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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
© Copyright Brian Pears 1994-2011


19th October 1940 to
29th November 1940

Saturday, 19th October 1940  D413

'SS Wandby' (4,947t) steamer, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to the Tees was torpedoed by a U Boat and sank on the 21st of October.

'SS La Estancia' (5,185t) Mackay, Queensland, Australia to the Tees, was sunk by U 47.

Day 413. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.13, begins: 18.28

Saturday, 19th/Sunday, 20th October 1940  N413

Bombs fell at Ludworth, Wheatley Hill, Middleton in Teesdale, Tudhoe, Winterton, Satley and Spennymoor all in Co Durham.

20.35.. Co Durham.. Ludworth and Wheatley Hill.. Thirteen IBs fell in the vicinity of Ludworth and Wheatley Hill. All dropped in open country.

22.07.. Co Durham.. Middleton in Teesdale.. Ten HEs fell in the vicinity of High Force, leaving craters 10' wide and 5' deep - telephone wires damaged.

22.30.. Co Durham.. An IB fell in a field W of the Sewerage, Tudhoe, no damage.

Co Durham.. Winterton, Sedgefield.. One IB dropped in a field at Winterton.

Co Durham.. Satley.. Approximately twenty IBs fell in the Satley district.

Co Durham.. Three IBs fell N of Spennymoor. No damage or casualties.

Night 413. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.28, ends: 07.15

Sunday, 20th/Monday, 21st October 1940  N414

A raid was plotted over Catterick between 01.00 and 03.00 and minelaying was reported from the Humber to the Tees.

Night 414. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.26, ends: 07.17

Monday, 21st October 1940  D415

Purchase Tax introduced today as stated in the budget of 23rd July 1940. The tax will be imposed on all goods except food and children's clothing.

Day 415. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.17, begins: 18.24

Monday, 21st/Tuesday, 22nd October 1940  N415

01.40.. Hull.. PMs were dropped before the warning had sounded. They fell in the Sutton and Silverdale Roads, Maybury Road, Bellfield Avenue areas. One of the mines fell at the end of Strathmore Avenue, Beverley High Road, near the River Hull, bringing extensive damage to hundreds of houses and many casualties, two of which proved fatal. The effects of blast can be strange, a man who was getting dressed in his bedroom upstairs, found himself being lifted up to the ceiling and then thrown on to the bed which was by now in the front room downstairs. The blast had stripped him of his garments.

Night 415. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.24, ends: 07.18
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 01.44, All Clear: 02.58

Tuesday, 22nd October 1940  D416

'SS Cairnglen' (5,019t) was nearing the end of a long and dangerous voyage from Montreal via Leith, to the Tyne, With a cargo of butter, bacon, wheat, engines and tyres. The early morning was foggy and the ship was at slow speed ahead and on sighting a black and white buoy the Captain gave a new course that should have taken her up the Tyne, however that buoy marked the southern limit of a swept channel that ran up the coast, the ship was almost a mile too far south.

She ran straight on to a reef close to Camel Island at Marsden and ground to a halt. Her plates were ripped for almost all of her 401 ft length. No salvage vessels were available at that particular time and although the sea was temporarily calm, by mid afternoon the incoming tide brought with it heavy seas and as the tide continued to rise the ship drifted towards the shore.

By 17.00 the South Shields, Roker and Sunderland Life Saving Brigades were called to the rescue and as she struck rocks again a rocket line was fired across her bows. Eventually a huge wave lifted and dropped her, bow first upon the rocks, breaking her back. Twenty of her crew at the stern, lowered a boat and by a miracle reached the shore The rest of the crew were rescued by Bosun's Chair. Much of her cargo was saved. Her remains lie in 8 metres of water at 54°59'12"N - 01°22'42"W just off a sewer pipe!, her boilers are awash at LWS.

Day 416. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.18, begins: 18.22

Wednesday, 23rd October 1940  D417

A Blenheim from 600 Squadron based at Catterick in Yorkshire, crashed into a hillside at Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire during practice flights through cloud at 10.55. Pilot Officer P.R.S. Hurst was killed and is buried in Catterick Cemetery. The aircraft, a write-off.

Day 417. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.20, begins: 18.19

Wednesday, 23rd/Thursday, 24th October 1940  N417

04.00. app.. Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. A PM on the bowling green in Tynemouth Park and another in a field at Kennersdene Farm, Tynemouth near the LNER electric railway caused craters measuring 35' x 15'. Damage to Park Cafe, Bowling Club Pavilion, Beaconsfield House AFS Station, the Grand Parade First Aid Post and many other buildings including 280 houses. No injuries. Damage also to the Princes Theatre, Russell Street, North Shields.

