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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
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27th December 1941 to
14th March 1942

Saturday, 27th December 1941  D847

'SS J.B. Paddon' (570t) on a voyage from Lowestoft to Seaham was sunk by German aircraft, E of Hornsea.

Day 847. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.13

Saturday, 27th/Sunday, 28th December 1941  N847

Scarborough.. Bombs were dropped which caused two slight casualties and affected some 150 houses, mostly only superficially.

Night 847. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.13, ends: 09.01

Monday, 29th/Tuesday, 30th December 1941  N849

Despite widespread fog, fifty-five enemy aircraft mounted an attack on Tyneside. In Newcastle, ten HEs were dropped, most of them at Gosforth in the Matthew Bank area, houses were destroyed and many more damaged in Matthew Bank and Keyes Gardens. An eye witness account given in 1991 states that seven people were killed, a number seriously injured, and that in one house which had taken a direct hit, a youngster was found hanging upside down by his foot which had to be amputated to free him. This lad, Newton Shipley, made a full recovery and was later awarded the Scouts VC (Cornwall Badge) for his bravery on that night.

HEs also fell in Denton, Byker, Jesmond, Dudley and Newburn.

A larger force of aircraft than any for several weeks was engaged on this night. About half flew overland, and the remainder were engaged in anti-shipping activities, including minelaying, along the coast from the Wash to the Tyne. A raid of a rather scattered nature was made in the neighbourhood of Newcastle. Most of the damage concerned private property, involving the destruction of some 28 houses and damage to about 100. Industrial firms engaged on war work were not affected at all. An appreciable proportion of the bombs fell within a quadrangle bounded by Sunderland, Newbiggin, Dalton and Seaton Delaval, but others were scattered in Durham and Yorkshire.

21.07.. Newcastle.. West Denton.. Three HEs West Denton [NZ198659]). Bombs fell in a corner of a field. Main West Road blocked at road leading from West Road to Claremont Avenue. A woman slightly injured. Twelve properties damaged, telephones out, electricity cables damaged. Telephone exchanges at Wylam and Heddon out of action. Dunston - Blakelaw 20,000 volt feeder out and Caroline Pit - West Wylam 20,000 volt underground feeder out at Lemington Crossing, West Road. Supply off to Prudhoe ICI Works for twenty-one minutes; supply off to BBC Stagshaw and Barrasford Pumping House for twenty-eight minutes.

Newcastle.. Benton.. UP shell exploded on roadway at Station Approach, Benton [NZ277688]. Two killed, three seriously injured and one slightly injured. The Clerk to Longbenton UDC died in the Sanderson Home, Gosforth, the other fatal casualty died in the RVI.

Additional Summary of Newcastle Police Report..

Newcastle.. Heaton.. One 250kg HE fell on the carriageway in front of 5 Holderness Road damaging two-storey semi-detached houses on both sides of the road and affecting both gas and water mains. Five houses were seriously damaged (Nos 3, 5, 7 , 9 and 10) and seven slightly damaged. There were no casualties.

Newcastle.. Heaton.. A 250kg HE fell in the grounds of St Gabriel's Church, Holderness Road. This was on soft ground and produced a crater 30' in diameter and 10' deep. The Manse, a three storey building, was damaged as was an outhouse and garage, there were no casualties. This bomb was 75' from the bomb on the carriageway and may have caused some of the damage in Holderness Road.

Newcastle.. Byker.. A 50kg HE fell on the pavement of Dalton Street after hitting the railway embankment wall. A crater was produced measuring 6' in diameter and 4' deep, gas mains were damaged but there was no damage to the railway. Ten houses (two storey flats) were severely damaged and will have to be demolished, eight were seriously damaged and eight slightly damaged. Two men died at this incident.

Newcastle.. Byker.. Direct hits by two HE on Nos 78-82 Dibley Street demolished eight flats and damaged another six so severely that they will have to be demolished. Another four flats were seriously damaged and 100 slightly damaged. A small fire broke out in one of the demolished houses (No 31) at 03.26 but this was soon extinguished by the NFS.

