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North-East Diary

Roy Ripley &
Brian Pears
© Copyright Brian Pears 1994-2011


6th September 1942 to
26th December 1942

Sunday, 6th September 1942  D1100

Erpr Kdo 210 was re-designated 16/KG6 and continued to carry out experimental sorties against Britain with an attack on Middlesbrough.

16/KG6 Messerschmitt Me 210A-1 (2342). Shot down by Pilot Officer D.P. Perrin in a Typhoon Mk 1B of No 1 Squadron and crashed at Fell Briggs Farm, New Marske, near Redcar, Yorkshire at 11.43. Fw H. Mösgen and Obergefr E. Czerny baled out but both killed when parachutes failed. Aircraft 2H+CA wrecked.

16/KG6 Messerschmitt Me 210A-1 (2321). Shot down by Pilot Officer T.G. Bridges in a Typhoon Mk 1B of No 1 Squadron and crashed at Sunnyside Farm, Fylingthorpe, Yorkshire at 11.50. Oberlt W. Maurer (Staffelkapitän) and Fw R. Jansen baled out and taken prisoner. Aircraft 2H+HA disintegrated.

Day 1100. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.50, begins: 20.18

Sunday, 6th/Monday, 7th September 1942  N1100

Attacks on the North-East of England. Six died at Middlesbrough and one at Haverton Hill during an attack which damaged houses and utilities. HE near Greatham caused damage and killed livestock. Anti-aircraft rockets caused damage to houses at East Boldon and Heworth, others fell at Jarrow and South Hylton.

23.12/00.42.. Co Durham.. At 01.00, eight HEs (one UXB) and a number of new type explosive IBs fell at Haverton Hill, causing extensive damage to six houses in Cowpen Bewley Road. A 53 year old man of Cowpen Bewley Road was killed and four people injured in this incident. One adult female was seriously injured and one adult male and two male children slightly injured. A slight fire in one house was soon put out. A water main was damaged. One old man 78 yrs. of age, collapsed and died apparently through shock.

Co Durham.. Haverton Hill.. Haverton School damaged again by a UXB in the school garden. It had to remain closed until 14/9/42.

00.17.. Co Durham.. Three HEs and eight new explosive IBs fell in the vicinity of Brierton Moor House Farm, Greatham, damaging farm buildings and starting a small fire in a cornfield. No human casualties. A horse and a cow were killed.

24.00.. Co Durham.. A UP shell struck the side of a house at Heworth making a hole 2' square and breaking two windows. No casualties.

Co Durham.. A UP shell fell and exploded at Jarrow. No damage or casualties.

Co Durham.. Two UP shells fell at East Boldon, one passing through the roof of a house. No injury.

Co Durham.. A UP shell fell at South Hylton but did not explode.

Yorkshire.. Six died at Middlesbrough in the Vine Street, Parliament Road, Gresham Road area.

Night 1100. All times BST. Blackout begins: 20.18, ends: 05.52
Public Alert: 23.41, All-Clear: 00.41
Industrial Alarm: 00.08, Release: 00.31

Wednesday, 9th September 1942  D1103

The bodies of two German airmen whose machines were shot down were picked up near Marske, one in a field and the other in a reservoir, and were this day buried at Thornaby, Yorkshire with military honours.

Day 1103. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.56, begins: 20.10

Thursday, 10th September 1942  D1104

British servicemen get 6d (2½p) per day pay rise.

Day 1104. All times BST. Blackout ends: 05.57, begins: 20.08

Friday, 18th September 1942  D1112

Re-appearance horse-drawn cabs in Newcastle owing to petrol shortage.

Day 1112. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.13, begins: 19.47

Saturday, 19th/Sunday, 20th September 1942  N1113

21.48-23.34.. Newcastle.. Heaton, Jesmond.. Damage and casualties caused by AA shells:- Two people were injured and detained in hospital. Dwellings in the following streets were damaged:- Beatrice Road - Hilden Gardens - Eighth Avenue - Stanley Grove in Heaton - Churchill Gardens in Jesmond. There was a UXAAS on footpath in front of a house in Losh Terrace and a water and gas main fractured. No fire.