21.00-01.00 .. Yorkshire.. Twelve enemy aircraft penetrated the Yorkshire coast from the east. These were tracked to the western seaboard and a short distance out to sea off the Lancashire coast and minelaying is suspected.

Night 417. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.19, ends: 07.22
Public Alert: 18.30, All-Clear: 18.48
Public Alert: 04.00, All-Clear: 05.14

Thursday, 24th October 1940  D418

Coastal area raided. Minelaying activity between Scarborough and the Tyne.

South Shields.. 2 unexploded sea mines, British make, were washed up on the South Beach; one 400 yds. south of the Pier; the other 100 yards north of Trow Rocks. Both were disposed of by Admiralty officials.

A Hurricane from 303 Squadron based at Leconfield near Beverley in Yorkshire, crashed during dog-fight practice at 17.20. The 25-year-old pilot, Pilot Officer Bury - Burzymski was killed and is buried in Leconfield Churchyard. The aircraft, a write-off.

Day 418. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.22, begins: 18.17

Thursday, 24th/Friday, 25th October 1940  N418

A Hurricane from 43 Squadron based at Usworth near Sunderland, trying to land at base, at dusk, made six attempts to land cross-wind, finally stalled at 250 ft and crashed at 19.25. The 21-year-old pilot Sergeant D.R. Stoodley was killed and his plane a write-off.

Night 418. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.17, ends: 07.24

Friday, 25th/Saturday, 26th October 1940  N419

Newcastle raided.

Night 419. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.15, ends: 07.26
Public Alert: 00.47, All-Clear: 03.16

Saturday, 26th/Sunday, 27th October 1940  N420

Between 21.00 and 01.00 minelaying took place off Flamborough Head.

Night 420. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.13, ends: 07.29
Public Alert: 02.10, All-Clear: 03.09

Sunday, 27th October 1940  D421

Air attacks on the airfields at Driffield, Catfoss, Linton on Ouse and Dishforth between 16.30 and 19.00.

A Junkers Ju 88A from 7/KG4 was hit by ground defence fire during a low level attack on Driffield aerodrome at 18.00. It belly landed on Richmond Farm, Duggleby, Yorkshire. Three enemy aircrew members were captured unhurt, the other one died of his wounds on November 15th. A machine gun (an MG15) from the German aircraft is now in the trophy case at Driffield.

A Hurricane from No 43 Squadron based at Usworth near Sunderland, crashed vertically from height during high altitude aerobatics, the cause unknown, but believed to be through oxygen failure. The aircraft crashed at Congburn Dean, Edmondsley at 10.25. The 21-year-old pilot, Sergeant L.V. Toogood was killed and is buried in Kingstone Cemetery, St Mary's Road, Portsmouth.

A major recovery by the Northumberland Aeronautical Collection was made in October 1978. The parts recovered were: the tail wheel assembly, radiator, pilot's seat, radio, armour plate, main wheels and the shattered remains of the Roll-Royce Merlin engine. The pilot's parachute was recovered intact, in excellent condition and positive proof of identity was provided by the pilot's wallet, handed to the RAF.

'SS Suavity' (634t) en route from Sunderland to London with a cargo of wheat, hit a mine and sank off the north Yorkshire coast.

Day 421. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.29, begins: 18.10

Monday, 28th October 1940  D422

Small anti-personnel bomb used for the first time. It weighs about 4lbs.

'SS Sheaf Field' (2,719t) cargo ship, Tyne to London, sunk by a mine near the 'Sunk Lightvessel'.

'SS Sagacity' (490t) cargo ship, Kings Lynn to the Tyne with grain, sunk by a mine off Spurn Point.

Day 422. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.31, begins: 18.08

Monday, 28th/Tuesday, 29th October 1940  N422

HEs fell near Fines Road, Medomsley and at Cleadon. HE fell SW of Whittonstall, HE and IBs at Wallsend caused major damage, HE on Blackhill Cemetery, HEs and IBs on Heaton injuring a man and a girl, IBs at Stella Hall and HE on Bewes Hills, HE and IBs near Newburn Glassworks and HE at Howden Bank. Attacks with IBs on Usworth and Woolsington Aerodromes.

