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Map showing area covered.

North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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5th April 1941 to
8th/9th April 1941

Saturday, 5th April 1941  D581

'SS Ena de Larrinaga' (5,200t) cargo ship, Hull to Buenos Aries with a cargo of coal, was sunk by U 105 near St Paul's Rocks.

Day 581. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.00, begins: 20.19

Sunday, 6th/Monday, 7th April 1941  N582

Minelaying suspected off the Northumberland coast.

Night 582. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.21, ends: 05.54

Monday, 7th April 1941  D583

In the fourth Budget of the war, Income Tax was raised to 10/- (50p) in the £1. from today, there are also cuts in personal allowances, the money raised by these cuts will be treated as compulsory savings to be repaid sometime after the war. 4,000,000 new taxpayers are said to have been created.

Day 583. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.54, begins: 20.23
Public Alert: 13.55, All-Clear: 14.36

Monday, 7th/Tuesday, 8th April 1941  N583

Countrywide, fifty-seven German bombers were operating. Bombs fell in Newcastle, Barmoor, Kirknewton, Wooler, Ford Bank, Ilderton Lodge, Lowick, Alwinton, Ford Common, Bebside, West Allotment, Horton Grange, Willington Square, Lilburn Towers Lodge, Dudley, Cramlington, Mickley, Rothbury, Callaly Castle, Hedgehope Hill, Lowick, Paston Hill, Lindhope Burn and Newhamhagg in Northumberland, South Shields, Sunderland, Graythorp, Whitburn, Cleadon, and Dalton Piercy in Co Durham and Middlesbrough and Hull in Yorkshire. AA defences in action. Mines were laid off the Northumberland coast.

23.15.. Newcastle.. Slight damage to 60 and 62 Tosson Terrace, Heaton from AA shell which struck outside wall of upper flat then exploded in the yard below.

01.58.. Newcastle.. One HE in roadway at junction Wellington Street / Stanhope Street, fractured water main and gas pipes.

Newcastle.. One HE fell fifteen yards from Barrack Road end of footpath from Barrack Road to Richardson Road across Castle Leazes.

Newcastle.. Three HEs fell in Leazes Park, one in nursery at side of Park Superintendent's House, one in terrace of the park, one near bandstand below terrace. Also UXB in nursery garden, not noticed and exploded 04.50.

02.15.. Newcastle.. An AA shell went through the roof of 60 Crown Street.

23.50.. Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. Nine small HEs were dropped in fields at Close's Farm, North Road, Preston, North Shields. All the craters were small and close together. Damage was done to windows of surrounding properties, but no casualties were reported. Later an enemy aircraft was heard overhead, and heavy anti-aircraft was experienced. Two parachutes were seen at sea SE of Cullercoats, gunfire and tracer bullets were also seen out at sea.

23.00.. Northumberland.. Barmoor.. An HE fell in Lonnen Field ½ a mile west of Barmoor, South Moor Farm.

23.30 approximately.. Northumberland.. Kirknewton.. Five HEs were dropped in a field known as Ewe Hill Field, Hethpool Farm, Kirknewton, five miles NW of Wooler, Northumberland. The craters were 18' diameter and 4' deep. One failed to explode it left a hole 4' diameter and 1½' deep, 300 yards from the highway leading from West Newton Farm. There were no casualties or damage.

Wooler.. Northumberland.. Four HEs were dropped sometime during the night of these two dates, they fell on Wooler Common Farm, Earle, Wooler, a ½ mile west of the farm buildings and all appeared to be UXBs. No casualties or damage.

23.25.. Northumberland.. Approximately 300 IBs fell in the vicinity of Ford Bank, seven miles NW of Wooler. One fell in the farmyard at Ford Common Dairy, all IBs were quickly extinguished, no other damage or fires were reported.

23.50.. Northumberland.. An HE was dropped on the west side of the highway, ½ a mile S of Ilderton Station. on the main Coldstream - Morpeth road, 30 yards S of Ilderton Lodge, four miles S of Wooler. The crater was 20' in diameter by 4' deep. There were no casualties or damage. At the same time four HEs fell in a field and a small wood at Middleton Hall Farm, Earle, Wooler, leaving craters 30' diameter and 5' deep. There were no casualties or damage.

04.30.. Northumberland.. Four HEs were dropped at Moss Hall Farm, Lowick, seven miles N of Wooler, two fell in grass fields, one in a ploughed field which left craters 25' diameter and 15' deep. One which fell in Moss Wood failed to explode. There were no casualties or damage. At the same time, an HE fell in Lowick Village, 60 yards south of Lowick Hall, it left a crater the same size as the above. A ceiling in Lowick Hall was damaged, there were no casualties.

23.00.. Northumberland.. Five HEs (one UX) Ewe Hill Field, Hethpool, Kirknewton [NT903288]. Four explosions, one suspected UXB.

23.20.. Northumberland.. Two PMs in a field off Rothbury-Forestburn Gate road [NZ066980]. No damage.

23.20.. Northumberland.. Four HEs in a field 300 yards NW of Alwinton [NT925069]. No damage.

23.25.. Northumberland.. 300 IBs Ford Moss - Ford Common [NT9637]-[NT9638].

23.30.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Middleton Hall, Wooler [NT995258].

23.30.. Northumberland.. Two HEs W of Front Street, Bebside. 60' craters at [NZ2781]. Much damage in Beecher Street.

