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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
© Copyright Brian Pears 1994-2011


8th September 1940 to
18th October 1940

Sunday, 8th September 1940  D372

Reconnaissance flights by enemy aircraft reported between Sunderland and The Wash.

Day 372. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.55, begins: 20.11
Public Alert: 13.05, All-Clear: 13.42

Sunday, 8th/Monday, 9th September 1940  N372

Night 372. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.11, ends: 05.57
Public Alert: 02.10, All-Clear: 02.56

Monday, 9th September 1940  D373

The minesweeping trawler 'Dervish' was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

Day 373. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.57, begins: 20.09

Monday, 9th/Tuesday, 10th September 1940  N373

Night 373. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.09, ends: 05.58
Public Alert: 21.07, All-Clear: 21.16
Public Alert: 02.44, All-Clear: 03.45
Public Alert: 04.06, All-Clear: 04.15

Tuesday, 10th/Wednesday, 11th September 1940  N374

23.30.. Hull.. Two IB clusters dropped in the Telford, Steynburg and Margaret Street area. A few fires were started but they were quickly put out. There were no reports of any damage or casualties.

Night 374. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.07, ends: 06.00
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 22.06, All Clear: 22.58

Thursday, 12th September 1940  D376

'SS Gothic' (2,444t) a tanker, from the Humber to Billingham was sunk by a mine off Spurn Point. She was carrying a cargo of creosote. Twelve crew were lost.

Day 376. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.02, begins: 20.02

Thursday, 12th/Friday, 13th September 1940  N376

00.10.. Co Durham.. West Hartlepool.. Four HEs fell in the grounds of Howbeck Institution. Part of ward was demolished and the ceiling of a First Aid Post damaged. A further bomb fell near the Nurses Home but did no damage. Another bomb fell near the joiner's shop but did not explode until 09.50 when the building collapsed. There were no casualties.

Co Durham.. Hartlepool.. In a raid on the town, a man was killed at West View.

Night 376. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.02, ends: 06.04

Saturday, 14th September 1940  D378

During the day, many places countrywide raided, sometimes by only a single bomber although none appear to have come close to Newcastle.

A Hurricane from 43 Squadron based at Usworth airfield in Durham got caught in his leaders slipstream and made a heavy landing at base. Pilot Officer C.K. Gray was unable to correct fully owing to arm injuries sustained on 26th August 1940. The aircraft was damaged but repairable.

The arm injuries referred to were inflicted during combat over Portsmouth, when the Squadron was based at Tangmere. PO Gray was hit in the right arm and had to bale out.

'SS St Agnes' (5,199t) cargo ship, Vizagapatam, India to Hull was sunk by the Italian submarine 'Emo', N of the Azores.

Day 378. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.06, begins: 19.56
Public Alert: 10.40, All-Clear: 11.09

Saturday, 14th/Sunday, 15th September 1940  N378

Night 378. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.56, ends: 06.08
Public Alert: 03.04, All-Clear: 04.19

Sunday, 15th September 1940  D379

'SS Nailsea River' (5,548t) cargo ship, Buenos Aries to the Tyne with wheat, was sunk by German aircraft, E of Montrose.

'SS Halland' (1,264t) was sunk by German aircraft, 8 miles from Dunbar.

Day 379. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.08, begins: 19.54

Monday, 16th September 1940  D380

A Heinkel 115C Seaplane from Seenotflugkdo 3/506 was severely damaged by AA gunfire during a torpedo attack on a convoy, it force-landed on the sea 7 miles off Alnwick at 15.00. The crew took to their dinghy and tried to sink the plane by shooting at the floats, but were only partially successful.

The crew of four were rescued and the plane was taken in tow by a fishing boat and towed, upside down, to Eyemouth Harbour and beached. The fishing boat crew possibly expecting a reward, got nothing, except the petrol in the tanks and some parachute silk for their wives!!

Day 380. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.10, begins: 19.51
Public Alert: 15.17, All-Clear: 16.19

Monday, 16th/Tuesday, 17th September 1940  N380

Newcastle.. Heaton raided, nine IBs fell in Heaton Cemetery without causing any damage, and HEs fell in the grounds of Heaton Secondary Girls School for a second time, this time destroying an empty house adjoining the School. There were also houses damaged in High Heaton including 6 to 12 Cleveland Gardens.