00.31.. Newcastle.. Two HEs and nine IBs. One HE at rear of 95 Sackville Road within five yards of an Anderson shelter. Shelter perforated by splinters, the two occupants, a man and a girl, injured. The second HE was a direct hit on a steel and concrete shelter at the rear of 48 Debdon Gardens which the occupants had left a short while previously. Nine IBs in Benfield Road / Appletree Gardens area - extinguished by wardens and AFS, no damage.

00.04 .. Northumberland.. One HE Balisher Farm, Shotley Bridge, [NZ055544], in a meadow 1½ miles SW of Whittonstall.

00.28 .. Northumberland.. One HE and nine IBs Rosehill, Wallsend.. IBs penetrated the roof of the Lyric Theatre, 37 and 41 Tynemouth Road, Rosehill, Wallsend, others on open ground. The HE in a garden at the corner of Saltburn Gardens. Damage in Saltburn Gardens, Laing Grove, St Julien Gardens [NZ3267]. Ten - twelve houses seriously damaged, one made uninhabitable. One person was seriously injured and one slightly injured.

00.37 .. Northumberland.. Seven IBs Newburn Haugh [NZ178641]. Crater of HE later found 300 yards E of powder magazine at Newburn Hall Farm near Lemington Glassworks.

03.30.. Northumberland.. Black Callerton.. Five IBs in a field 500 yards E of junction of Black Callerton and Butterlaw roads [NZ178699].

20.00 .. Co Durham.. Medomsley.. Four HEs dropped in a field near Pit House, Fines Road, Medomsley. No one injured, the windows of two houses were broken.

21.00 .. Co Durham.. Undercliffe, Cleadon.. Three HEs fell in a stubble field near Undercliffe, Cleadon. Telephone wires broken and a ceiling brought down.

00.30 .. Co Durham.. Blackhill. One HE was dropped at 00.30 in Blackhill Cemetery. It fell on a grave.

00.35 .. Co Durham.. Blaydon.. Two IBs dropped at Stella Hall Grounds, Blaydon. Both extinguished without causing damage.

00.40 .. Co Durham.. Howden Bank.. One HE fell at Howden Bank leaving a large crater. No injuries - windows of the local Police Sergeant's house broken.

03.30 .. Co Durham.. Six IBs dropped between Usworth Station and New Washington Village. All dropped in open fields without damage.

Night 422. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.08, ends: 07.33
Public Alert: 19.59, All-Clear: 20.32
Public Alert: 20.39, All-Clear: 23.43

Tuesday, 29th October 1940  D423

Attacks at dusk on aerodromes in Yorkshire.. The attacks on aerodromes commenced at 17.40, and were carried out by formations of one to six aircraft. Bombs were dropped at Leeming and Linton on Ouse.

Day 423. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.33, begins: 18.06

Tuesday, 29th/Wednesday, 30th October 1940  N423

18.25 .. Co Durham.. Aycliffe.. A small bomb dropped in a pasture field at Aycliffe. No damage. Another bomb dropped in the vicinity of the Royal Ordnance Factory at Aycliffe, but owing to excavations being carried out there, it is impossible to locate the position.

18.30 .. Co Durham.. Billingham.. Twelve HEs of light calibre were dropped at 18.30 in the petrol compound at Billingham Reach and immediate vicinity. Four petrol tanks and one foamite tank were perforated by splinters. There were no casualties but a quantity of the petrol escaped from the tanks before they were plugged. There was no fire. An engine house and steam, water and oil pipes were damaged, also a reaper which was standing in a field.

Night 423. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.06, ends: 07.35

Wednesday, 30th October 1940  D424

'HM Motor Launch ML 109' mined off the Humber.

Day 424. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.35, begins: 18.04

Thursday, 31st October 1940  D425

'SS Hillfern' (1,535t) cargo ship, Sunderland to Cork with a cargo of coal sunk by German aircraft, NE of Kinnaird Head.

A Hurricane from 43 Squadron based at Usworth near Sunderland, force-landed at Chirnside, Berwick, due to engine failure at 10.30. The pilot, Sergeant B. Malinowski unhurt, the aircraft damaged but repairable.

Day 425. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.37, begins: 18.02

Friday, 1st November 1940  D426

During the day convoys and trawlers off the Yorkshire coast were attacked. Bombs were dropped on the East Coast..

06.54.. Hull.. Twelve small HEs dropped in the area bounded by Frodsham Street and Marfleet Avenue to the railway. Domestic damage was slight and there was a hit on railway. Casualties were one killed and seven seriously injured.

