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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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2nd November 1941 to
26th December 1941

Sunday, 2nd November 1941  D792

'SS Brynmill' (743t) cargo ship, Blyth to London, was sunk by German aircraft off East Dudgeon Buoy.

Day 792. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.40, begins: 17.58

Sunday, 2nd/Monday, 3rd November 1941  N792

Northumberland.. Mine explosion in Blyth Harbour.

Night 792. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.58, ends: 07.42

Monday, 3rd November 1941  D793

'SS Marie Dawn' (2,157t) on a voyage from Middlesbrough to London, was bombed by German aircraft yesterday and sank in the Humber today.

Day 793. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.42, begins: 17.56

Monday, 3rd/Tuesday, 4th November 1941  N793

04.36.. Co Durham.. Sedgefield.. Two HEs fell in a field at Morden Moor Farm. No casualties.

Co Durham.. Single HE about 150 yards NE of Sedgefield village centre, less than 300 yards from the military camp. Nearby houses were not seriously damaged because blast absorbed by a farm haystack.

Yorkshire.. Bombs were dropped in the Middlesbrough area, some damage to houses and shops at South Bank.

Yorkshire.. UXB in the blacksmith's shop of the Redcar Iron Works necessitated some delay in production.

Night 793. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.56, ends: 07.44
Public Alert: 04.25, All-Clear: 05.01
Industrial Alarm: 03.56, Release: 04.01
Industrial Alarm: 04.21, Release: 04.35

Friday, 7th/Saturday, 8th November 1941  N797

A moderate force of long-range bombers with a small number of reconnaissance and dive-bomber aircraft, operated on Fri/Sat night. More attention was paid to land targets than of late, the Tyne-Tees area receiving the main weight of attack. Many incidents were reported from coastal districts of Northumberland and Durham, but there was some concentration on Sunderland.

In Sunderland there was slight damage to the railway and a quay in the dock area, and a temporary suspension of local traffic on the LNER line owing to a UXB. The water-softening plant and stores at a Power Station sustained some damage, but output remained unaffected. Seven people were killed in this attack, private property suffered considerably, and two rest centres were opened for the 100 homeless. Houses were demolished at Horden, where five people lost their lives, and at Newbiggin by the Sea, where five people were killed. In the same area, railway services were dislocated between Grangetown and Redcar owing to a UXB.

18.35.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Newbiggin, [NZ312878]. One behind Springfield Terrace, Newbiggin and the other in Front Street. Four dead, a private in the Cheshire Regiment and two civilians, a man and a woman, were pedestrians passing the scene of the explosion in Springfield Terrace. Seven seriously injured and two slightly injured, two of the injured died later. 34 Front Street, demolished - houses on either side damaged. Several houses in the vicinity of Springfield Terrace damaged. Emergency Feeding and Rest Centre opened at East Council School in Newbiggin. All windows out at Newbiggin police station.

21.35.. Northumberland.. Reports of parachutists at Kenton Bank Foot [NZ208688] Police from Newcastle and from Gosforth searched, assisted by a platoon from the Northumberland Division.

Northumberland.. Forest Hall.. UXAA shell reported at Forest Hall [NZ282697].

22.45.. Northumberland.. Bedlington, Cambois, North Blyth.. Three HEs on Tidal Waste, about 600 yards east of Mount Pleasant, Bedlington [NZ300825]. Damage at Cambois and North Blyth.

21.45.. Sunderland.. Lily Street - Ward Terrace - Whitehouse Road - Salem Terrace - Bright Street - The Rope-Walk at British Ropes. Casualties:- Seven killed, fifteen seriously injured, thirty-nine slightly injured. Two HEs fell on sea lock entrances to South Dock. One at the SW corner and the other on the NE corner. The hydraulic system which operates the bridge at the entrance to the lock was damaged.

22.24.. Sunderland.. Four HEs were dropped. One at Hylton Road Generating Station caused damage to a water softening plant, stores and other buildings; one on a cottage at Lily Street demolished four cottages and seriously damaged others; one on No 11 Staithe of the Lambton Drops damaged the permanent way; and one in allotment gardens (Rock Top) which damaged cabins.