20.08.. Newcastle.. Sirens and bombs were simultaneous. Eight HE dropped, five in grounds on west of Heaton Secondary School. Twelve in roadway of Jesmond Park West, one house demolished, two more (49& 51) may need demolition. A 48 year-old woman suffered lacerated arm and hand. IB near Adderstone Crescent and two others near Banqueting Hall, Jesmond Dene Road, no damage.

23.55.. Northumberland.. Two HEs near Q Station near Boulmer. [NU257132] and [NU262135]. Two large bombs, roof of cottage slightly damaged.

20.06.. Co Durham.. Eleven IBs were dropped on the Golf Links at Hebburn in the vicinity of Hebburn Lakes. No injury or damage. Extinguished by AFS.

Night 380. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.51, ends: 06.12
Public Alert: 20.05, All-Clear: 20.51

Tuesday, 17th September 1940  D381

Some air activity over Middlesbrough.

Parachute Mine used for the first time. It is a cylinder measuring 8' by 2'. (The mine is abbreviated in the diary as PM).

'SS Crown Arun' (2,372t) cargo ship, from Gaspe, Quebec, Canada to Hull with a cargo of pit props, was sunk by U 99 in the North-western Approaches.

Day 381. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.12, begins: 19.48

Tuesday, 17th/Wednesday, 18th September 1940  N381

01.21.. Co Durham.. Southbrook Farm& Catcote Farm, West Hartlepool.. One HE was dropped in a field south of Southbrook Farm and West of Catcote Farm, West Hartlepool. Cattle were grazing in the field. One was seriously injured and another slightly injured. Windows at Southbrook Farm and in adjacent residential property were damaged.

Night 381. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.48, ends: 06.13

Wednesday, 18th/Thursday, 19th September 1940  N382

21.59.. Northumberland.. Ferry Landing, Wallsend [NZ301655]. Two screaming bombs heard, no explosions heard.

21.59.. Northumberland.. Three HEs North-East Marine Works [NZ3166], Wallsend.

22.05.. Northumberland.. One Oil IB. Wallsend slipway. Machinery damaged in the large machine shop and the erecting shop. Offices damaged. 14,000 sq yds of roof damaged. Small fire extinguished in less than one hour. Production seriously affected for 5 or 6 months. 85% production by 21/12/40. 100% when Plano-Miller machine installed. Firefloats "PATROL" and "SALVOR" used.

21.15.. Co Durham.. Bamlett's Wharf, River Tees.. A magnetic mine or HE was dropped in the River Tees adjoining Bamlett's Wharf. No damage.

Co Durham.. Furness Shipbuilding Yard, Haverton Hill.. HE fell at No 5 Berth. No casualties - fire and damage reported.

Night 382. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.46, ends: 06.15
Public Alert: 20.42, All-Clear: 22.21

Friday, 20th September 1940  D384

'SS Empire Adventure' (5,145t) cargo ship, Tyne to Wabana, Canada, was torpedoed by U 138 off Galway. She sank in tow on the 23rd September.

Day 384. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.17, begins: 19.41

Saturday, 21st September 1940  D385

'SS Dalcairn' (4,608t) steamer, Montreal to Hull with a cargo of wheat, was sunk by U 100, W of Ireland.

Day 385. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.19, begins: 19.38

Saturday, 21st/Sunday, 22nd September 1940  N385

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. One HE on the Short Sands and three HE just below low water mark. Some property damage. South Shields.. A land mine fell in Beach Road on the edge of Bents Park. Water and electric mains were damaged. No casualties reported.

24.00.. Co Durham.. It is believed that six HEs were dropped in the sea, S of the docks at Seaham Harbour. No damage and no casualties.

On this date, the first known victim of German night intruder patrols was shot down near Thornaby in Yorkshire, it was a Whitley bomber of 58 Squadron.

Yorkshire.. Around this date the 'SS Granby' a Canadian ship was mistaken for an enemy ship and machine-gunned by our armed forces, until it was realised she was an ally. She ran aground on the Westcar near Redcar. Attempts to pull her loose and/or unload her cargo were hampered by stormy weather, she was eventually refloated on Tuesday October 1st.

Night 385. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.38, ends: 06.21
Public Alert: 21.44, All-Clear: 00.38

Monday, 23rd/Tuesday, 24th September 1940  N387

05.10.. Co Durham.. Whitton.. One HE dropped in a ploughed field at Whitton Farm, causing a crater 9' in diameter, no injuries or damage.