8/KG30 Junkers Ju 88A-1 (7089).. Flew into a hill in conditions of bad visibility during a sortie to Church Fenton. Crashed at Glaisdale Head, near Whitby, Yorkshire at 17.45. Fw W. Wowereit, Oberfw H. Schulte-Mäter, Uffz A. Rodermond, Uffz G. Pohling, all killed. Aircraft 4D+TS destroyed.

A No 32 Squadron Hurricane P3351 crash landed at Acklington. P/O Sniechowski safe, aircraft damaged.

'SS Letchworth' (1,317t) cargo ship, Blyth to London with a cargo of coal was sunk by German aircraft near the West Oaze Buoy.

Day 426. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.39, begins: 18.00
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 17.45, All-Clear: 18.03
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 06.15, All Clear: 07.46

Friday, 1st/Saturday, 2nd November 1940  N426

From 18.00 to 21.00 there were three to four raids plotted, among the places visited was the Northumberland district.

Night 426. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.00, ends: 07.41
Public Alert: 20.15, All-Clear: 20.42
Public Alert: 22.12, All-Clear: 22.54

Saturday, 2nd November 1940  D427

A No 610 Squadron Spitfire made belly landing at Acklington. P/O Ogilvy safe, aircraft damaged.

Day 427. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.41, begins: 17.58

Sunday, 3rd November 1940  D428

A No 32 Squadron Hurricane R4216 force landed at Wooperton. P/O Waskiewicz and crew safe, aircraft damaged.

The drifter 'Girl Helen', while on Admiralty service, sank off the Tyne at 55°01'53"N - 01°24'23"W.

Day 428. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.43, begins: 17.56

Sunday, 3rd/Monday, 4th November 1940  N428

18.30.. Northumberland.. Thirty HEs (about 250 lbs) Redesdale East Military Camp and Davyshield Fell, Otterburn. [NY8997]. One UXB one mile NW of Otterburn Hall [NY8995]. One military building under construction - roof damaged. Line of bombs stretching 1½ miles. Machine-gunning from plane. Several motor vehicles in the camp had lights on.

Night 428. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.56, ends: 07.45
Public Alert: 18.14, All-Clear: 18.45

Monday, 4th November 1940  D429

A No 610 Squadron Spitfire L1094 dived into ground at Eglingham, Northumberland during aerobatics practice. Sgt Miller killed, aircraft destroyed.

Day 429. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.45, begins: 17.54

Tuesday, 5th November 1940  D430

A No 32 Squadron Hurricane P3460 - crashed landing at Acklington. P/O Sniechowski safe, aircraft damaged.

A No 610 Squadron Spitfire X4011 crashed on take-off at Acklington. Gray killed, aircraft destroyed.

Day 430. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.47, begins: 17.52

Tuesday, 5th/Wednesday, 6th November 1940  N430

Between 17.30 and 21.00 three enemy planes were plotted minelaying in the Humber.

Between 04.00 and 06.00 a raid was reported in the Leeds area.

A No 77 Squadron Whitley T4151 ditched in sea 8 miles E of North Shields. P/O Miller and crew rescued.

Night 430. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.52, ends: 07.49

Thursday, 7th/Friday, 8th November 1940  N432

19.00.. Hull.. Incendiary raid only, one IB cluster fell on the Flinton Grove, Preston Road, Marfleet Lane area. No fires were started and the incendiaries were soon extinguished. No reports of any damage or casualties.

Night 432. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.48, ends: 07.53
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 18.56, All Clear: 20.42

Friday, 8th November 1940  D433

At 17.34 there was an air attack on a convoy off Spurn Head. Minelaying took place along the North-East coast from Flamborough Head to the Firth of Forth.

Day 433. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.53, begins: 17.46

Friday, 8th/Saturday, 9th November 1940  N433

18.00.. Hull.. Thirteen small HEs fell in the area around Fairfax and Cranbrook Avenues, Cottingham Road and Newland Avenue. The bombs fell mainly in fields, but there was some residential damage. Two people were seriously injured.

Night 433. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.46, ends: 07.55
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 17.48, All Clear: 20.40

Saturday, 9th November 1940  D434

Northumberland.. Ancroft/Scremerston.. An unmanned Hudson crash-landed near some ponds just east of the road about one mile north of Ancroft - at NU005464 just south of Oxford Farm. From a contemporary sketch by Berwick schoolboy, Paul Hair (see acknowledgements), based on ground markings and wreckage, it appears that the plane had glided in from the east (the sea!), clipped the ground leaving behind its port engine, and then skidded along the ground before swivelling to point NW and settling on what remained of its port wing! Paul recorded the following in his diary for this date: "Lockheed down at Kat Inn: stormy night - crew must have taken to parachute; plane lands with undercarriage up, nobody in. Nobody heard or saw it. Surprise for the Oxfordites next morning."