Newcastle.. An HE fell on soft ground on the railway embankment near St Michael's road bridge and displaced one railway track. A signal box also suffered slight damage. Another HE fell on the embankment about 30 yards south of the railway bridge forming a crater about 20 yards in diameter. There were no casualties and single line working is still possible on the railway.

Newcastle.. Four HE fell in Keyes Gardens (off Jesmond Dene Road) and caused severe damage over a wide area:- Keyes Gardens - Nos 20-54 [18 houses] demolished; Nos 10-18 and 1-13 [12 houses] damaged. Matthew Bank - Nos 35-45 [6 houses] demolished; Nos 1-3 and 47-51 [5 houses] damaged. Willow Bank Gardens - Nos 1,2 and 3 [3 houses] damaged. Sturdee Gardens - Nos 10-60 and 11-61 [52 houses] seriously damaged. Beatty Avenue - Nos 79-95 [9 houses] seriously damaged. Craghall Dene Avenue - No 1 slightly damaged. Cromer Gardens - [2 houses] slightly damaged.

There were seven deaths, ten serious injuries and ten minor injuries in this area. Gas and water mains were damaged in both Keyes Gardens and Sturdee Gardens and the roadway of Keyes Gardens was blocked. A small fire broke out at about 01.50 in the roof of a damaged garage at 31 Keyes Gardens and was dealt with by the NFS. UXBs were reported at Manor House Road and Dene Close, but these reports were not verified.

Newcastle.. There were suspected UXBs in allotments at the rear of 5 Beatrice Gardens and in a coal dump at the Close Power Station on Forth Banks. Both were discredited by a Bomb Disposal Squads, the first at 15.00 on December 30th and the second on January 6th. An "object", which resembled a UXB, was found in the garden of 59 Sturdee Gardens and people were evacuated from the area. This object was removed by a Bomb Disposal Squad who described it as a "Zip Bomb".

Rest Centres were opened at Victoria Jubilee Schools and at the Convent de la Sagesse, and an attendant stood by at West Jesmond Council School in case more accommodation should be required. An HE at Lemington Road Ends in Northumberland County necessitated a traffic diversion at the foot of Denton Bank whereby westbound traffic was diverted via Denton Road, Silver Lonnen and Westerhope.

Newcastle.. In a letter to the Evening Chronicle on June 13th 1991 a reader stated " A set of traffic lights at red, saved me and my parents from being victims of the Matthew Bank bombing in 1941. On the night of the bombing, my father, who was on leave from the Royal Air Force had taken my mother and I to a variety show at the Empire Theatre, which was in Newgate Street, Newcastle."

"After the show we just caught the No.14 bus which ran from the Central Station to Matthew Bank, because it had to stop at the Grainger Street traffic lights which were on red. On reaching the Matthew Bank terminus, we returned a few hundred yards to Sandringham Road, South Gosforth. After being in the house for a few moments there was a thunderous noise and the sound of breaking glass."

"The next morning we learned that Matthew Bank had been bombed, and that the next No.14 bus, which we would have been on, had the traffic lights not been on red, was arriving at Matthew Bank when the bombs fell".

21.07.. Northumberland.. Four HEs fields at Ash Tree Farm, East Heddon [NZ140691]. Slight damage to farm buildings. One bomb 50 yards from East Heddon Searchlight Station.

21.10.. Northumberland.. Two HEs Seaton Burn [NZ238741]. Thorntree Avenue and beside the Co-op Store. Three children believed buried, voices heard. One child rescued at 00.55 on 30th. Bodies of two children recovered later. Two killed, three seriously injured and twelve slightly injured. Three houses demolished and others damaged.

Northumberland.. Powder Store at Seaton Burn Colliery damaged - door blown open and walls cracked. Gas main damaged.

Northumberland.. A UXB in Lemington Timber Ponds (Newburn Haugh) [NZ184643]. could not be recovered and was abandoned on 12/1/42.

Northumberland.. HE reported at Broomhill.

21.10.. Northumberland.. Three HEs Burnstone's Farm House, Slaggyford [NY668552]. Open moorland SW of Slaggyford Common. Single UXB at [NY669550].