04.10.. Hull.. Incendiary raid only. An IB cluster fell in the Maybury Road and Bellfield Avenue area. There were no fires and the IBs were soon put out. There were no reports of damage.

The price of petrol rose to 2/0½ (10p) per gallon today.

Night 387. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.33, ends: 06.24
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 03.51, All Clear: 05.43
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 04.04, All-Clear: 06.00

Tuesday, 24th September 1940  D388

'SS Continental Coaster' (555t) cargo ship, London to the Tyne was sunk off Great Yarmouth by an E Boat, with the loss of four of her crew.

Day 388. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.24, begins: 19.31

Wednesday, 25th September 1940  D389

A Hurricane from 43 Squadron based at Usworth airfield in Durham, landed wheels up at Hetton le Hole following engine failure due to the mishandling of a fuel cock. Pilot Officer C.E. Langdon was unhurt, the aircraft was damaged but repairable.

Day 389. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.26, begins: 19.28

Thursday, 26th September 1940  D390

Yorkshire.. During the morning bombs were dropped on the Skinningrove Ironworks and Whitby, production is affected at the former, and considerable damage was done to property at the latter town.

Yorkshire.. Whitby.. The four fatalities occurred in Flowergate, Silver Street and Haydock's Place.

Day 390. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.28, begins: 19.26

Thursday, 26th/Friday, 27th September 1940  N390

Night 390. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.26, ends: 06.30
Public Alert: 22.59, All-Clear: 23.37

Friday, 27th September 1940  D391

A Spitfire from 64 Squadron based at Leconfield airfield near Beverley in Yorkshire, failed to return from a routine section patrol at 10.30. The circumstances leading to the loss of this aircraft are unknown. The pilot, Sgt L.A. Dyke is listed as missing.

Day 391. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.30, begins: 19.23

Saturday, 28th September 1940  D392

'SS Dalveen' (5,193t) cargo ship, Montreal to Hull was sunk by German bombers off Rattray Head. Thirty-two of her crew were lost.

Day 392. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.32, begins: 19.21

Monday, 30th September 1940  D394

'SS Heminge' (2,449t) steamer, Tyne to Tenerife with a cargo of coal, was sunk by U 37, W of Ireland, with the loss of one of her crew.

A Spitfire from 610 Squadron based at Acklington airfield in Northumberland crashed on the beach at Alnmouth due to a flying accident. The aircraft was a write-off, the 21-year-old pilot, Flying Officer C.H. Bacon was killed and was buried in St Mary's Cemetery in Windermere, Westmoreland.

A Spitfire from 64 Squadron based at Leconfield airfield near Beverley in Yorkshire, crashed 4 miles N of base during a routine sortie at 10.30, no cause stated. The pilot, Pilot Officer Adrian Francis Laws, was killed and is buried in Wells-Next-The-Sea Cemetery, Norfolk. Aircraft a write-off.

A Hurricane of 302 Squadron based at Leconfield near Beverley in Yorkshire, piloted by Sergeant J.S. Zaluski, taxied into a stationary Hurricane at base. There were no casualties, both aircraft were damaged but repairable.

Day 394. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.35, begins: 19.16

Monday, 30th September/Tuesday, 1st October 1940  N394

A Blenheim from 219 Squadron based at Catterick airfield in Yorkshire, disintegrated and crashed a mile SW of Accrington shortly after take-off, to begin a routine night patrol, at 21.40, the exact cause of the crash is unknown. Sergeants C. Goodwin and G.E. Shepperd, together with AC2 J.P. McCaul were killed and the aircraft a write-off. The pilot, Sgt Goodwin aged 21 was buried at his home town of Kingston upon Hull, Sgt Shepperd, the air gunner, aged 23 is buried in Catterick Cemetery and AC2 McCaul, who was 28 years old, is buried in Leigh Cemetery in Lancashire.

McCaul should have been promoted to Sergeant following the Air Ministry Orders of 1940, promoting all air-crew to at least that rank, but the MOD record stated that he was an AC2 and that is the rank that is even on his headstone.