Yorkshire.. Between 07.00 and 09.30 enemy air patrols penetrated inland over Yorkshire. Bombs were dropped at Whitby and Pocklington. Trawlers were machine-gunned in Scarborough Harbour and RAF stations at Catfoss and Pocklington were also machine-gunned. There was little damage reported.

Yorkshire.. Pocklington.. Two people were killed in an incident centred around Garth's End, Clymping.

Yorkshire.. Middlesbrough.. An RAF Hudson crashed at Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough at 16.55. Three of the crew and one passenger killed. Three houses set on fire, a fireman was injured.

Day 434. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.55, begins: 17.44
Public Alert: 08.00, All-Clear: 08.17

Sunday, 10th November 1940  D435

In Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, Lower Hodgkin Park was ploughed up, the land to be used for food production.

Day 435. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.57, begins: 17.42

Monday, 11th November 1940  D436

17.52.. Hull.. Five small HEs dropped in Maybury Road to City boundary. There was slight damage to domestic property. No casualties.

'SS Creemuir' (3,997t) cargo ship, Hull to Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, sunk by German bombers off Aberdeen.

A No 610 Squadron Spitfire P9451 crashed landing at Usworth. P/O Hadland safe, aircraft damaged.

Day 436. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.59, begins: 17.40
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 17.39, All Clear: 18.09

Tuesday, 12th/Wednesday, 13th November 1940  N437

A Whitley bomber operating from Linton on Ouse airfield near York, and piloted by Pilot Officer G.L. Cheshire (later better known as Group Captain Leonard Cheshire. VC) was approaching the railway marshalling yards at Cologne, on the bombing run in, the aircraft was shaken by several explosions. The cockpit filled with fumes and Cheshire lost control of the plane momentarily and as it plunged earthwards a fire started in the fuselage. On regaining control and the fires eventually extinguished but with a large hole in the fuselage, Cheshire brought the plane safely back to base after 8½ hours in the air. He was awarded an immediate DSO.

Night 437. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.38, ends: 08.03

Wednesday, 13th November 1940  D438

'SS Cape St Andrew' (5,094t), Tees to India sunk by U 137, W of Ireland.

'SS Empire Wind' (7,459t) cargo ship, Tyne to Vancouver sunk by Focke-Wulf Condor aircraft, 250 miles W of Ireland.

Day 438. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.03, begins: 17.37

Wednesday, 13th/Thursday, 14th November 1940  N438

Coastal area raided. Parachute mines dropped over Tynemouth, but they were blown eastwards and fell into the sea.

Minelaying on a small scale off Blyth.

Night 438. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.37, ends: 08.05
Public Alert: 20.47, All-Clear: 00.04

Friday, 15th November 1940  D440

'SS Blue Galleon' (712t) cargo ship, London to Sunderland sunk by German aircraft off Aldeburgh.

Day 440. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.07, begins: 17.34

Friday, 15th/Saturday, 16th November 1940  N440

Newcastle.. Shortly after 21.00, the barrage balloons at Rye Hill and Elswick Park became entangled. Damage to chimney stacks of 149 Westmorland Road, 9 Warrington Road and 103 Park Road, also damage to coping stone of Rutherford College Girls' School. Tramway overhead wires on Elswick Road near Beechgrove Road were fouled but not damaged.

Minelaying off the Humber.

Night 440. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.34, ends: 08.09

Saturday, 16th November 1940  D441

Minelaying took place in the daylight hours off the Tyne, Flamborough Head and the mouth of the Humber.

Day 441. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.09, begins: 17.32
Public Alert: 17.53, All-Clear: 18.22

Sunday, 17th November 1940  D442

Co Durham.. A Junkers Ju 88A crashed into the sea off Whitburn near Sunderland at 08.45. It was shot down by the paddle driven minesweeper 'Southsea'. One of the enemy aircraft's crew is listed as missing and the other three were killed. See 16th February 1941.

Day 442. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.11, begins: 17.30

Monday, 18th/Tuesday, 19th November 1940  N443

Minelaying carried out off coasts from the Tyne to the Thames Estuary.

A No 32 Squadron Hurricane abandoned near Morpeth. Aircraft destroyed.