Newcastle.. UXAAS at rear of a house in Kirsopp Street, no damage - UXAAS at a house in Plessey Terrace - UXAAS in Ouseburn Road, this was reported 00.05 at 21st - A suspected UXB, 6' to rear of a house Plessey Terrace. It turned out to be an exploded AA shell UP ammunition.

South Shields.. At South Shields eight HE bombs and about 600 incendiaries were dropped on the Bents Park, Erskine Road and Simonside respectively. The first camouflets in the Borough were discovered in Erskine Road, the Bent's allotments and Bent House bridle path. No damage to property and no casualties were reported. * A camouflet is a subterranean cavity formed by a bomb exploding beneath the surface of earth. *

21.36.. Co Durham.. A case of IBs was dropped at Saltholme Farm, Haverton Hill. No damage was caused.

22.30.. Co Durham.. Eight HEs (one UXB) fell at Hart Moor House Farm, Hart. All fell in fields and caused no damage other than craters.

22.35.. Co Durham.. Two AA shells exploded in Darlington causing damage to houses, three persons being injured by shell splinters.

22.45.. Co Durham.. Two Flam 500 Type containers of IBs fell near a Military Camp in Brierton Lane, West Hartlepool. No damage.

Co Durham.. Damage was caused to a house in Oak Grove, West Hartlepool apparently by an AA shell. There were no casualties.

23.02.. Co Durham.. An AA shell fell and exploded in Jubilee Avenue, New Seaham. Two people (one male and one female) sustained fatal injuries and two others were seriously injured.

23.06.. Co Durham.. Two HEs dropped at Brackley Whine (Brockley Whins) Station, near Boldon Colliery. The waiting room was demolished and a water main burst. The LNER line from Sunderland to Newcastle was temporarily blocked with debris. IBs were also dropped at Boldon Colliery stone heap and a phosphorus type bomb fell near Glebe Farm, Boldon Colliery.

23.32.. Co Durham.. An AA shell fell and exploded in a garden at East Herrington causing slight damage.

Co Durham.. Two HEs fell in a potato field half a mile E of Sheraton Village. Craters were 54' in diameter and 18' deep. No damage other than to potato crop.

A Dornier Do 217E, shot down by a Beaufighter, crashed into the sea off Tynemouth at 22.04. The body of Oberfw H. Ahrendholz, a crew member was found in the sea off Tynemouth on the 20th of September. There were no other survivors.

A Beaufighter operating from Scorton airfield in Yorkshire, attacked a Dornier Do 217 but missed, there was no second chance, the Dornier returned the fire and damaged the night fighters undercarriage and starboard wing so badly that a crash landing had to be made.

Night 1113. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.44, ends: 06.16
Public Alert: 21.46, All-Clear: 23.32
Industrial Alarm: 22.05, Release: 23.00

Wednesday, 23rd September 1942  D1117

A Hurricane fighter crashed near Slainsfield Kennels, Ford, Northumberland at about 09.40. The pilot was killed.

Day 1117. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.22, begins: 19.34

Wednesday, 23rd/Thursday, 24th September 1942  N1117

York.. In an attack on York, twelve small fires were started and two people were reported killed, some damage was also reported at Scarborough.

Night 1117. All times BST. Blackout begins: 19.34, ends: 06.23

Friday, 25th September 1942  D1119

'SS Empire Bell' (1,744t) cargo ship, Tyne to Iceland, was sunk by U 442 W of the Faroes.

Day 1119. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.25, begins: 19.29

Monday, 5th October 1942  D1129

Co Durham.. A barrage balloon escaped from its mooring at Haverton Hill and damaged the chimney and roof of St John's Presbytery.