Night 394. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.16, ends: 06.37
Public Alert: 21.41, All-Clear: 22.08
Public Alert: 22.29, All-Clear: 22.39
Public Alert: 00.04, All-Clear: 00.27

Tuesday, 1st October 1940  D395

The names of the first recipients of the newly-instituted George Cross and George Medals were announced today. The following details are taken from the official accounts in the London Gazette of the deeds for which the awards were made:-

Thomas Hopper Alderson, part time rescue party worker, detachment leader, Bridlington. George Cross. A pair of semi-detached houses at Bridlington was totally demolished in a recent air raid (presumably one of the raids that took place in the middle of August). One woman was trapped alive. Mr Alderson tunnelled under the wreckage and rescued her.

Some days later two five-storey buildings were demolished and the debris collapsed on to the cellars in which eleven people were trapped, six people in one cellar which had completely given way, were buried under the debris. Mr Alderson effected entrance to this cellar by tunnelling about 14 ft. under the main heap of wreckage, working unceasingly for 3½ hours, badly bruised, in danger from debris collapse, coal gas leakage and the attention of enemy aircraft, he succeeded in releasing all of the people trapped.

On the third occasion, some four-storey buildings were totally demolished, five people were trapped in a cellar, Mr Alderson led the rescue party in excavating a tunnel from the pavement, through the foundations to the cellar. He also personally tunnelled many feet under the wreckage to rescue alive two people (one of whom later died) trapped under a massive refrigerator, that was in danger of further collapse. All the time a wall three storeys high which swayed in the gusty wind, was directly over the position where the rescue party was working. Mr Alderson worked almost continuously under the wreckage for 5 hours, during further air raid warnings and with enemy aircraft overhead.

For the George Medal came a citation of which a resume follows, Patrick King, Air Raid Warden, of Seaton Delaval:- During an air raid Mr King was in his shelter when he heard a bomb explode. He ran towards the place where it had fallen and found two semi-detached houses had almost collapsed. One was empty, but in the other was a blind lady, a Miss Hannah Wilson, who sheltered under the stairs. He ascertained by shouting that she was alive but buried under the stairs. Mr King using axe and saw made a tunnel using sawn off roof timbers as supports for it, after a considerable time and much difficulty he managed to reach her, clear the debris off her body and bring her to safety. All the while the house was in imminent danger of collapse.

Day 395. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.37, begins: 19.13

Wednesday, 2nd/Thursday, 3rd October 1940  N396

Night.. Co Durham.. RAF Usworth attacked.

23.15.. Co Durham.. Medomsley and Blackhill.. Four HEs and one oil IB fell near Medomsley, one of the HEs falling on the railway embankment between Shotley Bridge and Blackhill Station causing very slight damage to property. An elderly lady is reported to have died from shock at Blackhill. No interference with railway workings - six telephone lines broken. No other damage.

00.20.. Co Durham.. Whitburn.. An enemy machine fired on a searchlight battery at Whitburn - no casualties - slight damage to roofs of houses.

Night 396. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.11, ends: 06.41
Public Alert: 23.21, All-Clear: 23.37
Public Alert: 03.27, All-Clear: 03.47

Saturday, 5th/Sunday, 6th October 1940  N399

Minelaying suspected off Flamborough Head and the Humber between 21.00 and 23.00.

Night 399. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.03, ends: 06.47
Public Alert: 23.59, All-Clear: 00.25

Sunday, 6th October 1940  D400

'SS British General' (6,989t) tanker, Tyne to Abadan, sunk by U 37, W of Ireland. All forty-seven of her crew were lost.

'SS Jersey Queen' (910t) cargo ship, Blyth to Plymouth with a cargo of coal was sunk by a mine. Two of her crew were killed.

A Spitfire from 64 Squadron based at Leconfield near Beverley in Yorkshire, crashed into the sea during a routine section patrol at 14.20. The 24-year-old pilot, Sergeant Frederick Fenton Vinyard listed as missing, his name is commemorated at Runnymede. The aircraft was lost.

Day 400. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.47, begins: 19.00

Monday, 7th/Tuesday, 8th October 1940  N401

Between 19.00 and 21.00 enemy aircraft were plotted in the vicinity of Newcastle, and between 21.00 and 23.00 it was Sunderland's turn. Bombs fell at Newcastle and Wallsend in Northumberland, Trimdon, Sedgefield and Washington in Co Durham. Minelaying again suspected off the Tyne and off Flamborough Head.