Night 443. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.29, ends: 08.15
Public Alert: 20.02, All-Clear: 22.25

Tuesday, 19th November 1940  D444

A No 610 Squadron Spitfire R6891 crashed Eglingham. Pilot baled out but killed, aircraft destroyed.

A No 610 Squadron Spitfire R6686 crashed landing at Acklington. Sgt Raine safe, aircraft damaged.

Day 444. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.15, begins: 17.27

Wednesday, 20th November 1940  D445

A Norwegian seaman, Thorlief Olsen, was killed on board the 'SS Ravenger' in the river Tees.

Day 445. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.17, begins: 17.26

Friday, 22nd November 1940  D447

The armed trawler 'Ethel Taylor' (276t) ex 'James Huniford' was serving as an Admiralty minesweeper when she struck a mine 1½ miles SE of the Tyne piers. An Admiralty drifter and the Cullercoats lifeboat rescued the crew. Two more minesweepers took her in tow, but she sank after a few hundred yards in 13 metres of water at 55°00'34"N - 01°22'08"W.

The Cullercoats lifeboat was also called out to assist the tug 'Hercules' which struck a mine whilst towing 'Hopper Barge No 116', ½ a mile SE of the Tyne piers. The lifeboat arrived to find no sign of the tug, only floating debris. One of the five crewmen was badly injured and was taken aboard the Hopper Barge, of the rest there was no trace. The tug's remains lie in 45 ft of water at 55°00'31"N - 01°23'02"W.

Day 447. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.21, begins: 17.23

Friday, 22nd/Saturday, 23rd November 1940  N447

Extensive minelaying off the East Coast from Norfolk to the Firth of Forth. HAA guns [Tyne battery] in action.

Night 447. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.23, ends: 08.23

Saturday, 23rd November 1940  D448

'SS Tymeric' (5,228t) cargo ship, Hull to Buenos Aries with a cargo of coal was sunk by U 123, 600 miles W of Hebrides.

Day 448. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.23, begins: 17.21

Saturday, 23rd/Sunday, 24th November 1940  N448

Minelaying off the Northumberland and Durham coastal areas, also at the mouth of the Humber. Tyne and Tees AA guns in action. Aircraft of IX Fliegerkorps laid mines off the coasts of Northumberland and Durham. Fighter Command flew patrols of night fighters from No 13 Group.

Night 448. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.21, ends: 08.25
Public Alert: 18.16, All-Clear: 19.59

Sunday, 24th November 1940  D449

A No 607 Squadron Hurricane force-landed at Morpeth after becoming lost. Sgt Sodus safe, aircraft damaged.

A No 54 Squadron Spitfire X4031 crashed at Thornaby due to fuel shortage. F/L Gribble safe, aircraft damaged.

The harbour defence patrol craft 'Gael', was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

'SS Ryal' (367t) cargo ship, London to Middlesbrough, sunk by a mine in the Thames Estuary. Nine of her crew were killed. 2 'SS Thomas M' (310t) cargo ship, Blyth to Norwich with a cargo of coal, sunk by a mine off Great Yarmouth.

The Treasury announced the cancellation of the Boxing Day holiday.

Day 449. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.25, begins: 17.20

Sunday, 24th/Monday, 25th November 1940  N449

Minelaying between the Tyne and Flamborough Head. AA guns in action.

Night 449. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.20, ends: 08.26

Monday, 25th November 1940  D450

'HM Motor Launch ML 111' mined off the Humber.

'Tees Hopper No 3' (700t) struck a mine on the way to the dumping grounds and sank just off Teesmouth in 15 metres of water.

Day 450. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.26, begins: 17.19

Tuesday, 26th November 1940  D451

A No 43 Squadron Hurricane P3527 belly-landed near Usworth. Sgt Siermer safe, aircraft damaged.

Day 451. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.28, begins: 17.18

Thursday, 28th November 1940  D453

Minesweeping trawler 'Manx Prince' was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

'SS St Elwyn' (4,940t) cargo ship, Hull to Santos, Brazil with a cargo of coal sunk by U 103, E of Bishop Rock.

Day 453. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.31, begins: 17.16

Thursday, 28th/Friday, 29th November 1940  N453

Minelaying off the Humber.

Night 453. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.16, ends: 08.33
Public Alert: 22.11, All-Clear: 22.22

Friday, 29th November 1940  D454

Minesweeping trawler 'Calverton' was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

Day 454. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.33, begins: 17.15

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