Day 1129. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.44, begins: 19.04

Wednesday, 7th October 1942  D1131

Off the Wash, E Boats attacked a northbound coastal convoy of cargo ships, sinking: 'SS Sheaf Water' (2,730t) London to Sunderland. 'SS Ightham' (1,337t) London to Sunderland. 'SS Ilse' (2,874t) London to Hartlepool. 'SS Jessie Maersk' (1,972t) London to Blyth. and the Rescue Tug 'Caroline Moller'.

Day 1131. All times BST. Blackout ends: 06.48, begins: 18.59

Sunday, 11th/Monday, 12th October 1942  N1135

Northumberland.. Monkseaton.. A Morrison shelter was buried, but the occupant was uninjured when a 1000kg bomb fell at Monkseaton. Ten houses were wrecked, seventy were badly damaged, twenty irreparably. One person was killed and two seriously hurt.

Northumberland.. At Cullercoats seven houses were demolished, ten severely damaged, six people killed and seventeen seriously injured.

Northumberland.. North Shields.. Four HEs fell on residential property between Cullercoats railway station and Newton Avenue. Four HEs fell in a line between Dock Road and the Commissioners Staiths. One of these fell near the entrance to Albert Edward Dock, causing two fatalities, one was a Merchant Seaman.

21.05-22.08.. South Shields.. 'Spring Band' bombs containing 30 lbs. of high explosive, six 'Firepots' and small incendiary pieces were used in this raid; the total weight of each bomb being 50kg.

Sixteen buildings were damaged by fire and 28 pumps were employed to extinguish the flames. Severe damage was done to both industrial and residential premises. In the Gas Works, a joiners shop (the old Union British School), was gutted and the base of the gasholder was damaged by fire. A ship in the Middle Docks and the gates of No 3 Dock was damaged.

A crater in the middle of the roadway of Sunderland Road a few yards south of the entrance to the cemetery drive, necessitated traffic diversion and a 12" water main was burst. Two camouflets were found; one behind a house in Sunderland Road, and another in a front garden about half way up Mayfair Gdns. At the top of Mayfair Gdns a house was wrecked and a number of others were severely damaged.

The back of the Cemetery Lodge was torn open by another bomb, one camouflet was found near a greenhouse and another bomb wrecked a small greenhouse and a boilerhouse. Two 'Spring Bombs' fell on roads in the cemetery. One large HE fell in the middle of a burial section and did much damage to graves and the roof of the North Chapel. Twenty three persons were rendered homeless; they were all accommodated by relations or friends and no Rest Centre was used.

Casualties were: a man and a child died / 5 men and 2 women were seriously injured / 3 men, 3 women and 1 child were slightly injured.

21.25.. Sunderland.. Seven people were killed, twenty-three seriously injured and fifty-four slightly injured when a large HE fell in the centre of Corporation Road, about 50 yards S of Villette Road, demolishing twenty dwelling houses and the side of the Hendon Valley Road School. There was damage too, to the Corporation Yard. About 300 houses were damaged, water and gas mains affected. Other smaller bombs fell in Back Ward Street, Burlington Road, Back Thompson Street, at the junction of Tower Street West and Bamborough Street, and in the sea E of the British Oil Store, South Dock. Slight damage was caused to residential property. There were three UXBs: one in the front garden of a house in Hendon Burn Avenue, one in Back Ward Street and one which went through the roof and into the basement of a house in Athol Road.

21.25.. Co Durham.. Two 250kg. HEs fell in Mill Lane, Hebburn, demolishing two houses, severely damaging twelve others and caused slight damage to many more. Seven persons were killed in this incident and seven persons injured. At the same time eight combined HE and IB 50kg bombs were dropped in a field 150 yds from Mill Lane, Hebburn, but no casualty or damage was caused.

Co Durham.. Whiteleas.. Fifty IBs were dropped in fields at Whiteleas. Some of these were the ordinary 1kg type and others explosive.