23.35.. Northumberland.. Scaffold Hill Hospital and West Allotment [NZ3069], two explosions heard, some windows out, cause unknown.

23.40.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Bebside-Bebside Hall [NZ277810] [NZ277814]. Cables and wires down.

23.45.. Northumberland.. Two UXPMs E of Horton Grange, [NZ205760]. Parachute mine disposal unit says one is of a new type and they are very interested in it.

23.45.. Northumberland.. Two PMs near Willington Square, 300 yards N of Old Edward Pit. Police refused access to site by military guard because it is a top military secret. Confirmed by officer in charge at Benton - Air Ministry pass required. Police say there are strange contraptions in the field [NZ3168].

23.50.. Northumberland.. One HE Lilburn Towers Lodge, Morpeth-Wooler-Coldstream road [NU0224].

00.05.. Northumberland.. Two HEs, 200 yards N of Dudley signal box [NZ2574]. LNER temporarily out of action.

00.30.. Northumberland.. 100 IBs West Colliery, Cramlington [NZ2776]. One fell on a house, the rest in fields.

00.30.. Northumberland.. Two UXBs Dudley Colliery at [NZ255743] [NZ254737].

00.30.. Northumberland.. One HE at Arcot Hall, Cramlington [NZ248751]. No damage.

00.30.. Northumberland.. One UXB, 75 yards W of Beacon Lane, 35 yards S of roadway to Whitehall Farm, Cramlington [NZ249762].

00.55.. Northumberland.. One UXB Merry Shield, Mickley [NZ066620].

01.15.. Northumberland.. Two PMs at Bowring's Farm, N of Willington Square [NZ3168]. Two house windows broken at Willington Square.

01.20.. Northumberland.. Seven HEs, twenty-five IBs fell in a field 500 yards N of County Hotel, Braeside, Rothbury [NU047024]. No damage.

04.00.. Northumberland.. One HE Dancing Hall-Callaly Castle [NU053096].

04.10.. Northumberland.. Three HEs Het Burn near Hedgehope Hill [NT950192].

04.30.. Northumberland.. Four HEs South Moor Farm, Lowick [NU001388]. Three explosions, 1 UXB.

Northumberland.. One HE in a field S of Newhamhagg [NU165271].

Northumberland.. Four HEs Paston Hill [NT858326]. Three exploded, one UXB suspected but none found.

Northumberland.. Three HEs, three UXBs Lindhope Burn [NT9113].

Northumberland.. Five HEs (four suspected UXBs) Wooler Common [NT9727], believed dropped on 7/8 April.

'HMS Manchester', waiting in Jarrow Slake to convoy the new aircraft carrier 'Illustrious', may have been the objective of the two disastrous raids in this week; but it proved quite ineffective so far as naval vessels were concerned, no hit being scored on either. Considerable damage, however, resulted along the riverside from Tyne Docks to the oil tanks, as well as other parts of the town. (South Shields).

Immediately after the 'Alert', enemy aircraft became very active and there was an intense barrage from ground defences. At 23.45, 4 HE bombs of medium calibre dropped on Henry Wilson's Timber Yard, Tyne Dock, Clayton and Armstrong's Timber Yard, Tyne Dock, the Anglo Iron Foundry, Tyne Dock and a dwelling house and shop in Porchester Street.

Four unexploded bombs were found; 1 in a field near the Pumping Station, Marsden Road; 1 in Harton Cemetery; 1 in Harton House Road and 1 in Readhead Park. All were dealt with by Bomb Disposal Squads in due course. Casualties were 1 killed, 6 seriously injured and 11 slightly injured.

Sunderland.. Incident in Cleveland Road - General Graham Street area. No casualties.

23.22.. Co Durham.. Two PMs dropped at Graythorp. Fifty houses in the village were damaged, thirty-four of them being untenable. Seven females and one male sustained slight injuries. Approximately 120 persons were rendered homeless and were temporarily accommodated at emergency feeding and sleeping centres.

23.50.. Co Durham.. Two PMs dropped at Whitburn Colliery causing one serious and eight minor casualties. An unexploded mine located just below high water mark half a mile S of Lizard Point.

00.15.. Co Durham.. One HE dropped at Welland Farm, Whitburn and exploded at 02.30. No casualties reported.

00.30.. Co Durham.. Six HEs fell at Cleadon and one at Boldon Flatts. Two houses demolished in Whitburn Road, two people were killed and two injured, one seriously. The two fatalities occurred in Whitburn Road.

01.05.. Co Durham.. Two HEs fell in a field at Dalton Piercy. Two windows of a dwelling house were broken. No casualties were reported.

00.38.. Hull.. One medium HE and one large HE fell in the Spring Bank West, Kirklands Road area. The large bomb did not explode until 8/4/41 at 16.00.

Night 583. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.23, ends: 05.52
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 21.05, All-Clear: 03.14
Industrial Alarm: 21.12, Release: 01.35
Industrial Alarm: 02.00, Release: 02.15
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 03.43, All-Clear: 04.50
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 21.02, All Clear: 04.07

Tuesday, 8th April 1941  D584

'SS Eskdene' (3,829t) cargo ship, Hull to Buenos Aries with a cargo of coal, sunk by U 107, S of the Azores.

HRH The Princess Royal visits Hull.

Day 584. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.52, begins: 20.25

Tuesday, 8th/Wednesday, 9th April 1941  N584

Bombs are reported to have been dropped near Leeds.

Night 584. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.25, ends: 05.49

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