21.20.. Off Northumberland coast.. German aircraft in sea a mile E of Hadstone Links. Came down in three pieces, last piece floated for about ten minutes.

21.30.. Northumberland.. Four HEs Red House Farm, New Hartley, [NZ319769]. Several windows broken at Delaval Hall and nearby property.

21.30.. Northumberland.. Four HEs in open moorland at Paise Dyke, Low Gate, Hexham, [NY860622].

22.10.. Northumberland.. Report of bombs between Horsley and Military Road [NZ0967] - not confirmed.

20.45.. Co Durham.. Wackerfield.. Five HEs (1 UXB). Damage to telephone cables and windows of a public house.

20.47.. Co Durham.. Streetgate (Sunniside).. Seven HEs dropped - cottage roof damaged.

21.00.. Co Durham.. Greencroft (Annfield Plain).. Four HEs - damage to unclassified road, water mains and sewerage pump house.

Co Durham.. Whitburn Colliery.. Four HEs dropped - one formed a camouflet.

21.10.. Co Durham.. Hetton le Hole.. Explosion of an AA Shell.

Co Durham.. Marwood.. Four HEs fell - slight damage to farm house. A male adult sustained a fractured leg.

21.15.. Co Durham.. Highfield.. AA shell nose cap, penetrated house roof.

21.20.. Co Durham.. Kibblesworth.. Three HEs in grass fields - no damage.

Co Durham.. North Hylton (near RAF Usworth).. Four HEs - ten windows in a farm house were broken.

21.25.. Co Durham.. Jarrow.. Two HEs - damage to Primrose Hospital windows.

21.55.. Co Durham.. Jarrow.. Single HE fell, believed to be a 1000kg, in a field 100yds E of the Pontop - Jarrow railway causing damage to a signal box, Wardens' Post, overhead colliery electricity cables and a seed drill. A smaller bomb also fell in this vicinity. An UXB or aircraft shell went through the roof of a house and penetrated the soft ground under the floorboards.

Night 849. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.15, ends: 09.01
Public Alert: 20.27, All-Clear: 22.08
Industrial Alarm: 20.45, Release: 21.56

Thursday, 1st January 1942  D852

'SS Kentwood' (2,180t) cargo ship, Blyth to London with coal, was damaged by a mine and sank in tow off Yarmouth.

Whilst on a Dog-fight exercise, Sgt Ronald Graham White Carter, of 55 OTU based at Usworth, crashed his Hawker Hurricane MK.1 (V7400) into a field west of Castle Eden Dene, now the 13th Fairway of Castle Eden Golf Club. The official record of the crash includes "Dived into ground from 7000 feet" and "Ground fire after impact." Sgt Carter, aged 24, , of New Malden, Surrey, service no 655269, was buried at Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery near Usworth.

The average gravity of British beer is to be reduced by 5%, whisky production to be cut by one tenth - gold jewellery manufacture banned, except for wedding rings - the standard ring, to cost a guinea, that is £1/1/- (£1.05).

Day 852. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.18

Saturday, 3rd January 1942  D854

'SS Corfen' (1,848t) cargo ship, Sunderland to London with coal, was sunk by a mine in the Thames Estuary.

'SS Robert' (1,272t) cargo ship, London to Blyth, was sunk by a mine off Lowestoft.

Day 854. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.20

Sunday, 4th January 1942  D855

10.50.. Tweedmouth.. Four died, five injured, one seriously at Station Cottages, Tweedmouth during a daylight attack with HE and machine-guns. Railway lines were damaged and water, gas and electricity supplies affected.

Day 855. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.21

Sunday, 4th/Monday, 5th January 1942  N855

Night 855. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.21, ends: 09.00
Public Alert: 19.50, All-Clear: 20.13

Tuesday, 6th January 1942  D857

Machine-gun and bombing attacks at Seaton Carew.

06.12.. Co Durham.. Seaton Snooks.. Two HEs dropped at the Potteries Zinc Works. (The Northern Smelting and Chemical Co Ltd, Seaton Carew is possibly the proper name of these premises). The works office demolished, the distillation plant and a number of houses damaged. Three people were injured.