23.55.. Newcastle.. Denton Burn.. Report of a shell or UXB, in the Denton Burn district. Nothing was found.

22.08.. Northumberland.. Wallsend.. One HE at High Farm, Wallsend - Chicken Road [NZ2967]. One HE at corner of Golf Course, Rosehill. One UXB Junction Station Road North/Main Crescent [NZ291677]. Three UXB Dene, Wallsend - Chicken Road [NZ2967]. Evacuation carried out. UXB in centre of Station Road North exploded at 06.30. Three UXBs in the Dene exploded between 02.30 and 04.00 (one at 03.45 and one at 03.55). Twenty-four flats - evacuated. Three houses - demolition necessary. Two houses - serious damage but useable. Slight damage to 86 houses, 230 flats, two houses/shops. Six people with slight injuries. Large number of house windows broken. Some damage to High Farm Police Station. Telephone lines down, High Farm Police Station cut off. One fireman slightly hurt. Part of flare at Maud Terrace, Wallsend [NZ3170]. Roof of house on fire, fire brigade attending.

19.00.. Co Durham.. Old Trimdon.. A Polish pilot in a British plane R.1922 made a forced landing at Old Trimdon having lost his way. He was uninjured - there was no damage to plane.

20.18.. Co Durham.. Sedgefield Railway Station.. Ten HEs and twenty-four IBs fell in the vicinity of Sedgefield Railway Station. One incendiary bomb fell through the roof of a house in a timber yard at the station causing slight damage. The remainder of the IBs fell in open space and caused no damage. Nine of the HEs fell in open fields and the tenth did not explode - no damage.

Co Durham.. Washington.. Two HEs dropped in fields - no damage.

Night 401. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.58, ends: 06.51
Alert: 21.13, All-Clear: 22.20

Tuesday, 8th October 1940  D402

'SS Bellona II' (840t) an ex Danish cargo ship, Hull to Reykjavik with a cargo of ice was set on fire by German aircraft and drifted aground S of Stonehaven on the 9th of October.

Day 402. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.51, begins: 18.55

Tuesday, 8th/Wednesday, 9th October 1940  N402

This from a Ministry of Home Security's Report - at 21.40 a High Explosive Bomb fell near the RAF Experimental Station at Cresswell near Newbiggin in Northumberland, blocking a road and causing one slight military casualty.

A slightly more concise report .... 21.40.. Northumberland.. One HE ¼ mile south of Coastguard station at Lynemouth. South end of RAF Camp, Cresswell, crater in road [NZ2992]. (YMCA Camp Cresswell). A private in the Northumberland Fusiliers, National Defence Corps (name and number given), slightly hurt by flying stones. Not taken to hospital. Northumberland.. Flare - Gubeon, Morpeth [NZ1783].

21.25-21.33.. Co Durham.. Cleadon Hill.. Two HEs fell in a potato field east of the Water Works at Cleadon Hill and another a little further east in a stubble field - no damage.

Some time between 01.00 and 03.00 a single enemy aircraft managed to reach the Church Fenton area.

Night 402. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.55, ends: 06.53
Public Alert: 21.15, All-Clear: 21.57

Wednesday, 9th October 1940  D403

'SS Alderney Queen' (633t) cargo ship, Blyth to Plymouth with coal was sunk by German aircraft off Grassholm Island.

Day 403. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.53, begins: 18.53

Wednesday, 9th/Thursday, 10th October 1940  N403

Night 403. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.53, ends: 06.55
Public Alert: 20.55, All-Clear: 22.37

Thursday, 10th October 1940  D404

Yorkshire.. Scarborough.. Four people were killed in an incident centred around the Potter Lane area.

Day 404. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.55, begins: 18.50

Thursday, 10th/Friday, 11th October 1940  N404

Minelaying suspected in Tyne coastal area and off Flamborough Head.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. Four HEs in the market garden, Preston Road, two HEs in the river area near the harbour entrance and four delayed HE at High Flatworth Farm (two exploded on the 11th).

20.29.. Northumberland.. One UXB reported Tynemouth area between Coast Road and Flatworth Gambling School [NZ3368].

South Shields.. 2 HEs fell and exploded in the river 50' astern of the block-ship 'Melba' lying at the Groyne Quay. No casualties.

Sunderland.. Kemp's Stores, Southwick. Casualties:- Two seriously injured and one slightly injured.