Co Durham.. 21.45.. A suspected unexploded UP shell fell through the roof of a bungalow at Stockton on Tees burying itself in the ground under the floor. No persons were injured.

Night 1135. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.49, ends: 06.57
Public Alert: 21.06, All-Clear: 22.07
Industrial Alarm: 21.20, Release: 21.46

Wednesday, 14th October 1942  D1138

14.30.. Newcastle.. Barrage balloon from St Michael's Road site - travelled eastwards - slight damage to Rediffusion wires in Gordon Street. Cable parachute came down near Parsons works, Shields Road and is now at East End Police Station.

Day 1138. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.01, begins: 18.42

Thursday, 15th/Friday, 16th October 1942  N1139

02.55.. Newcastle.. Barrage balloon on fire in City Road and came down. Damage to chimney stack of 11 and 12 Crawhall Road, red warning lights erected and occupants told to sleep downstairs. Squad from Benton Balloon Barrage Station collected remains of balloon and wire.

Night 1139. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.40, ends: 07.05

Friday, 16th/Saturday, 17th October 1942  N1140

Bombs on Sunderland, Marske and Redcar, damage here was heavier than of late.

22.02.. Sunderland.. Fourteen people were killed (five men/two women/seven children), five seriously injured, eleven slightly injured, when a HE fell in Tatham Street and one in Tavistock Place. The Education Architect's Offices were demolished and houses either demolished or damaged. The tram track in Tatham Street was seriously damaged. The food warehouse owned by Moore's Stores Ltd was demolished and a quantity of food destroyed. There was also a UXB in Laura Street at the junction with Murton Street. The two HE are believed to have been 500kg and the UX 1000kg.

22.00.. Sunderland.. A UXUP fell in the garden of a house in Nawton Avenue, off Newcastle Road.

21.28.. Co Durham.. An enemy aircraft dropped eight combination HE and firepot type IBs, seven of which fell on the Air Ministry site at Seal Sands, Haverton Hill, setting fire to 30 sq. yds of grass, and the other fell 200 yds NW of Cowpen Bewley Brickworks. There were no casualties and no damage.

Night 1140. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.37, ends: 07.07
Public Alert: 21.43, All-Clear: 22.27
Industrial Alarm: 21.45, Release: 22.14

Thursday, 22nd October 1942  D1146

'SS Empire Turnstone' (6,113t) cargo ship, Tyne to Port Sulphur, was sunk by U 621, SW of Iceland. All forty-six of her crew perished.

Proclamation reduces call-up age to 18.

Day 1146. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.17, begins: 18.23

Friday, 23rd October 1942  D1147

A Halifax bomber operating from Pocklington airfield had been on a raid to Genoa. On its return it was diverted to Holme on Spalding Moor airfield, near Selby, where it landed safely with a burst tyre. Before it could leave the runway another aircraft landed on top of it, killing the pilot and the wireless operator.

Day 1147. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.19, begins: 18.20

Saturday, 24th/Sunday, 25th October 1942  N1148

21.40.. Hull.. Four HEs were dropped in Campbell Street, Walker Street, Anlaby Road near Paragon Station. Damage caused was not serious but seven people were seriously injured.

Night 1148. All times BST. Blackout begins: 18.18, ends: 07.23
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 21.10, All Clear: 22.48

Sunday, 25th October 1942  D1149

Notice given today that sirens in the following areas were to be synchronized within three weeks:- Newcastle - Gosforth - Newburn - North Shields - Whitley Bay - South Shields - Jarrow - Felling - Gateshead - Blaydon - Wallsend. Tests were to be carried out at 09.30 and 10.00 on Friday mornings. At Newcastle only, at 0930 - test wailing relays - controlled from Police HQ. Whole of Tyneside at 10.00 - momentary test - controlled from Telephone House, Newcastle, some may have been audible, single phase sirens take longer to start than 3-phase. All sirens were manned and had to report to the central point that the sirens had operated satisfactorily.