Sunderland.. Four HEs fell on the other side of the river at about the same time. One partly demolished the Blue Bell Hotel, Roker Avenue; one in Portobello Lane damaged the British Ropes works; one in Fulwell Road demolished four cottages, one on the brickworks of Messrs Tyzack, Fulwell Road damaged plant, finished products and offices.

22.38.. Sunderland.. Four HEs fell near the LNER, South Dock Branch Railway. One exploded and demolished four houses but caused no crater. Three were UX, one at the foot of the railway embankment and others 40' and 50' away. At about the same time other bombs were heard in the region of South Dock. One fell on the permanent way leading from sidings to South Dock overturning a locomotive.

21.50.. Co Durham.. Horden.. Four HEs dropped on residential property. Two houses demolished. A male, two females, two boys killed and four people injured.

21.55.. Co Durham.. Seaton Carew.. Five HEs dropped in fields. Damage to windows in a dwelling house. No casualties.

22.00.. Co Durham.. Cleadon.. Single HE dropped. No casualties or damage.

22.00.. Co Durham.. Hawthorn.. Four HEs in fields. No casualties or damage.

22.27.. Co Durham.. Seaton Carew.. Four HEs fell in the sea. No damage.

22.45.. Co Durham.. Hebburn.. A cylindrical object fell through the roof of a house causing damage to slates and ceiling. It is 3'6" long, 2½" in diameter and coloured aluminium.

23.00.. Co Durham.. New Seaton.. Four HEs fell at Slingley Hill. No damage.

23.00.. Co Durham.. Port Clarence.. Four HEs dropped on Dorman Long's Slag Tips. No damage.

22.58.. Hull.. Four medium sized HEs dropped in the Airlie Street, St Matthew Street, Coltman Street and Bean Street areas. There was strong ground shock and some residential damage was reported. There were no casualties.

For the first time since the war began, mixed teams of men and women manned anti-aircraft batteries this night.

Night 797. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.48, ends: 07.52
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 21.23, All Clear: 00.09
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 18.47, All-Clear: 19.20
Public Alert (Newcastle Warning Dist): 21.29, All-Clear: 23.26
Industrial Alarm: 21.33, Release: 23.12

Saturday, 8th/Sunday, 9th November 1941  N798

19.20.. Northumberland.. Alnmouth.. Two HEs Alnmouth Village [NU2410]. One bomb on a house in Argyle Street, the other in the roadway (a cul-de-sac). People trapped - still digging for four adults and three children believed buried. Later - five missing presumed dead, two died in hospital and twenty were injured. The bodies of a woman identified, also that of a man believed to be a Major Hawkes. Another woman's body recovered later. Three houses demolished, eleven uninhabitable and many others damaged badly. Telephone communication on the south side of the village cut off. Blame attached to two buses at terminus in Argyle Street - their headlights reflecting in the water. Bus company say only one bus was there and suggest that blame lies with occupants of Military billets who are careless with lighting when opening doors. Police note that such rumours are common after a raid. The final death toll was six women and one man.

Night 798. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.46, ends: 07.55
Industrial Alarm: 18.18, Release: 18.37

Sunday, 9th November 1941  D799

The auxiliary patrol vessel 'Lettie' was sunk off St Abbs Head, cause unknown.

Day 799. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.55, begins: 17.44

Sunday, 9th/Monday, 10th November 1941  N799

Co Durham.. Little damage was done in a bombing incident at West Hartlepool.

HE fell in the water at the docks of a North-east town, causing some slight damage to property.

Night 799. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.44, ends: 07.57
Industrial Alarm: 23.35, Release: 23.50

Monday, 10th November 1941  D800

Daylight attacks on Saltburn on Sea, Durham and Bampton (Bempton), where the Bridlington to Scarborough train was hit. Just before dark, the Flying Scotsman was machine-gunned by enemy aircraft at Berwick.

A Junkers Ju 88 was hit by AA fire from 'HMS Quantock' and it crashed into the cliffs at Ravenscar near Whitby at 17.40. Two of the crew were killed and two were listed as missing. The two dead were buried at Thornaby on Tees, together with a third airman, presumably one of the remaining crew members whose body was washed ashore at Ravenscar on November 18th.