Day 857. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.00, begins: 17.24

Friday, 9th January 1942  D860

Co Durham.. A Spitfire made a forced landing at Barlow.

Day 860. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.58, begins: 17.29

Saturday, 10th January 1942  D861

It was reported in today's Stockton and Tees-Side Weekly Herald that a Stockton on Tees man had been charged with 'wilfully stopping machines in a factory doing war work'. According to the prosecution, he had been refused admittance to the factory because he was 'worse for drink'. Enraged, he climbed over a fence into the works and switched off a number of machines - that was the extent of his 'sabotage' - he was found guilty and jailed for three months.

Day 861. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.57, begins: 17.30

Monday, 12th January 1942  D863

'SS Quickstep' (2,722t) cargo ship, London to the Tyne, was sunk by a mine near Harwich.

The fat and sugar rations reduced to 8oz per week.

Day 863. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.56, begins: 17.34

Tuesday, 13th January 1942  D864

Yorkshire.. A machine-gun and bombing attack on Redcar, at 15.10. Ten people were killed, six seriously injured and ten slightly injured.

'SS Lerwick' (5626t) while inbound to the Tyne from London, was attacked by enemy aircraft, and sank off Robin Hood's Bay with the loss of five lives. She was built in 1938. To date she has not been located.

Day 864. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.55, begins: 17.35
Public Alert: 10.53, All-Clear: 11.06
Public Alert: 15.36, All-Clear: 15.50

Thursday, 15th January 1942  D866

Machine-gun and bombing attacks by day, in Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire.

'SS Empire Bay' (2,824t) on a voyage from Hartlepool to London with a cargo of coal, was attacked by enemy aircraft off Hartlepool and subsequently sank in 18 metres of water in the Tees Bay at 54°41'08"N - 01°08'36"W. Large sections of her are still to be found on the sea-bed.

17.55.. Sunderland.. Four people were slightly injured when four HEs fell in Backhouse Park. Flying debris damaged the roof of the Synagogue on the east side of Ryhope Road and many windows were broken in the Art School in the Park and in a few houses adjacent to the Park. A gas main and a 24" water main were fractured.

17.30-17.55.. Co Durham.. Whitburn Colliery.. Two HEs dropped at Harbour Quarry, Whitburn Colliery. Where a gas main, the colliery roof and the windows were damaged. Two people were slightly hurt and two seriously hurt.

Day 866. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.53, begins: 17.39
Public Alert: 17.46, All-Clear: 18.56
Industrial Alarm: 18.04, Release: 18.35

Thursday, 15th/Friday, 16th January 1942  N866

Bombs at Morpeth, Northumberland and Horden, Co Durham. There were no casualties and damage was superficial.

18.10.. Co Durham.. Castle Eden.. Two HEs dropped in Castle Eden Dene. Slight damage to the trees.

A balloon belonging to 938 Squadron at Billingham brought down a minelaying Dornier Do 217E which crashed into a double track railway line at South Bank Middlesbrough at 18.20. The crew were all killed.

A Wellington bomber, piloted by Pilot Officer McDonald, operating from Snaith airfield, Yorkshire, was returning to base from a raid over north-west Germany when it crashed on Cheviot, Westhill, Dunsdale, Kirknewton, Wooler, Northumberland at 23.55. Of the six crew, two were killed and four were injured, one of the injured later died.

Night 866. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.39, ends: 08.52

Friday, 16th January 1942  D867

A Junkers Ju 88 shot down by AA gunfire crashed into the sea off Tyneside at 16.50. The body of Lt D. Andreson, one of the crew members, was washed ashore at Tynemouth Haven on the 27th and was buried at Hylton, Co Durham.

Day 867. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.52, begins: 17.40
Public Alert: 16.46, All-Clear: 17.24

Monday, 19th January 1942  D870

A Junkers Ju 88 shot down by Spitfires of 145 Squadron crashed into the sea 20 miles off Whitby at 15.30. All of the crew were listed as missing.