Day 1149. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.23, begins: 18.16

Monday, 26th October 1942  D1150

Coastal area raided.

Free-French leader, General de Gaulle, visited Newcastle.

Day 1150. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.25, begins: 18.14
Public Alert: 11.31, All-Clear: 11.51
Industrial Alarm: 11.25, Release: 11.44

Sunday, 1st November 1942  D1156

It was made known today, that the petrol allowance for private motor-cycles was to be discontinued.

Day 1156. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.38, begins: 18.01

Monday, 2nd November 1942  D1157

'SS Empire Gilbert' (6,640t) cargo ship, Tyne to Archangel, was sunk by U 586 off the E coast of Iceland.

Day 1157. All times BST. Blackout ends: 07.40, begins: 17.59

Friday, 6th/Saturday, 7th November 1942  N1161

A Halifax bomber was returning from a mining mission, to its base at Linton on Ouse airfield near York, when it flew into high ground on Byland Moor in Yorkshire at 22.30. This was reported to be due to a navigational error, three of the crew were killed.

Night 1161. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.51, ends: 07.50

Sunday, 15th November 1942  D1170

'SS Linwood' (992t) cargo ship, Sunderland to London with coal, was sunk by a mine in the Thames Estuary.

The production of private cars to be banned in UK.

After being banned for two years, Church bells were allowed to rung to celebrate the British victory in the Battle of Egypt.

Day 1170. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.06, begins: 17.34

Monday, 16th November 1942  D1171

A Botha took off on the wrong runway at Morpeth airfield and collided with another similar aircraft. One man was killed and another injured. Morpeth airfield was actually situated 3 miles SW of Morpeth and was at this time, an air gunners school.

Day 1171. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.08, begins: 17.33

Monday, 30th November/Tuesday, 1st December 1942  N1185

Night 1185. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.15, ends: 08.35
Public Alert: 21.02, All-Clear: 21.31

Friday, 4th December 1942  D1189

'SS Nuffield' built in 1919 (1,561t) had been damaged by enemy action, off the Northumberland coast. At 22.00 the tug 'Robert Redhead' had been sent to render whatever assistance she could. The weather was appalling and the visibility was almost nil, when found, the 'Nuffield' was seen to have a large hole in her side, a heavy list to starboard and was down by the head.

The tug, alone, took the cargo ship in tow, as they were near the shore but could not see it because of the poor visibility, the tug requested by radio that lights be shone on the beach, to let them see where they were. This was misunderstood and searchlights were beamed at them, blinding the tug's crew, however the lights did reveal broken water and a rocky shore, a dangerous situation for both vessels. A rapid change of course saved the day. The 'Nuffield' was safely beached shortly afterwards and on December 23rd the 'Robert Redhead' and the 'George V' returned and managed to refloat the damaged ship, they then towed her to the Tyne where she was repaired.

Day 1189. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.40, begins: 17.11

Monday, 7th December 1942  D1192

A Halifax bomber based at Rufforth airfield near York, after a bombing run to Genoa, ran short of fuel after 11 in the air and the pilot was forced to ditch in the river Humber. Three of the crew were killed.

'SS Stangate' (1,289t) on a voyage from the Tyne to Portsmouth, collided with the 'SS Agios Georgios', she sank soon after, just off the Tyne at 54°36'00"N - 01°45'00"W. She was built in 1912.

Day 1192. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.45, begins: 17.09

Friday, 11th/Saturday, 12th December 1942  N1196

Co Durham.. Three HEs on the Central Estate, Hartlepool. An undetected UXB in Union Road detonated during the morning demolishing a workmen's club and killing nine people. The casualties included a six week old baby and a family of six.

05.00-05.30.. Co Durham.. One HE which failed to explode is thought to have fallen into the Slag Island Timber Pond, LNER Docks, West Hartlepool.