17.40.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Marshall Meadows Farm, Berwick, [NY988572]. Slight damage to a house. Edinburgh reports that the fireman of the train passing Marshall Meadows at the time received a slight machine-gun bullet wound in the arm. He is carrying on with the job. Plane dropped two HEs then machine-gunned the train. Numerous bullets struck the train and several glass panels were smashed in the carriages. None of the passengers injured but the fireman of the second engine was grazed on the left arm by a machine-gun bullet.

The reference to a fireman on the second engine probably implies that the train was a 'double header' - that means that it had another engine attached to assist in pulling up steep gradients, a common practice in wartime because of the shortage of powerful engines and/or the poor quality of the coal available.

Day 800. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.57, begins: 17.42

Wednesday, 12th November 1941  D802

09.20.. Co Durham.. Seaham Harbour.. Three HEs dropped on residential property. All failed to explode. Three people were injured, one, a woman sustained a fractured arm. 250 - 300 people evacuated. Two rest centres opened.

Day 802. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.01, begins: 17.39
Public Alert: 09.14, All-Clear: 10.08
Industrial Alarm: 09.21, Release: 09.27

Wednesday, 12th/Thursday, 13th November 1941  N802

Bombs fell in Durham.

Night 802. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.39, ends: 08.03

Friday, 14th November 1941  D804

Day 804. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.05, begins: 17.36
Public Alert: 12.30, All-Clear: 12.42

Saturday, 15th November 1941  D805

Yorkshire.. Single aircraft penetrated inland on Saturday, and dropped bombs on Redcar and Scarborough. At the first place slight damage was done to a Works. Gas mains supplying Redcar town were also damaged, and ten people lost their lives here. The only damage reported from Scarborough was to house property. There were no fatal casualties.

Yorkshire.. Redcar.. Warrenby (iron)works hit, ten workmen killed and seventy seriously injured. A furnace just four days old was put out of action for a considerable time.

Day 805. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.06, begins: 17.34

Sunday, 16th November 1941  D806

'SS Corhampton' (2,495t) bound for London from Blyth was damaged by German aircraft yesterday and sank in tow, NE of Spurn Point today.

Day 806. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.08, begins: 17.32

Monday, 17th November 1941  D807

'SS Modemi' (1,481t) a Norwegian ship was torpedoed and sunk by a U Boat in the North Sea, off the Northumberland coast.

'SS Bovey Tracey' (1,212t) cargo ship, Portsmouth to Sunderland, was sunk by German aircraft off Aldeburgh.

The fat ration increased from 8oz to 10oz and the sugar ration from 8oz to 12oz.

Day 807. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.10, begins: 17.31

Tuesday, 18th/Wednesday, 19th November 1941  N808

Enemy action against shipping between the Humber and the Tyne.

Night 808. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.29, ends: 08.15
Public Alert: 18.05, All-Clear: 18.23

Wednesday, 19th November 1941  D809

'SS Waldinge' (2,462t) cargo ship, Tyne to London, torpedoed by E Boats off Aldeburgh. She sank the following day.

'SS Aruba' (1,159t) cargo ship, Blyth to Cowes, also torpedoed by E Boats off Aldeburgh.

Day 809. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.15, begins: 17.28

Friday, 21st November 1941  D811

09.50.. Northumberland.. Berwick.. Two HEs and two UXBs on Goswick railway station [NU056461], it was completely demolished, all equipment destroyed and telephone lines down. The line is not damaged but trains stopped through UXBs. A local train was in the station - carriage windows broken and some passengers suffered slight cuts and shock. Six slightly hurt (two men and four women) - four at Goswick and two on the train, all taken to Berwick Infirmary. Train and station were machine-gunned. Two houses demolished and four uninhabitable. Air raid warning came five minutes later. Bombs appeared to bounce before exploding - two members of the Leeds Flying Squad (Experimental and Research Department), are coming to Goswick to investigate.

Day 811. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.19, begins: 17.25

Wednesday, 26th November 1941  D816

11.35.. Northumberland.. Two HEs LNER Whinny Hill Bridge [NU217204]. Slight damage to railway. Bombs bounced and exploded 400 yards from where they dropped. Ministry of Home Security staff, Princes Riseborough, visiting district in connection with the incident.