Day 870. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.48, begins: 17.46
Public Alert: 12.25, All-Clear: 12.36

Tuesday, 20th January 1942  D871

12.05.. Northumberland.. Berwick.. Bombs at Spittal wrecking two houses and damaging twenty others, six of them badly. Damage was done to gas, water mains and telephone wires. The chemical works of Johnstone and Darling suffered considerably. There were six casualties, three of them fatal.

Day 871. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.47, begins: 17.47

Saturday, 24th January 1942  D875

'SS Empire Wildebeeste' (5,631t) cargo ship, Hull to the United States, sunk by U 106, NE of Bermuda.

Day 875. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.41, begins: 17.56

Sunday, 25th January 1942  D876

'SS Swynfleet' (1,168t) cargo ship, Hull to Ipswich with coal, was sunk by a mine in the River Stour Estuary.

Day 876. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.40, begins: 17.58
Public Alert: 11.48, All-Clear: 11.59

Friday, 30th January 1942  D881

The minesweeping trawler 'Loch Alsh' was mined and sank off the Humber.

Day 881. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.32, begins: 18.08
Public Alert: 11.21, All-Clear: 11.47

Saturday, 31st January 1942  D882

'HM Drifter Unicity' (96t) while on minesweeping duties, capsized off Blyth at 55°00'50"N - 01°29'10"W.

A report in the Stockton and Tees-Side Weekly Herald stated that a Middlesbrough wholesale fruiterer was sentenced to six months prison with hard labour and fined £600 for selling 135 crates of apples at approximately 4s (20p) a crate above the controlled price. It was his second offence. The term 'hard Labour' used in this sense meant exactly what it said and often meant that a prisoner spent all day, swinging a sledge hammer in a quarry breaking stones ready for road-making.

Day 882. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.30, begins: 18.10

Saturday, 31st January/Sunday, 1st February 1942  N882

Northumberland.. Machine-gun and bombing attacks at Eyemouth and Berwick, very little damage done, three people slightly injured.

Night 882. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.10, ends: 08.29

Monday, 2nd February 1942  D884

The minesweeping trawlers 'Cape Spartel' and 'Cloughton Wyke' were sunk by German aircraft, off the Humber.

Day 884. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.27, begins: 18.14

Thursday, 5th February 1942  D887

'SS Corland' (3,431t) cargo ship, Blyth to London with coal, was sunk by German aircraft, S of the Humber.

Day 887. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.21, begins: 18.20

Thursday, 5th/Friday, 6th February 1942  N887

Northumberland.. Bombs fell at Scremerston near Berwick, causing minor damage and injuring two people, one seriously.

Night 887. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.20, ends: 08.19

Friday, 6th February 1942  D888

Day 888. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.19, begins: 18.22
Public Alert: 09.43, All-Clear: 09.54
Public Alert: 14.16, All-Clear: 14.25

Saturday, 7th February 1942  D889

Northumberland.. A Spitfire of 81 Squadron based at Ouston overturned on the runway.

Day 889. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.17, begins: 18.25

Monday, 9th February 1942  D891

'SS Empire Fusilier' (5,408t) cargo ship, Tyne to Tampa, Florida, United States, was sunk by U 85, E of Newfoundland.

Soap rationing begins, the allowance is to be 4oz of household soap or 2oz of toilet soap person per month.

Day 891. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.13, begins: 18.29

Tuesday, 10th February 1942  D892

A Hawker Hurricane of 55 Operational Training Unit based at RAF Usworth flew into the ground at High Marley Hill. The pilot, Sergeant J. Graham of the Royal Canadian Air Force was killed. .

Day 892. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.11, begins: 18.31

Tuesday, 10th/Wednesday, 11th February 1942  N892

Tweedmouth.. One enemy plane penetrated inland in Northumberland where bombs were dropped at Tweedmouth. Some houses were damaged and three people injured. There was also a temporary suspension of traffic on the LNER line.

Night 892. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.31, ends: 08.09

Thursday, 12th February 1942  D894

A new American Bell Airacobra fighter crashed through the ice on the flooded banks of the river Ouse, the pilot was drowned. The incident happened at the airfield at Acaster Malbis which was very close to the west bank of the Ouse.