05.10.. Co Durham.. Two HEs fell in Princess Street, Murton, demolishing four houses, partly demolishing two others and damaging fifty-eight houses and one butcher's shop. Three males and four females were killed, one male was seriously injured and five females and three males slightly injured. At the same time an Incendiary Flare was dropped in Murton Pit Yard causing neither damage or casualties. At 05.10 a Parachute Flare fell in Murton Colliery Yard about 30 yds from an explosive store and in close proximity to stacked timber. The flare failed to ignite.

05.10/05.15.. Co Durham.. At 05.10, two delayed action bombs exploded in the sea off Seaham. There was no damage or casualties. Also at about 05.10 an object was heard to fall into the sea 30 to 50 yds outside Seaham Dock Gates where there is a depth of 14' of water at low tide. The channel was swept by minesweepers but nothing was found. Naval BDS Officer reported it as a UXB - not confirmed. About the same time IBs fell in allotments at Seaham without causing any damage. At 05.15 one HE fell 300 yds north of Dene House Road, Seaham and failed to explode. This bomb exploded at 04.28 on the 13th December but caused neither casualties nor damage.

05.10.. Co Durham.. An Incendiary Container dropped at Dawdon setting fire to a dwelling house, bringing down an electric cable and damaging a gas main. One male person was killed. The local NFS soon had fire under control. The roof of a house in Embleton Street, Dawdon was damaged by shrapnel.

05.15.. Co Durham.. Two IB containers fell in a field N of Horden causing damage to growing wheat. One HE and three Phosphorus IBs fell N of Horden Colliery causing neither casualties nor damage. One HE exploded 160 yds E of the LNER line and N of Horden Colliery, whilst another HE fell in an Ashpit near Horden Hall neither causing any damage. Three Fire Pot IBs fell between Horden Colliery and the LNER causing no damage or casualties.

05.10.. Co Durham.. Two HEs fell at Littlethorpe, Easington and failed to explode. There was no damage or casualties but the A.182 was closed and traffic diverted via Easington Village.

05.10.. Co Durham.. 200 to 250 IBs fell near Hart causing no damage or casualties. One HE fell in a stubble field at Hart causing a crater 18' by 5½', damaging a number of houses, greenhouses, hen houses and piggeries by blast.

05.10.. Co Durham.. A single HE fell in a stubble field at Elwick and failed to explode. There was no damage or casualties.

Co Durham.. One male adult was injured at Greatham by shrapnel.

NOTE IN BULLETIN.. Germans stated that on 11/12th "extensive fires and destruction" was wrought by "waves of bombers" at Sunderland. The total force overland was in fact less than 10 aircraft, and although flares were dropped at Sunderland, it was not bombed at all.

Night 1196. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.08, ends: 08.51
Public Alert: 04.48, All-Clear: 05.52
Industrial Alarm: 05.00, Release: 05.25

Monday, 14th/Tuesday, 15th December 1942  N1199

Northumberland.. Tynemouth Borough. Six HEs and three IBs fell on or beside The Broadway between Kennersdene Farm, Tynemouth and the northern boundary of the Borough at Cullercoats. Two of the HEs at Cullercoats were near houses.

Northumberland.. At Whitley Bay three men died, three houses were damaged and electric power failed; an LNER branch line near West Monkseaton had to be closed.

20.05-21.00.. Co Durham.. Two HEs (one UXB) fell near Hart.

20.15.. Co Durham.. Two HEs were dropped at Throston Grange Farm, West Hartlepool, as the sirens were sounding the warning. One male child suffered from shock and was taken to hospital. The blast of the bombs caused damage to windows of three dwelling houses. Six houses in West Hartlepool were slightly damaged by AA fire. Eight flower pot IBs fell in a ploughed field N of Tunstall Manor Gardens, West Hartlepool. A cottage roof was slightly damaged.

20.20.. Co Durham.. Six HEs (four UXB) fell at South Wingate in fields. There was no damage or casualties.