Night 404. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.50, ends: 06.57
Public Alert: 19.56, All-Clear: 21.56

Friday, 11th/Saturday, 12th October 1940  N405

21.10.. Co Durham.. Lunton Hill Farm, Woodland.. Nine HEs fell in open fields at Lunton Hill Farm, Woodland, making craters 6-8 feet diameter and about 4 feet deep. In three of the craters particles of what appeared to be silver paper adhering to cardboard were found. (An officer examined this paper and said it was of no importance as it was only caused by the incendiary lining of the bomb) - no casualties. The roof of a wooden shed in a field was splintered and 20 yards of wire fencing blown down. Three panes of glass in a dwelling house were broken and a cow sustained slight flesh wounds.

Co Durham.. Linburn Hall, Hamsterley.. About the same time two oil IBs were dropped in open fell ground half a mile S of Linburn Hall. No damage.

22.40.. Co Durham.. Whitburn Colliery.. In Fern Avenue, Whitburn Colliery, an electric cable owned by NESCo Ltd., was damaged by shrapnel. Cable repaired at 02.45 on 12th.

Night 405. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.48, ends: 06.58
Public Alert: 20.28, All-Clear: 22.27

Saturday, 12th/Sunday, 13th October 1940  N406

Minelaying took place between 19.00 and 21.00 at points between the Farne Islands and the Humber.

Night 406. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.46, ends: 07.00
Public Alert: 20.01, All-Clear: 20.53

Sunday, 13th October 1940  D407

Afternoon.. There were a number of reconnaissance raids in the Newcastle area.

'HM Summer Rose' (96t) a minesweeping drifter was sunk by an enemy mine, off Sunderland at 54°55'40"N - 01°20'30"W and lies in 12 metres of water.

Day 407. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.00, begins: 18.43

Sunday, 13th/Monday, 14th October 1940  N407

A considerable amount of air activity over Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

Yorkshire.. Middlesbrough.. A 250kg bomb demolished a communal air raid shelter and a fish-shop. Altogether twenty-one people were killed, fatalities occurred in Marsh Road (shelter), Argyle Street, Farrer Street (shelter), Hardman Street, Benjamin Street and Hatherley Street (shelter). Minelaying reported off Flamborough Head.

20.20.. Hull.. Four small HEs dropped in the Stoneferry and Kathleen Roads, Maxwell and Woodhall Street areas. Domestic and industrial buildings were slightly damaged. Two people were killed and eight seriously injured.

The hopper 'Cargo Fleet No 2' (1,130t) was being towed from Middlesbrough to the dumping grounds, when she hit a mine and sank, off Teesmouth.

Night 407. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.43, ends: 07.02
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.45, All Clear: 21.27

Monday, 14th October 1940  D408

The Trinity House tender 'Reculver' was sunk by a mine off Spurn Point.

Day 408. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.02, begins: 18.41

Wednesday, 16th/Thursday, 17th October 1940  N410

An incident reported from Thirsk at 19.50. A thirty-eight year old woman later died in Lambeth Memorial Hospital.

Night 410. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.36, ends: 07.09

Thursday, 17th October 1940  D411

Co Durham.. Five Royal Navy ships hit rocks at Whitburn Steele. All five ran aground but three were refloated almost immediately. The other two, the destroyers 'HMS Fame' and 'HMS Ashanti', ran aground at high speed up on to Whitburn beach, two miles north of the entrance to the river Wear, incredibly, lying alongside each other with their hulls touching in places, fire broke out on 'HMS Fame'. Both ships were refloated, they were helped by five Wear based tugs. Both destroyers needed repairs, which were carried out on Tyneside. 'HMS Fame' had a new bow section fitted.

'SS Frankrig' (1,361t) an ex Danish cargo ship, Tyne to London with coal was sunk by a mine off Aldeburgh.

'SS Hauxley' (1,595t) steamer, London to Warkworth was torpedoed by an E Boat near Smith's Knoll and sank on the 18th of October.

Day 411. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.09, begins: 18.33

Friday, 18th October 1940  D412

'SS Shekatika' (5,458t) steamer, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada to Hartlepool was sunk by U 123 in the North-western Approaches.

'SS Empire Brigade' (5,154t) steamer, Tyne from Montreal was sunk by U 99.

Day 412. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.11, begins: 18.31

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