Day 816. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.28, begins: 17.18

Saturday, 29th November 1941  D819

'SS Asperity' (699t) tanker, London to the Humber, sunk by E Boats, NE of Cromer.

'SS Cormarsh' (2,848t) cargo ship, London to Blyth, also sunk by E Boats, NE of Cromer.

Day 819. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.33, begins: 17.15

Saturday, 29th/Sunday, 30th November 1941  N819

Yorkshire.. Towards dusk on Saturday, an enemy aircraft flew overland near Scarborough, but no bombs were dropped.

Night 819. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.15, ends: 08.34

Sunday, 30th November 1941  D820

'SS Ashby' (4,868t) cargo ship, Middlesbrough to Pepel, was sunk by U 43 off the Azores.

'SS Empire Newcomen' (2,840t) cargo ship, London to Sunderland, sunk by an E Boat off Cromer.

Day 820. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.34, begins: 17.15

Monday, 1st December 1941  D821

'SS Tetrarch' (225t) sank off Amble near the 20t Buoy at 55°22'00"N - 01°21'30"W. after being in a collision in the fog.

Points scheme introduced to complement rations.

Day 821. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.36, begins: 17.14

Tuesday, 2nd December 1941  D822

New National Service Bill introduced, it includes compulsory service for women. Unmarried women 20 to 30 are to be called up to serve in police, fire service and armed forces. All women up to 40 have to register as available labour. Call-up age for men is down to 18 and also men 41 to 50 now liable for service (nobody over 45 was actually called up). Boys and girls aged 16 must register their names and boys aged 16 are to be encouraged to join the Home Guard as cadets. Lay Preachers and farm workers are among the reserved occupations.

Day 822. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.38, begins: 17.13

Sunday, 7th December 1941  D827

'SS Welsh Prince' (5,148t) taking the long way round, on a voyage from London to New York, was sunk by a mine, near Spurn Point.

Day 827. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.45, begins: 17.09

Monday, 8th December 1941  D828

'SS Fireglow' (1,261t) cargo ship, London to the Tyne, sunk by a mine in the Thames Estuary.

Day 828. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.47, begins: 17.09
Public Alert: 17.38, All-Clear: 18.24

Monday, 8th/Tuesday, 9th December 1941  N828

Bombs were dropped at isolated points in Yorkshire and many places in the counties of Northumberland and Durham. At Newcastle HEs fell in the Battlefield area killing five people, in addition to private property, a Civil Defence Mortuary was damaged by blast, and there were thirty-two casualties, five of which were fatal IBs fell in Heaton slightly damaging the Meldon Social Club and a few houses - In the Urban District of Whitley Bay and Monkseaton property was damaged and the casualties included ten civilian and twelve service deaths besides several people injured - South Shields sustained damage to the river jetty and to the offices of the Town Improvement Commissioner in the dock area - At Pelaw fifty yards of colliery railway track was put out of action for a short time - At Boldon two people were killed and eighteen injured.

23.40.. Newcastle.. Single HE in back yard of 49/51 Tarset Street. Five killed and seven injured. It demolished fifteen houses and damaged 106. St Dominic's Rest Centre was opened. Stepney Bank mortuary was put out of action.

23.40.. Newcastle.. Single HE in Back Wansbeck and Blyth Streets in back street. Four injured. Water main damaged. Fifty-nine properties damaged.

23.40.. Newcastle.. HE in Currie's Yard, Stepney Bank. Direct hit on one-storey garage. No casualties. Three motor vehicles burnt out. A UXB is also suspected in Currie's Yard.

23.45.. Newcastle.. Heaton.. Large number of IBs on Nos 63, 102, 118 in Meldon Terrace and Meldon Social Club hit and slightly damaged. Fire unit called to 102, the rest were tackled with stirrup pumps. No casualties.

23.45.. Newcastle.. Heaton.. Large number of IBs on 54, 56 and 78 Simonside Terrace, the properties were slightly damaged. Four fire units. No casualties.

23.45.. Newcastle.. Heaton.. A number of IBs at the junction of Heaton Road and Tintern Cres, 49 Tintern Cres. hit, fire extinguished by stirrup pump.