Day 894. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.07, begins: 18.35
Public Alert: 09.04, All-Clear: 09.20

Friday, 13th February 1942  D895

'Motor Minesweeper 180' lost in a collision off the Tyne.

Day 895. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.05, begins: 18.37

Sunday, 15th/Monday, 16th February 1942  N897

Northumberland.. An enemy plane flew inland, and HE fell at Radcliffe near Amble. There were twenty-four casualties of which three were fatal.

Northumberland.. HE fell near East Sleekburn.

Northumberland.. An air raid on Blyth, opposite the Import Dock.

20.00.. Co Durham.. A rocket AA shell exploded and went through the roof of High House Cottage Farm, West Boldon, causing damaging the house.

off Northumberland coast.. StabIII/KG2 Dornier Do 217E-4 (1167). Presumed shot down by Flying Officer J.G. Benson and Sergeant L. Brandon in a Beaufighter of No 141 Squadron and crashed into the sea four miles E of Blyth, at 19.50. Lt K. Pellar, Major G. Klostermann, Uffz J. Uhl and Fw H. Göggerle all missing. The aircraft, U5+BD, was lost.

Night 897. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.41, ends: 07.58
Public Alert: 19.00, All-Clear: 21.12
Industrial Alarm: 20.20, Release: 20.25

Wednesday, 18th February 1942  D900

Miners exempted from soap rationing.

Day 900. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.54, begins: 18.48

Friday, 20th/Saturday, 21st February 1942  N902

An explosion at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Aycliffe, Co Durham (ROF 59) killed four of the young female workers who were known as "Aycliffe Angels". They were Edna Thompson, 30, Irene Irvin, 24, Alice Dixon, 22, and Phoebe Morland, 24.

Night 902. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.52, ends: 07.47

Friday, 27th February 1942  D909

'SS Macgregor' (2,498t) cargo ship, Tyne to Tampa, Florida, United States, was sunk by U 156, NW of Puerto Rico.

Day 909. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.33, begins: 19.06

Sunday, 1st March 1942  D911

'SS Audacity' (589t) tanker, Humber to London, was sunk by a mine off the Wash.

'SS Polgarth' (794t) cargo ship, Blyth to Southampton with coal, was sunk by a mine, SW of Aldeburgh.

Day 911. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.28, begins: 19.10

Sunday, 8th March 1942  D918

'SS Hengist' (984t) cargo ship, Reykjavik to Grimsby with fish, was sunk by U 569, NE of Cape Wrath.

Day 918. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.11, begins: 19.24

Sunday, 8th March/Monday, 9th March 1942  N918

In a raid today, Killingworth and Tyne Dock were attacked. Two parachute mines fell on railway lines at Tyne Dock near Leam Lane. Some of the permanent way was torn up. No casualties.

Incidents reported in Northumberland, Durham.. At Tyne Dock, South Shields, the LNER line was damaged, the electric train service between Newcastle and South Shields temporarily interrupted, and a number of houses affected by blast.

Hull.. Luftwaffe records show that on this day in a raid on Hull three aircraft were lost. One Dornier Do 217, one Heinkel He 111 and one Junkers Ju 88.

Night 918. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.24, ends: 07.08
Public Alert: 20.46, All-Clear: 21.17
Public Alert: 21.33, All-Clear: 22.21
Industrial Alarm: 21.30, Release: 21.44

Wednesday, 11th March 1942  D921

'SS Horseferry' (951t) cargo ship, Tyne to London with coal, was sunk by an E Boat, NE of Great Yarmouth. Eleven of her crew were lost.

Day 921. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.03, begins: 19.31

Saturday, 14th March 1942  D924

'SS Brabo' (3,658t) a Belgian ship, sank in the Tyne entrance after a collision half-way along the North pier. She was carrying a cargo of wood pulp and steel. An elaborate coffer dam of solid copper was being built, to raise the height of the gunwhales when she was battered by heavy seas and the project had to be abandoned. Much of her remains still lie on the sea-bed, but the wreck buoy was removed in 1979.

Day 924. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.56, begins: 19.37

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