20.20/21.10.. Co Durham.. At 20.20, two HEs fell S of Blackhall Colliery causing neither damage nor casualties. Two HEs exploded about 21.10 near Blackhall Colliery causing slight damage to houses.

20.25.. Co Durham.. Two HEs were dropped in a field at Horden Colliery causing no damage or casualties.

20.30.. Co Durham.. An object fell into the River Tyne near a ship lying off Palmer's Shipyard, Hebburn.

20.35.. Co Durham.. An HE fell near Blackhall Rocks. No damage or casualties.

20.40.. Co Durham.. A single HE made a direct hit on a deflated gas tank at Seaham. An inflated tank was seriously damaged, but there was no fire. An electric cable was also damaged. No casualties.

Co Durham.. A 16 year-old NFS despatch rider was killed in an incident on the Team Valley Trading Estate at Gateshead.

Night 1199. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.08, ends: 08.54
Public Alert: 20.11, All-Clear: 21.09
Industrial Alarm: 20.11, Release: 20.32

Thursday, 17th December 1942  D1202

A Lancaster bomber returning from ops to Holme on Spalding Moor airfield, near Selby, was hit by Bofors fire at Grangetown, Yorkshire. The IFF (Identification - Friend or Foe) was either not switched on or not working. The seven crew members were killed.

Day 1202. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.56, begins: 17.08

Thursday, 17th/Friday, 18th December 1942  N1202

There were incidents at several points in North-Eastern England. Most of them were of small account, but at York two gasholders were set alight and a school extensively damaged. Total casualties were two fatal and four serious.

22.25.. Co Durham.. Three IBs of the Flower Pot type fell and exploded in a field at Aislaby West Farm, Eaglescliffe, without causing damage or casualties.

22.30.. Co Durham.. A single HE bomb was dropped at High Grange Farm, Wolviston, setting fire to a haystack.

7/KG2 Dornier Do 217E-4 (4342). Flew into hillside at Crow Nest, near Helmsley, Yorkshire at 22.15. Oberlt R. Häussner (Staffelkapitän), Uffz S. Erd, Oberfw H. Hupe and Oberfw E. Weiderer all killed. Aircraft U5+GR disintegrated. Owing to the remote nature of the crash site, the wreckage was not found for two days.

2/KG2 Dornier Do 217E-4 (4348). Flew into hillside at Ravenstones, Wheeldale Moor, near Pickering, Yorkshire at 22.00. Fw W. Stoll, Obergefr H. Röschner, Obergefr G. Wicht and Obergefr F. Armann all killed. Aircraft U5+AK disintegrated.

Night 1202. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.08, ends: 08.57

Sunday, 20th/Monday, 21st December 1942  N1205

19.25.. Hull.. Seven 500kg HEs fell on Tunis Street, Holderness Road, Marfleet Avenue, Staveley Road, Carden Avenue and Bilton Grove. Damage to domestic property. Three killed and ten seriously injured. The warning did not sound until after bombs had dropped. In this raid alone, no fewer than 1,064 houses were damaged. All of them, excepting those classified for evacuation, were made wind and weatherproof before Christmas.

Night 1205. All times BST. Blackout begins: 17.09, ends: 08.59
Public Alert (Hull Warning Dist): 19.31, All Clear: 20.15

Tuesday, 22nd December 1942  D1207

A Hurricane fighter operating from Milfield airfield near Wooler force landed, through engine failure, in a field known locally as Galloway Field, Ilderton Farm, Northumberland at 11.30. It was piloted by Pilot Officer Ballantyne.

Day 1207. All times BST. Blackout ends: 08.59, begins: 17.10
Public Alert: 13.02, All-Clear: 13.12

Saturday, 26th December 1942  D1211

Day 1211. All times BST. Blackout ends: 09.01, begins: 17.12
Public Alert: 12.59, All-Clear: 13.17

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