23.45.. Newcastle.. Heaton.. IBs in King John Street. Nos 52, 65, 67 and 74 hit. Nos 52 and 74 slightly damaged. Nos 65 and 67 seriously damaged. Fire unit to No 67. No casualties. About thirty UXIB and two damaged containers brought to police station.

Northumberland.. Seaton Sluice.. Bombing in field near Blyth Centre.

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough.. A single HE fell at Flatworth Pit. Two HEs fell in Prior's Park, Tynemouth.

22.12 - 00.39.. South Shields.. Nine HE bombs were dropped in this raid. One at the corner of Beach Road and Bents Park Road made a large crater which, owing to a fractured water main, filled with water and blocked the road. The Brough Holiday Home received superficial damage.

Houses at the north end of Nelson Avenue were damaged by a bomb which fell on open ground in front of them. Two houses at the junction of Nelson Avenue and Esrkine Road East were totally wrecked by another: the occupants of a Morrison table shelter were rescued uninjured. Another bomb fell in the Bents allotments nearby, doing much damage to gardens and huts. The remainder of the bombs fell on open ground between Trow Rocks and Marsden Bay. There were no fatal casualties but two people were injured.

South Shields.. Sustained damage to the river jetty and to the offices of the Town Improvement Commissioner in the dock area.

Co Durham.. At Pelaw, fifty yards of colliery railway track was put out of action for a short time.

23.05.. Sunderland.. Two HEs, one of which was suspected to be UX, caused no damage when they fell in a field near the Eye Infirmary, Queen Alexandra Road and Sea View Road. Four HEs fell in the sea off Seaburn foreshore damaging windows of Seaburn Hotel and shops in Queens Parade. No casualties.

23.30.. Sunderland.. Two explosions were heard E of South Docks caused by bombs in the sea. No casualties.

23.58.. Sunderland.. An AA shell exploded and damaged walls and windows of eight houses in Westfield Grove. No casualties.

22.10.. Co Durham.. Approximately forty IBs dropped E of Beamish, causing small hedge fire, quickly extinguished.

22.45.. Co Durham.. Hebburn.. Two HEs near Burn Head Farm - no damage.

22.50.. Co Durham.. Fatfield.. Twelve IBs fell E of Harraton Hall - no damage.

23.05.. Co Durham.. Boldon Colliery.. Two killed, eighteen injured. Three HEs fell on residential property, causing extensive damage.

23.10.. Co Durham.. Blackhall Rocks.. Six HEs fell. Slight damage to farm.

23.15.. Co Durham.. Easington Colliery.. Four HEs fell. Damage to NESCo's HT wires and little damage to two houses.

23.15.. Co Durham.. Windy Nook.. Single HE. Open ground. No damage.

23.15.. Co Durham.. Felling.. Two HEs. Open ground. No damage.

23.15.. Co Durham.. Norton.. Three HEs and large number of IBs, 900 tarpaulin sheets set on fire. No casualties.

23.25.. Co Durham.. Shotton Colliery.. Four HEs fell causing damage to 120 houses. No casualties.

23.30.. Co Durham.. Haverton Hill.. Four HEs fell causing slight damage to LNER rolling stock. No casualties.

23.45.. Co Durham.. Lamesley.. Single HE fell in a field. Windows broken in cottages - no casualties.

Night 828. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.09, ends: 08.48
Public Alert: 22.11, All-Clear: 00.39
Industrial Alarm: 22.16, Release: 00.05

Tuesday, 9th December 1941  D829

A Junkers Ju 88D presumed to have been shot down by Hurricanes of 43 Squadron, crashed into the sea, 10 miles off Seaham, Co Durham at 10.50. The crew were all listed as missing.

The call-up age for men reduced to 18 and conscription for single women between the ages of 20 and 30 for military service or other work was announced.

Day 829. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.48, begins: 17.08
Public Alert: 11.08, All-Clear: 11.28
Industrial Alarm: 11.11, Release: 11.24

Friday, 12th December 1941  D832

'SS Dromore Castle' (5,242t) outward bound from London was sunk by a mine, SE of the Humber.

Day 832. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.51, begins: 17.08

Saturday, 13th December 1941  D833

A small force of aircraft were engaged in the usual reconnaissance over the North Sea, a small number of long-range bombers were also in operation. Minor incident occurred at Woolsington (near Newcastle).

