still spreading, and now covers several acres.

Co Durham.. Cold Sides Farm, Burtree Gate.. Eleven HEs dropped - no casualties.

01.00/04.00.. Co Durham.. Four HEs and one IB dropped on open fell land 2½ miles W of Hamsterley. Two of the HEs UX. The canister oil bomb set the fell on fire. Still burning, but under control - no casualties.

21.15.. Hull.. Two clusters of IBs fell in Dalton and Tower Streets, they were quickly extinguished. There was no damage or casualties.

Night 368. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.22, ends: 05.49
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 20.55, All Clear: 00.25

Thursday, 5th/Friday, 6th September 1940  N369

Bombs dropped on Newcastle, Hartburn, Hebron and Morpeth in Northumberland, South Shields, Cockfield, Butterknowle, Spennymoor, Goosepool and Hamsterley in Co Durham and Hull. Minelaying suspected between Amble and St Abbs Head.

23.15.. Newcastle.. Shell on Vickers Armstrong's Scotswood, No 14 shop, broken glass, damaged machinery and small fire - extinguished by PC. The shell seemed to come from NE direction. [From hole].

23.15.. Northumberland.. Three UXB Wittonstone Farm, Hartburn [NZ0888], possibly dropped the previous night. Four UXB Thornton Moor Farm, Hartburn [NZ099882] -also possibly from the previous night.

23.35.. Northumberland.. Six HEs in fields at Hebron East Farm [NZ1989].

23.35.. Northumberland.. Five HEs in field at High Highlaws, Morpeth [NZ1889] three cows killed, three slaughtered, two injured.

Northumberland.. Two HEs dropped. One in a field NW of Herons Close, the other in a field east of Espley Hall [NZ1790].

South Shields.. What appeared to be a small mine dropped from an enemy plane& fell on the Whitburn Welfare Ground allotments (near South Shields), making a crater 6' deep and 15' diameter. A greenhouse with 168 sq'. of glass, situated 10' from the crater was almost undamaged. There were no casualties.

23.00.. Co Durham.. Cockfield.. Many IBs dropped at Lands Bank Allotments, Cockfield. Small fires commenced, but were soon under control - no damage.

Co Durham.. Butterknowle.. One HE and one oil IB fell in a field without causing damage.

00.15.. Co Durham.. Bishops Close, Spennymoor/Byers Green.. Approximately one hundred IBs fell in open fields in a line from Bishops Close, Spennymoor to Byers Green. A small number of fires resulted but soon got under control.

00.40.. Co Durham.. Goosepool.. Flares released over new aerodrome site, but no bombs were dropped - no damage or injury caused.

Hamsterley.. Co Durham.. Four HEs fell on Pennington Common.

Here are a few reports of what is probably the same incident, fully illustrating the vast differences in reporting procedures:-

Reports of plane down over water from Wallsend. Blyth reports plane down. RPSO says plane down in street in Sunderland but he has had reports of plane down as far apart as Blaydon and in sea off South Shields.

Sunderland.. Central Station - Suffolk Street - Robinson Street. Casualties:- One killed, three seriously injured, twelve slightly injured when an enemy aircraft fell on a domestic surface air raid shelter. Four enemy airmen killed. A Heinkel 111P was shot down by AA gunfire and crashed in flames on two houses in Suffolk Street, Sunderland at 23.18. The houses were both set on fire and one person was killed. The Heinkel's crew were all killed and are buried in Hylton Cemetery. This was the enemy aircraft referred to in the report on the state of morale in the North-East which stated - 'crowds in the streets and people standing in doorways cheered wildly when this bomber was brought down'.

23.18.. Sunderland.. 6/KG4 Heinkel He 111P (3065). Suffered a direct hit from AA fire during night bombing sortie and crashed in flames onto houses in Suffolk Street, 11.18 p.m. Oberlt H-W. Schröder, Uffz F. Reitz, Obergefr R. Marten and Gefr J. Wich killed. Aircraft 5J+JP a write-off. The remains of this crew were recovered from the wreckage of their aircraft and buried in Hylton Cemetery, Castletown where they remain to this day.

Sunderland.. Heinkel bomber shot down and crashed at Suffolk Street, Hendon. Two crew killed. A woman, 46, was killed, her husband was severely injured, and their 15-year-old daughter, was slightly injured.

When a German bomber was shot down by AA Batteries on Tyneside crowds of people all over the south-eastern part of the county watched the action and cheered wildly when the bomber was finally seen to be destroyed. There have been no signs of panic. [Confidential Police Report - Northumberland, dated September 15th].

Shortly after midnight (sic) on 6th September 1940 Blaydon heard heavy gun-fire with the great gun at Lobley Hill in action. Watchers saw a German plane fall slowly to earth like a burning paper fragment. It crashed at Hebburn (sic) destroying property. A cheer could be heard in the distance and soon watchers in Blaydon were shouting themselves hoarse at this success.

05.20.. Hull.. Incendiary raid only, when four clusters of IBs fell in the James Reckitt Avenue, Chamberlain Road area, they fell mostly in fields, and no fires were started nor casualties reported.

Night 369. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.19, ends: 05.51
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 22.47, All-Clear: 01.44
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 05.10, All Clear: 05.55

Friday, 6th September 1940  D370

'SS St Glen' (4,647t) cargo ship, Rosario and Buenos Aries to Hull, was sunk by German aircraft off the east coast of Scotland.

Day 370. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.51, begins: 20.17

Friday, 6th/Saturday, 7th September 1940  N370

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. An enemy plane was observed dropping mines in the sea between the mouth of the Tyne and Cullercoats.

00.05.. Co Durham.. Hangthorn Farm, Long Newton.. Approximately one hundred IBs dropped. Fires were soon under control - no damage and no casualties.

Co Durham.. Newton Grange, Sadberge.. Between fifty and sixty IBs fell in a field at Newton Grange. About six stacks of corn were damaged.

Night 370. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.17, ends: 05.53

Saturday, 7th September 1940  D371

Reconnaissance flights were made over Yorkshire during the morning.

A Spitfire from No 54 Squadron based at Catterick airfield in Yorkshire crashed from a low altitude during a training flight at 12.05. The exact cause of the crash is unknown. The pilot, Flying Officer D.J. Sanders was killed and the aircraft a write-off.

The operational life of F.O. Donald Sanders lasted a mere four days. On Monday 2nd September 1940, No 54 Squadron was withdrawn from Hornchurch to the Yorkshire base of Catterick for rest and remustering, the following day this 21 year old was posted in as a replacement, fresh from his Operational Training Unit, then on this day, as stated above, he was killed instantly whilst undergoing further training. He was buried in Catterick Cemetery.

A Spitfire from No 54 Squadron based at Catterick airfield in Yorkshire, failed to return from an operational sortie over the Flamborough area at 14.30. The pilot is believed to have lost his bearings due to R/T failure and crashed into the sea. The pilot, 23 year old, W. Krepski is listed as missing and his name is entered on the Polish Memorial at Northolt. The aircraft was lost.

Day 371. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.53, begins: 20.14

Saturday, 7th/Sunday, 8th September 1940  N371

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. Four HEs were dropped in the East Howdon district, three of these dropped in a field on the west side of Brewer's Lane and the other in a field on the east side. No damage or casualties were caused other than damage to growing crops.

Night 371. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.14, ends: 05.55

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