Day 833. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.52, begins: 17.08
Public Alert: 15.41, All-Clear: 16.07
Industrial Alarm: 15.45, Release: 15.55

Sunday, 14th December 1941  D834

The Motor Anti-Submarine Boat 'MASB 30' fouled the boom in the Humber and sank.

Day 834. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.53, begins: 17.08

Wednesday, 17th/Thursday, 18th December 1941  N837

A moderate force of aircraft were in operation. Mainly engaged in minelaying and shipping reconnaissance off the North-East Coast, a few of them flew inland. A number of incidents occurred between 18.20 and 19.50. The places affected being Elwick, Helmsley, Cowpen Bewley, and Bainton.

18.54.. Northumberland.. Three white flares near Whitley Bay.

19.03.. Northumberland.. Three flares fell at Seaton Sluice.

19.16.. Northumberland.. Five flares fell N of Tyne - five flares SE of Tyne - four flares SE of Tranwell - three flares ESE of Tranwell.

19.50.. Northumberland.. Report of UXB at Newton Underwood - something was heard to fall but not heard to land. An airman's right boot was found at Longshaws [NZ122885], on Christmas Day. This is thought to be the cause of the UXB report at Newton Underwood. The boot probably fell from a plane based at Ouston or Acklington.

Co Durham.. Bombs near Cowpen Bewley.

Co Durham.. Elwick.. A farmhouse and two cottages were badly damaged and four people were slightly injured, other incidents, insignificant.

Night 837. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.08, ends: 08.57
Public Alert: 18.03, All-Clear: 20.11
Industrial Alarm: 18.11, Release: 19.27

Thursday, 18th December 1941  D838

A Lockheed Hudson of 6 OTU crashed on to the farmhouse of Quarry Farm at Ingleby Barwick near Thornaby while on a training mission. Plane and house were a flaming inferno. Of the occupants, a farmer, his wife and two of his children were killed, two other children, boys aged nine and eleven escaped. The twenty-three year old South African pilot and two other crew members were killed. The pilot's fiancee offered to adopt the surviving children.

Day 838. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.57, begins: 17.08

Saturday, 20th December 1941  D840

A few aircraft were occupied in further reconnaissance over the North Sea. A small proportion flew inland over parts of Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire.

Between 17.20 and 17.55 bombs were dropped at Sunderland, Woodhorn Colliery, Ashington and Egton Bridge (North Riding). At Sunderland slight damage was done to houses, railway lines were blocked, and a boy was injured. More serious damage was caused to Woodhorn Colliery where, however, there were no casualties.

17.40 - 17.45.. Northumberland.. Two HEs on Woodhorn Colliery [NZ293884]. One was a direct hit on the fan engine room which was completely demolished. The other bomb was 20 yards to the south. Boiler house and screens badly damaged. The sixty-three year old colliery engineman, had slight head injuries, he was treated at the colliery First Aid Post then Ashington Hospital.

Day 840. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.58, begins: 17.08
Public Alert: 17.26, All-Clear: 18.10
Industrial Alarm: 17.27, Release: 17.50

Saturday, 20th/Sunday, 21st December 1941  N840

Two bombs dropped at Sunderland causing some damage. Further very minor incidents at Grosmont (North Riding).

Sunderland.. HEs at Robinson Terrace - Hendon Gas Works - Short Street. Casualties:- One slightly injured.

Night 840. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.08, ends: 08.59

Sunday, 21st December 1941  D841

'SS Benmacdhui' (5,364t) bound for the Far East, struck a mine and sank E of Spurn Head.

Day 841. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.59, begins: 17.09

Wednesday, 24th December 1941  D844

'SS Stanmount' (4,468t) tanker, London to the Humber, sunk by a mine off Great Yarmouth.

Day 844. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.00, begins: 17.11

Thursday, 25th December 1941  D845

'SS Cormead' (2,848t) cargo ship, London to north-east coast ports, damaged by a mine off Lowestoft. She sank the following day.

Day 845. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.12
Public Alert: 17.40, All-Clear: 18.10

Friday, 26th December 1941  D846

The Free French minesweeping trawler 'Henriette' was sunk by a mine off the Humber.

Day 846. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.12

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